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Radiohead miss out on Mercury Prize again

Radiohead were nominated for the Mercury Prize for the fourth time, but the band missed out on the prestigious award again. The band’s latest effort ‘In Rainbows’ lost to Elbow’s ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’.

Before the award ceremony, which Ed O’Brien and Colin Greenwood attended, Colin told NME: “This is our fourth nomination, I don’t think we’ll win but it’s just nice to be included with some brilliant other people like Rachel Unthank and Laura Marling. “I really like Burial’s stuff, it’s all good. If it was up to me it would be out of three or four people, if that don’t sound weasely. That’s a good thing about the prize, it’s all good.”

The Mercury Prize was awarded to Elbow at the Hospital Club in London. Colin Greenwood was not bitter. “It’s a fantastic decision, I think it’s brilliant,” says the Radiohead bassist to Teletext’s Planet Sound.

“We’ve been on tour with Elbow, we’ve played festivals with them and they’re lovely people. They’ve made a brilliant record with ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’. It really couldn’t have happened to more deserving people, but most of the shortlist was great this year.”

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  • Elbow deserve some recognition they’ve been making consistently great music without much attention for a long time.

    I still think In Rainbows is better, but the Seldom Seen Kid is Elbow’s best album.

    I think Radiohead are too big for the Mercury Prize.

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