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First Latin American dates confirmed

Earlier this year, Ed O’Brien mentioned that Radiohead would be touring Latin America this year, but unfortunately none of the countries ended up on the tour schedule. But hooray for 2009.

With rumours of Chile and Brasil still floating around, first country to have confirmed Radiohead dates is Mexico. Radiohead will play at Foro Sol in Mexico City on the 15th, 16th and 17th of March. It’s expected that more dates will be announced shortly. Head over to for some Mexican Newspaper excitement.

Update: is in HackLand, Luckily the Mexican Radiohead fansite has a scan of the article too.

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  • Mexico is NOT in South America… Maybe you try to say “First Latin-America Dates” 😉

    btw, we’re waiting for Radiohead to come to Latin America next year…

  • Chile, i just want to read “Radiohead confirms dates in Chile”.

    Mexico is not south america, i almoust got a heart attack when i see “south america”

  • Thats not southamerica
    but, great news anyway…
    i hope to see Chile too…
    two, or three dates, why not?

  • I hope they go to Argentina, so Palo Alto can see the band. Poor guy got a raw deal being denied his visa after buying tickets to a US show.

    I’m glad Latin America will get to see Radiohead. I hope tickets won’t be as corruptly sold as before; U2 fans in Latin America were really screwed over last tour, apparently.

  • Hopefuly they swing back through America, thatwoud be awesome

  • Coachella is April 17, 18 and 19. I don’t think it’s so far fetched to think that they might stop there after Latin/South America.

  • i posted about this the night after the hollywood bowl show (night 1) when i got to talk to ed and collin at the after party about this matter, collin was more reluctant to spit it, yet ed gladly confirmed it. (i was the one that leaked the news about the date(s) in chile).

    worry not people down south, it’s happening.

    -cheers everyone.

  • I hope also a date in Monterrey

  • sad thing is that this isn’t confirmed by any official source. it is not really known how that newspaper got its information. please try to get an official source confirming this, because as you can imagine a lot of people here are getting really excited about this.


  • I only want that this be true..
    one step more near of South America.. and from my country. Chile.. We’re waiting for long long time

  • This is great. Im from Mexico, and I really dont know why, but i feel this time is for real. : ) Worth the travel, the ticket, and miss a few class days, but i dont mind.

    I’ll be there, first row.

  • I’ve been cheking the news everyday since october last year waiting for this, now I’m shaking thinking about what would I do if they come to Chile, I just can’t believe it, it’s just a possibility, but now I’m in heaven.

  • I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited thanhow I am now.

  • aaaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuussssssttttttttrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaallllllliiiiiiaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2 dates on chile with sigur ros.

    it will be epic.

  • I had expected this for years. I hope it will be true.

  • al fin se acordaron de nosotros aca en chile

    hehehe somos los mejores fans


  • Still waiting for an Aussie tour. 🙁

  • it seems that are a lot of chilean fans in here, right?
    Vamos, rh y sr!! vengan pues!!

  • ok…..breath….calm…
    now i’m happy for the south americans…

    but COME ON!!! Australian tour in march (right near my birthday in later march would be amazing!!!

    i mean i’ll even by tickets to all the shows in melbourne….

    i’m happy to wait…just pleae announce something…

    we really will put on some nice weather for you…

  • I can’t wait for the official confirmation of the brazilian dates!


    This is the most exciting news in a year!
    Happy birthday IR and welcome back Radiohead to that sweet and spicy country that has been missing you for 15 years!

  • Still waiting for a slavic tour 🙁 Radioheads NEVER have been in Czech Republic, come on, you’ve got to discover it!

  • […] band have just been confirmed to play Mexico City (for the first time in about 15 years) on March 15, 16, 17. The band are also going to be heading to South America (likely Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and/or […]

  • the website you link to has been hacked…

  • HACKED. Ouch.

  • what about argentina?
    radiohead signs a contract with the company wich is gonna organize the event in here, the only thing left is the date. anybody knows something?

  • Come to Costa Rica, mates!!! how many signatures do you need to make this a possibility???

  • Chingon!!! !

    I’m glad Mexican fans will have a chance to experience the amazing show us fans in the U.S. got to experience! This is very exciting news! Viva Radiohead!! !

  • hope to see Jonny and his guitar in Cocalombia, if not I gotta crash Chile or Argentina or wherever!

  • The W Hotel in Mexico city is great fun.. flights aren’t too expensive from the states.

  • Argentina carajoooooo!!!

    first days of April pleaseeeeeeee!

  • Australia! Australia! Australia!


