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Radiohead score new Palahniuk film ‘Choke’

Controversial Fight Club and Snuff author Chuck Palahniuk has revealed Radiohead have written brand new music for the soundtrack to the new movie adaptation of his book Choke.

Speaking to BBC 6 Music on the Shaun Keaveny Breakfast Show, Palahniuk explained it all came from his love of the band’s music, saying: “Clark Gregg, who directed the movie version of Choke which comes out on September 26 (in the US), he knew that I’d written Choke while listening to Radiohead’s Pablo Honey, with Creep, over and over and over.

“So Clark got Radiohead to contribute a song; to write a song for the very end of the movie, the final credits. Apparently Radiohead liked the movie so much, they’ve written the score, most of the ambient music throughout it. So it’s ‘Choke – with the music of Radiohead’“

When asked if he felt honoured to have such a respected band write music solely for his film, the author laughed, “I quit believing in my own life at this point! My life is just too incredible to be believable anymore. It’s a living dream.”

Palahniuk’s work is famous associated with alternative music, with his use of Pixies’ Where Is My Mind during the finale of the feature film adaptation of his novel Fight Club.

Update: the score is not happening.

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  • Why would radiohead want to be associated with such a made writer? His books are terrible.

  • This doesn’t surprise me too much as I seem to remember that on the commentary for Fight Club someone expressed a wish for Radiohead to do the score but then the Dust Brothers got involved instead.

  • This is awesome! Fight Club is one of my favourite movies too.

  • Hold on a minute, Wikipedia says:

    On January 14th 2008, the film version of “Choke” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, starring Sam Rockwell and Anjelica Huston with Clark Gregg directing.

    If this is so, then someone must have heard radiohead in the soundtrack! WHERE IS THIS? Who has listened to this material? Any reviews? Exciting times anyway.

  • The films at Sundance (and most other film festivals) are usually changed at least a little bit when processed by hollywood. Soundtracks are almost always changed.

  • just finished reading the book actually – pretty hard going (couldnt relaly get into it) but the film trailer looks pretty good!

  • Da-hamn straight!


  • This isn’t true. The film only has Reckoner at the end credits. The film was scored by Nathan Larson.

  • * Radiohead – “Reckoner”
    * Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! – “Satan Said Dance”
    * The Fiery Furnaces – “Navy Nurse”
    * Ben Kweller – “The Rules”
    * The Twilight Singers – “There’s Been An Accident”
    * Rogue Wave – “Lake Michigan” (which plays out in the film’s final credits)
    * Nathan Larson (Boys Don’t Cry, Palindromes) composed the film’s score
    * Alap Momin (a.k.a. The Oktopus) from the outré New Jersey hip-hop group, Dälek also scored one musical cue in the film.

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  • This is bull.

  • I think Palahniuk is an awesome author.

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  • […] asked by Clark Gregg — director of the film adaptation for the Chuck Palahniuk tome Choke — to do a song for the movie’s closing credits. Yorkey and the boys went one step further, writing most of the movie’s ambient music. […]

  • Exciting news. Even though Radiohead only put out an album every 4-5 years, they seem to be pretty active, what with The Eraser, TWBB, etc. Here’s another movie I don’t have any money to see though . . .

  • I bet the contributed song is “Super Collider.”

    Any bets?

  • Any possibility of this being on the new album? I hope so. You know something along the lines of what they did with ‘Lucky’. It was on the ‘Help!’ album originally. But it made its way to OK Computer.

  • @ Cee: Most films at Sundance don’t have scores. They’re expensive (especially if they’re written by Radiohead) and you can buy a much better one after you sell the movie to a distributor.

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  • Good sources say it’s bull.

  • Radiohead NOT scoring Chuck Palahniuk’s Choke:

  • well fuck yah!
    radiohead-favorite band.
    palahniuk-favorite author.

    i hope this is true.

  • “Radiohead NOT scoring Chuck Palahniuk’s Choke:

    — Darn , I knew it was too good to be true.

  • So the story is false. There goes my fantasy of hearing Thom’s acceptance speech at the Oscars next year for best score.

  • Ummm, I is Another, his books are not terrible. You should probably sit down and actually read one.

  • Very nice indeed!!

  • I don’t know why people bought this for a second. As if they could be writing score for a movie at the moment! I don’t think they’d ever score a movie as a group anyway, not unless they had like a year in the studio to do it!

    Roll on LP8.

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  • Fight Club is one of my favourite movies – this aint true though

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  • when its film of exit.

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