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Radiohead give away ‘Bangers and Mash’

Last week, Radiohead asked fans to fill out a survey, asking about their travels to and from the shows in the USA. In return, fans received their Carbon Calculater results and a live track.

The live track turns out to be a ‘Bangers And Mash’ as performed by Radiohead on the first night (June 6th) in Dublin. For those who filled out the survey have already received their free mp3.

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  • What where is it?

  • Why is it that I only get to see these posts a few days after they are posted? Anyone else have this issue? I have to assume I’m not alone since the only comment on this post was from today…

  • Nikita, I think it’s a site problem. It seems to happen quite regularly that posts show up in batches…

  • i was at the dublin gig and bangers and mash was a highlight. i neeeeeeed this mp3!!

  • Surely Dead Air Space would tell us to expect our mp3…I haven’t seen one yet. It would, of course, be reasonable and sensible to do so.

  • here ya go, folks!

  • Thanks Cat… hopefully they will get this figured out.

  • download limit has been reached, please someone re upload it i am so glad they released a live recording of this song since i like the live version better. thanks in advance to anyone who uploads it!


  • this link oughtta last awhile:

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