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Kraftwerk to support Radiohead in Latin America

Kraftwerk were already rumoured to support Radiohead on the second leg of the North American tour. Back then, it sounded to good to be true, but it looks like a Radiohead/Kraftwerk show is actually going to happen.

Kraftwerk have been announced to support Radiohead on their Latin American tour in March 2009. The German electronic music pioneers will be opening all shows in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Chile

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  • YEEEEESS!!!!!

  • I am so jealous of the SA fans! What an amazing concert that will be…wow!

  • […] Kraftwerk will be playing with Radiohead on the latter band’s Latin American tour, kicking off March […]

  • sorry to be repetitive and boring…

    but any change that combo might happen in Austrlia..

    or hell, anyone support Radiohead or no one support Radiohead….

    just come to Austrlia and make 2009 a year to remember…

    rant over..

  • They finally get their revenge for what Coldplay did to Computer Love! Actually I feel a bit sorry Kraftwerk has to open for anybody though. I hope they are Radiohead fans and aren’t doing it just out of some financial necessity.

  • I love so much Radiohead´s music, but being honest Kratwerk is amazing, so…Radiohead will close to Kraftwerk in those concerts. And the best part of it: I´ll be there

  • OK, I need money for show tickets and plane tickets to Mexico. NOW.

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