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Ed O’Brien declines on Wombats cheese party

The Wombats, known for their hit single Let’s Dance To Joy Division and its parent album A Guide To Love, Loss And Desperation, tried to lure Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien into their cheese party, but the guitarist declined.

The band, who played on The Main Square Festival with Radiohead recently, were interviewed for Australian magazine Rip It Up. Matthew Murphy: “We just played with Radiohead the other day and when Thom Yorke walked past I just sort of froze and didn’t say anything to him. I guess when you’re touring so much you realise how normal these people are, so I don’t really get starstruck anymore. I didn’t talk to any of Radiohead – I bowed my head at Ed O’Brien but he just gave me this really weird smile back. Then we shouted at him from across the road if he wanted to come to a cheese party, but he smiled and walked off. I would go as far to say that Ed’s culinary tastes do not go as far as cheese.”

Do you enjoy trying the native cheese produce of the world as you travel the globe?
“We were filming a TV show called The Fixers and basically this fixer had to come on tour with us and sort out whatever we wanted, so she sorted out a wine tasting and cheese party after we’d finished supporting Radiohead. She’d arranged the smelliest cheeses and when Ed O’Brien walked past we just shouted at him, so he probably wondered what the hell was going on.”

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  • It’s been proven then. The Wombats: annoying music AND annoying people.

  • I don’t get it. He doesn’t get starstruck but he “froze” when he saw Thom Yorke??

  • Ed hates cheese ;(

  • Awful band. I think Ed gave them a weird smile because he didn’t know who they are

  • They weren’t “supporting” Radiohead, they just played at the same festival… twats.

  • Strange really. That the worst lyricist in the world could be in the same room as one of the best.

    The Wombat’s lyrics are truly tragic.

    Also, Radiohead never had them as support, luckily.

  • I’ve met a girl who makes me feel sea sick.

  • The Wombats may write bad lyrics but they like smelly cheese and wine, so they cant’ be bad people anyway.

  • Aw, I think it’s nice that Ed held back his complete hatred for this band.

  • wtf@article

    but didn’t ed admit in the zane lowe itnerview last december or so that he didn’t eat cheese



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