  • Hey A. “confirmed” is when the band speaks officially. This is just another rumor. i just droped dead wheni read the title… ¬¬


  • this is just another rumor… I hope radiohead comes back someday…. Ohhh and Mexico is in NORTH AMERICA 🙂

  • my only concern is… the band likes to keep this stuff under wraps until they’re ready to make an official announcement… I remember when the Dallas date became official i was trying to find out through my contacts where they were going to play. After tickets went on sale at waste, my contact who did get the show finally said she could not talk to me during that time because they had been warned by their mgmt that if any news leaked out the show would be cancelled. The fact that some moron already announced this tells me two things: A)it could be a rumor; or B)it’s not a rumor but not official and we could lose those precious, long-awaited Mexican dates for Radiohead in ’09. I’d love to see them back home but the person that leaked the story and talked to the press should’ve kept his mouth shut! he could be jeopardizing something a lot of us have long waited for!

  • so babosos, todos somos America no nada mas la parte arriba del rio Bravo, a la mierda con todos los gringos y su cochina concepcion del mundo, America es un continente entero no nada mas gringolandia.

  • Im so glad they finally confirmed in mexico, i was like 3 yrs waiting radiohead to come, but there was rumor saying they wouldnt come to mexico because when they came in 1994, they were about to fall apart, so they didnt want to remind those times. Thank god they already confirmed the date =D!!!!

    Im looking forward the day!

    soooooo happy now

  • hey! here in chile we’re waiting for radiohead!
    they confirmed date in mexico they should confirm dates for chile too!

  • Does this mean Glasto2009 looking more likely ???

  • Hopefully they’ll make it to Brazil next year. If they do, I think I’m gonna die… of happiness!!!! :):):):):):):):):)

  • Esperemos pronto una confirmación 🙂

  • Latin American fans rejoice!

    you guys deserve it

  • Wack! I was in Mexico when they toured the western US, and now I’ll be stuck in school here while they tour Mexico. I’m destined to never see them

  • In Mexico, we’re waiting for Radiohead…

  • […] a bit of a Latin American tour in 2009. Not all the dates have been confirmed yet, but they are locked in for shows in Mexico City on the 15th, 16th, and 17th of […]

  • Radiohead en México es lo mejor que podía pasarnos, alguien sabe cuando empiezan a vender los boletos?

  • Chile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!

  • They’ll play in chile at March 29 2009. We still crying for the emotion

    11 años de espera!!!

  • […] acima, dia 27. Ingressos à venda para o show no Chile a partir de hoje (veja mais aqui e aqui). Shows na Argentina e Brasil devem ser anunciados na sequência. Agora […]

  • Wot about centralamerica??


    We are part of latinamerica aswell, PLEASE!

  • Hi!

    Thanks a lot my good looking lord,prince, baby Ed O’Brien for include brasil on Tour in 2009!


    I can wait it because Radiohead Live comes to be true!

    I’m so anxious to see Radiohead here and in particular meet you, my love Ed O’ Brien in person!!!

    It will be GREAT!!!

    I’d like that Curitiba can to be include on Tour in Brasil, please!

    Curitiba is a very beautiful place and is preparation for host Radiohead shows.
    And Radiohead turn out of the circuit Rio, São Paulo.
    I’m sure that you will enjoy it so much in Curitiba!

    See you soon.

    lots of love,


  • Hey, comming to Brazil, don’t forget to
    included my city: Salvador PLEASE!!!

  • Venham ao Brasil mas, dê uma passadinha a
    aqui na Bahia. OK?

  • thanks Radiohead for including Argentina! We love you here in Buenos Aires.

  • chile…that’s sort of close to australia, trans-antarctically at least. They might swing by…

  • This is not confirmed, only March 16 given OCESA information, the concert organizers.

  • Radiohead en Peru ..please LIma

  • Peru

  • […] in the country), with engagements in Argentina and Brazil planned but not yet finalized. At Ease points us to another fansite report that suggests a third Mexico City date (March 17) may arise as […]

  • […] in the country), with engagements in Argentina and Brazil planned but not yet finalized. At Ease points us to another fansite report that suggests a third Mexico City date (March 17) may arise as […]

  • Hey!
    Confirmed Brazil in March!!!! hail!!!

  • Brazil
    tickets available
    I just bought mine.

  • I have my tickets to the Concert in Argentina… I have to trip from Peru to Argentina to the show 😀

  • […] in the country), with engagements in Argentina and Brazil planned but not yet finalized. At Ease points us to another fansite report that suggests a third Mexico City date (March 17) may arise as […]

  • me molesta que no vengan a Colombia ni cerquita, no sé en cuánto sale ir hasta argentina…

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  • Hey, when are radiohead next coming to Mexico then?

  • Hi! Wonderful post! Please do tell us when I will see a follow up!

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