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Radiohead cancel intimate Chicago show

A Radiohead pre-Lollapalooza warm-up show at the Chicago Theatre that had been scheduled for Thursday was pulled by the band at the last minute, industry sources said Tuesday.

Chicago Tribune’s Greg Kot reports that the show had been in the works for weeks and the band was to announce details for a ticket sale this week on, but decided against playing the extra show today.

Radiohead pulled the plug on the show because Thom Yorke has been sick, and he wanted to rest up before the band’s headlining slot Friday night (August 1) at Lollapalooza in Chicago’s Grant Park, where the band will kick-off the second leg of the North American tour.

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  • (first!)

    Oh no! That sucks if it was pulled. The 93-ft east thing rocked!

  • way to make my heart skip a beat, i thought they pulled out of lollapalooza for a second

  • thom get better…

    for cleveland!!!!!

  • Will the Lolla gig be webcasted?

  • it’s better for Thom to not do it if he is sick…but i have a feeling they would’ve done a webcast of it…and prolly some new songs…but oh well…

  • Aww Thom! I really hope he feels better! Poor baby.

  • They are not being shown on the lolla webcast 🙁

  • shit, if thom’s sick for lollapalooza… D:

  • who says that??? They are not being shown on the lolla webcast??? are saying that they’re showing the complete lollapalooza webcast

  • Chicago Tribune’s Greg Kot reports …???? no link????

  • I don’t think Radiohead’s set will be webcasted due to the whole AT&T blue room thing. Same thing happened with Bonnaroo.

  • thanks

  • Okay, I just checked the website, looks like Radiohead’s set will not be webcasted, they don’t appear on the schedule.

    Damn you Radiohead and your anti-corporate views!

  • sorry but, what AT&T blue room thing? that they are sponsors and radiohead doesn´t agree?

  • New song(s)? In our fucking dreams…

  • That person from chicago has embellished previous information about a chicago performance (2006) in order to give the appearance that he knows the details.

  • I hope he sees a full recovery, not just for his sake, but for our sake as well! I CANNOT wait for Montréal, Vancouver, Auburn, and San Francisco!

  • Greg Kot does know the details, he is the rock critic for the Chicago Tribune.

  • Get well Thom you’ve got a full tour to do

  • A Radiohead secret intimate show that fans knew nothing about but Chicago corrupt ticket brokers and rock critics all knew about? Sounds less like a Radiohead move than a Stones move. Lame. Glad its off. Stop acting like rock stars.

  • To bad, I was slotted to open for them.

  • thomthom? 🙁

  • […] Radiohead 取消这场演出的理由是Thom Yorke生病了,他觉得应该休息, 为8月1日保守关注的芝加哥Grant Park的Lollapalooza演出做好充分的准备。这场演出将为他们的北美巡回开头炮。 来源 […]

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