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Radiohead Live in Cuyahoga Falls [live report]

The third show of the second leg of the North American tour takes place in Cuyhoga Falls Ohio. Radiohead play the Blossom Music Center tonight with Grizzly Bear supporting.

The band last played this venue nearly five years ago during the Hail To The Thief tour. ‘A Wolf At The Door’ makes its first appearance on the second leg of the Summer US tour. ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ completes the three song second encore to end the show.

01. 15 Step
02. There There
03. Morning Bell
04. All I Need
05. Pyramid Song
06. Nude
07. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
08. The Gloaming
09. The National Anthem
10. A Wolf At The Door
11. Faust Arp
12. Exit Music (For A Film)
13. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
14. Idioteque
15. Climbing Up The Walls
16. Bodysnatchers
17. How to Disappear Completely

Encore 1
18. Videotape
19. Paranoid Android
20. Dollars and Cents
21. Reckoner
22. Street Spirit

Encore 2
23. House of Cards (Thom: “This is most definitely a love song.”)
24. Lucky (Thom begins: “Thanks to..” someone yells, “Hi Thom!” Thom waves and continues, “Hello Everyone. Thanks to Grizzly Bear.”)
25. Everything In Its Right Place

[Thx to Philip for the setlist updates]

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  • Lurgee!

  • 4 minute warning!!! COME ON!!!! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO THOM!!

  • Come on Bones!

  • i might be wrong, please!!!

  • Wolf at the Door would be awesome except I’m not actually there to see it. I was wishing for it last night in Indy.


  • Oh Damn!!

  • Guess I’ll REALLY have something to look forward to on youtube tomorrow

  • will they play cuyahoga cover?

  • Knives out… why no love?

  • where i end and you begin

  • Woolf at the Door!!!?
    Dollars & Cents!!!?
    How to Disapeare!!!?
    Fucking fantastic!!!!!!!

  • Amen Dave!


  • excellent!
    but, only 20 songs?

  • ooooo, beautiful 1st encore.

  • I’ll call PA to finish

  • VERY GOOD SETLIST! Replace house of cards with Spinnning Plates and it would have been even better! But then you’d still be missing ‘Where I end and you begin’, and a bunch of other great songs…

  • You’ll never see MPS live again. They lost the organ in 2003.

  • one can hope πŸ™

  • damn they really aren’t playing Karma Police this tour

  • I’m getting quite nervous about seeing them here in Cali, I hope they play something different like let down or life in a glasshouse.

    Anyone know if Grizzly Bear played Lullaby?

  • Hey! I got a ton of pix & video from this show, not to mention Thom’s personal hardcopy set list from this show!!! fun! where’s the best place for me to blog & post dis stuff?

  • knives out
    i might be wrong
    motion picture soundtrack
    The Tourist

    where the fuck are you?

  • This was an AMAZING gig.


  • The show almost ended without EVERYTHING I wanted. But seriously, this was an amazing show.

  • what songs did the opening act play?

    i really liked grizzly bear and want to get those songs, what was their set list?

  • okay. i just got home. i was in the pit, front on the rail, right crnter, with my Canon G9. i got some brilliant pics and vids. i will post on photobucket and youtube in the near future.

  • just got home a bit ago. the show was amazing, first radiohead show (finally scored tickets to one haha). the crowd was dead silent almost for some of the soft stuff it was insane. there was a glowstick war and it never made its way to the pavilion which is so fucking awesome and amazing. the set was stellar. danced my ass off like a spaz and felt totally connected, great setlist great great setlist. it followed great, it was over in an instant.

  • oh yeah and I think he told americans to fuck off or that we’re mother fuckers or something. I can’t remember I was smoking tons of joints.

  • ^at the end of dollars & cents

  • great show…can’t imagine a more beautiful venue. They were shit hot tonight. reckoner, lucky, videotape and arpeggi were my favs!

  • no no he told gas companies to go fuck themselves during dollars and cents. there there was played so dirty it was awesome

  • thom, thank you for mixing the setlists up a bit.

    love you.

  • My god this was such an awsome show. I
    don’t even like the gloaming, but it was
    my favorite track of the night. When he
    said “it should be raining” the light show
    made it look like it was raining! Videotape
    and Arpeggi were also fantastic.

  • Cuyahoga what? How did Akron get a show?

  • ^ well its “they should be ringing” (referring to “your alarm bells”) but it was still badass. I still cant believe that i was mere feet from thom on the rail! GREAT GIG!

  • Grizzly Bear setlist
    01 [new song: “should’ve been”]
    02 Little Brother
    03 Knife
    04 [new song: “time”]
    05 Two Weeks
    06 Fix It
    07 On A Neck, On A Spit
    08 While You Wait For The Others

  • haha that makes sense thecommittee. I was stoned, on the lawn getting blown away. I love dollars and cents and then he started saying mother fuckers or something over and over it was crazy and the lights were crazy and I’m still picking up the piece of my brain that were blown all over blossom.

  • I take back that response to thecommittee It was to Mr. 1234. thank you sir, I appreciate that info.

  • absolutely amazing!

  • yeah, didn’t catch the whole dollars & cents thing. But i do know he started saying names of oil companies. exxonmobil….BP….Shell.. pretty funny. though it was kinda hard to pick up on. great show. wish they would’ve given us another bends song, but eh. no complaints. the lights just keep getting better and better

  • saw them at Lollapalooza too but I thought this show was much better.
    Absolutely fantastic!!

  • have they played fake plastic trees at all this tour?

  • absolutely amazing!!!! arpeggi was fantastic… i too wish they would have replaced “house of cards” with something else as well as “all i need” overall the best performance by radiohead i have seen.. i now have a new appreciation for phil selway.

  • Did anyone record this show? If so, I’d love to make a trade for it. I have the recording of the Blossom show 2003 (hail to the thief) Email me at

  • i’m dying to hear “the clock”.

    i know it’s unlikely, but can everyone request it for the next two weeks and maybe by the time they get to vancouver i can see thomio play it:)

    that would be swell. thanks guys.

  • 6 more days

  • punchup at a wedding would be nice if they play it sometime…

  • dw33b’s “Thomio”…

    That’s freaking hillarious!!

    I nearly fell-off my chair laughing.



    this is my top 10 radiohead songs:
    Exit music, paranoid android, pyramid song, idiotique, the tourist, climbing up the walls, videotape, fake plastic trees, how to disappear completely, motion picture soundtrack.

    And 7 of them are in there! including the top 4… that’s brilliant. wish it’s going to be similar in LA second show…

  • Response to nsfw: Because it’s, well, not akron. they played a venue known for its stunning acoustics and environment (in 33,000+ acres of protected national park land). The place fits their environmental activist sensibilities.

  • Worst venue set up I have ever been too. It was a cluster fuck starting from Noon on to the show.

  • my videos from the show.

  • bob, if you’re referring to the crowd control, esp. leaving the parking lots after the show, i agree.

  • Does anyone know the artist for the music used during the stage setup (after Grizzly Bear made their appearance).

    It was, I thought, wonderful stuff.

  • aintgotjut thanks for posting those videos, they look awesome. such a great time.

  • Fantastic performance by Radiohead. Absolutely no complaints w/ the set list. They played my favorite songs (Climbing up the Walls, WeirdFishes/Arpeggi, Pyramid Song), and made some new favorites (Dollars and Cents, Wolf at the Door, The Gloaming). Thanks Radiohead for a great event.

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