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Stanley Donwood’s Fleet Street Apocalypse

In Stanley Donwood’s latest Taglibro issued Today, the Radiohead artist informs us that his Fleet Street Apocalypse has been issued.

Available as a lino print and screen print, the Fleet Street Apocalypse linocut is a companion piece of the London Views linocut which was previously used as artwork for Thom Yorke’s ‘The Eraser’ release. The new linocut (40 x 970 mm) shows the Royal Courts of Justice, the Cock Tavern, the Daily Express building, St Dunstan’s church, the Dundee Courier building, St Bride’s Church, a distand St Paul’s Cathedral, and the King and Keys pub, whilst a few desperate survivors attempt to escape a terrible flood that is sweeping along the Street.

The Linocut was created specifically to be printed at St Bride’s Institute, based on the photographs and observational drawings of Fleet Street. The prints were made on a cast-ron press from 1844. Get your prints over at Slowly Downward.

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  • Whilst Donwood’s art is, in my estimation, top-notch, his collection of short stories and small thoughts are brilliant and will forever be with me.

    Thanks Stanley.

  • Looks great! Also, it’s great to see the news feed working again

  • would love to,
    quite expensive though.

  • Its amazing how many different things he’s been involved w/. Clicking around at I’ve been checking out his art and videos of him printmaking.

  • Mate, you are a good writer. Your article is really good. You should do it for a living

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