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Radiohead 2009 Calendar For Download

cal09No official Radiohead calendar this year. So, for those who have issues with forgetting birthdays, anniversaries, etc… you’re in luck.

You can download your very own Radiohead calendar for free. John Galantini made one available compiled with photos from Radiohead shows. Some pictures taken by the band, as well as photos by fans. You just need some sheets of A4 paper, download the calendar and hit ‘print’.

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  • this is wonderful! Thank you very much! And I was already thinking that there wouldn’t be a new calendar!

    bang on time at the last day of 2008! Very good!

  • I just wish they’d offer it on sale again though. Printing it yourself just isnt the same quality…

  • I actually released the calendar online on the 15th December, but there were problems with the atease news feed.

  • The calendar is lovely… but where is Coz!?

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