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Ed O’Brien: “We’ve been very lucky”

In an interview with 93 XRT in Chicago, Ed O’brien said the band have been very lucky to do what they want throughout their whole carreer.

Talking to Marty Lennartz just before their Lollapalooza performance in Chicago, last Friday, the Radiohead guitarist talked about playing tracks from ‘In Rainbows’ live in 2006 and now. On how to the coventional release was actually very Rock & Roll.

Responding on how the band can actually do what they want Ed said: “Yeah, we’ve been very lucky. When you go back to ‘Creep’ – even thoug we got pissed off with it – we recouped on our first record. So we could make ‘The Bends’ without many interference. Which then led on to ‘OK Computer’, which led on to ‘Kid A’.

Watch the full interview with Ed O’Brien at Lollapalooza.

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  • Ed has a way with words, as always, great speaker.

  • i noted a note of sarcasm in there,

  • good that he kept the wayfarers… red eyes all along

  • What 11 songs??? You owe me one!! (As if I paid for the record…)

  • You can say that again, Ed. I wouldn’t mind not hearing Karma Police again. I’d much prefer to hear softer songs: I Will or Scatterbrain or Sail to the Moon rather than 2+2=5 or There There. Though I do love Idioteque.

    For what it’s worth I intentionally didn’t clap or barely clapped during Nude, House of Cards and especially Bodysnatchers or Bangers ‘n’ Mash (which I still dislike). I applauded rapturously only during Videotape and Arpeggi.

  • Where the hell did they get that we wanted IN Rainbows more than anything else? Fuck that!

  • Hi dear Ed O’ Brien!

    I loved your interview and to hear news of you!
    You are so beautiful, sexy, amazing as always.
    You are the good-looking man of the Band!

    I’m very cheerful, happy, anxious to see Radiohead Live here (brazil) in 2009 as well as you have talked.
    I can’t wait to see Radiohead and in particular you my prince, lord, baby ED, of course!

    You are the principal reason why I love Radiohead, why I have 3 pages dedicated to you like:
    Lovely Ed O’ Brien guit Radiohead, Planet Ed O’ Brien&Radiohead(Myspace) and Planet Ed O’ Brien & Radiohead(Waste)!

    I admire your person so much and I
    dream also to meet you in person and the other Radiohead’s members of course, but you are special to me.
    I wish you always all the best, Ed!

    Good lucky and gigs to you and your Radiohead brothers.

    lots of love,

    Greetings from Curitiba,


  • “Where the hell did they get that we wanted IN RAINBOWS more than anything else? Fuck that!”

    Oh, I don’t know, just maybe the fact that it’s the fucking IN RAINBOWS TOUR and that the album has gotten almost overwhelmingly positive reviews.

  • You’ve got to be kidding me—it’s so traansperntly clear now!

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