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Aniboom Animation Contest Finalists are up!

The Aniboom Radiohead animation contest has almost come to an end. After much anguish and a tense voting period the calculations have been made and the five finalists announced. Radiohead are now watching the best of the best, and deciding who becomes the grand winner.

You can watch them for yourself HERE.

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  • nice signatures!

  • Damn, the Nude noodle didn’t win. That was great.

    The rest are excellent though.

  • ok so the top two are phil’s and thom’s. i’m guessing the bottom middle is either ed’s or colin’s…the left is jonny’s? 🙂

  • Colin’s the bottom left,
    Ed’s the bottom middle,
    Jonny’s the bottom right.

  • I know who’s are who’s but, I’m still debating the Collin and Ed signatures being the bottom left and bottom middle…it could belong to either one.

  • Transmutation!

  • No, the bottom left is definitely Colin’s. That’s his cute face sig.

  • jonny’s got the coolest fucking sig ever, that kind of hancock deserves to be a cereal brand logo

    who the fuck is philip?
    new member?

  • Who is “THOM YORK”


  • It’s funny how perfectly Phil and Thom’s signatures mirror their personalities.

  • Not that anyone has asked, but my fav is 16tracks vs videotape 2.0. It really captures the emotion of the song.

    Jonny’s sig resembles himself playing during Pyramid Song.

  • Hurray for Reckoner v2, but anime 15 Step still sucks hard…can’t believe it’s a finalist!

  • It have to be…
    left bottom is Colin’s… is
    the C then de o and the L are
    the nose, the I is the other
    eye and the N is just a wrinkle.

    The right bottom abviously is
    Jonny’s becaus have a shape of
    a guitar-cello with the J… do
    you see it?

  • I don’t get all the hate for the 15 step
    anime vid. I don’t even like anime and I
    think the video’s great. They’re all gold
    though, I can’t pick a favorite.

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