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Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ tops 2008 vinyl chart

radiohead in rainbowsWhile 2008 was all about how Radiohead shook the music industry, embracing internet downloads, the band closed the year on top of the vinyl charts.

Radiohead’s seventh album ‘In Rainbows’ was officially released in the USA on January 1st, 2008. Today, exactly a year later, Nielsen Soundscan released the sales reports over the past year. Radiohead played no role of importance in the CD or even digital charts. But, the band sold 25,800 vinyl copies of ‘In Rainbows‘, which makes it the top selling vinyl recording in the US. Runner-up is the Beatles’ ‘Abbey Road’ (16,500), followed by ‘Chinese Democracy’ (13,600) by Guns ‘N Roses. And we find Radiohead’s 1997 album ‘OK Computer‘ at number 10 with 9,300 copies sold, which made Radiohead the best selling artist on vinyl in 2008 with 61,200 copies sold, taking a big lead over The Beatles (39,500) and Metallica (20,400).
2008 marked a record breaking year for vinyl sales with a total of 1.88 million copies sold, a growth of 89% compared to 2007. More than 2 out of every 3 vinyl albums were purchased at an independent music store during the year

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  • That’s pretty cool. Nobody really cares
    about vinyl sales, but I still found it
    very interesting.


  • Thom would be very happy about this, he’s stated many times how he hates CD’s.

  • Nobody cares about vinyl sales? Independent record stores sure do! Two out of three is awesome.

    Besides, it’s nice to hear about *positive* 2008 sales figures for a change, whatever the product.

  • : )

  • good to know I could contribute

  • So, are there any figures on how many copies IR sold in total in the US? How far is it going from going platinum (because it already went gold a couple of weeks after release)?

  • link?????

  • LP8

  • that’s awesome. I remember a few years back the local record stores were only frequented by music nerds like myself. It makes me very happy to see vinyl coming back… especially with Radiohead leading the way…

  • Are the discbox figures included? It was out prior to the 1st of January…

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  • audio purists unite!

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  • I can’t seem to find these vinyl numbers for 2009 anywhere… any hints?

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