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The Eraser RMXS release rescheduled

If you’re still trying to get your hands on those The Eraser remixes on an official cd release, you’ve had a hard time so far.

What you missed: Thom Yorke announced some remixes from his album The Eraser. (Thom: “There are some remixes coming. Yes. They may start appearing soon”). Then we could download them. Yes, and then they were announced to be released on 12″ Vinyl. And then a Japanese release on May 28th (YAY!). Then delayed and cancelled. But now it looks like the CD will still see the light of day: August 27th!

Seeing is believing!

[thx Alex]

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  • lol!

  • Are you saying the 12″‘s never came out?

    Because they did.

    I have them.

  • @ James… yeah, they’re pretty… just a chronogoly on the eraser remixes releases..

  • Are the vinyl’s difficult to find… should I go buy the ones my local store has?

  • I hate remixes..

  • I’m seeing R.E.M. that day

  • they’re actually very good.
    Love the one by modeselektor and fucking The Field is amazing

  • and modeselektor played their remix in berlin’s gig!!

  • Hmm… that CD Japan link is dead now, and searching for “Thom Yorke” or “Eraser” only finds the normal CD release…

    As you say, Adriaan — seeing is believing.

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  • Easy to need methods that categorically affair, perception again!

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