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More Radiohead vs. Jay-Z: Hovahead

Mashing up Radiohead with Jay-Z is like the new Gin & Tonic these days. Just after announcing Jaydiohead, we’ve got a new set of mash-up mixes between the two artists: Hovahead.

The Hovahead Myspace reads… “in the gloaming of the weeks before the 5 year anniversary of Jay-Z’s “The Black Album” it seemed appropriate to engage in a collaboration of two of the music industry’s elite artists. where the musicality of radiohead and the truth of Hova collide is in a project aptly named HOVAHEAD.”

Listen to tracks at the Hovahead MySpace, download some mp3’s at the Hovahead iLike page or get the full Hovahead package with 14 tracks.

Hovahead – The Blackhead Album

hovahead01 Meeting In The Interlude
02 All The December I Need
03 What Myxomatosis Can Say
04 Encore In Its Right Place
05 A Changed Kid
06 Dirt Off Your Paperbag
07 Threat Might Be Wrong
08 Moment Of Lurgee
09 National Problem
10 Optimistic Service Announcement (Interlimbo)
11 A Thug At A Wedding
12 Climbing Up Lucifer
13 The Allure Tape
14 My 1st Nude

…and believe it or not, there’s more coming soon… Radio Gangster, Jay-Z’s “American Gangster” meets Radiohead with custom beats by Hovahead. Is Rap Music not doing it for you? There’s always Rodeohead.

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  • Interesting….

    Would love some new Radiohead.S tory of my life.

  • i dig the whole mash ups scene but seriously can we have more radiohead, a lot less Jay Z… Im sure Jay would agree to.

  • this is getting boring. how can they improve on the Beatles/Jay-Z mashups anyway? just shows a lack of creativity. how about some Radiohead+GZA or something…

  • Wo,, this is sounding VERY uninspired and messy compared to the brilliant jaydiohead..

  • why jay-z?
    I prefer kanye west or eminem smash-ups

  • […] *Mashups: Jay-Z vs Radiohead = Hovahead. [radiohead at ease] […]

  • RH intro > Jay Z verse > RH chorus > and so on…

    Wow how fucking creative. At least the Jaydiohead thing has a few good tracks, but this is really bad.

  • I usually can’t stand mashups but these sounded pretty good.

  • Blah. The last one was underwhelming… not RH’s fault, though. I love rap, too… I guess just not Jay Z’s style. He’s kinda boring…


  • no comparison to jaydiohead.
    the rapping is nowhere as good.

  • the fact that you can match up Jay-Z’s album with so many other albums so easily just proves how derivative, uninspired and clichéd his music is.

    One mash-up album might have been amusing/funny, but this tsunami of crap mash-ups is just unbearable.
    For God’s sakes can’t anyone find other artists to mash up Radiohead with? Jay-Z’s music should be left at peace, rotting away in the graveyard of commercial cds on sale.

  • a friend and I DID THIS same exact thing in ’04! And we did it much better
    rip off!

  • This and Jaydiohead have been relatively poor when compared to many other mashups.

    Regardless of what people here think of Jay, and personally I think he’s great, these are just thoroughly average mashups.

    For a Jay fix, go Grey Album, and for Radiohead, go Rainydayz. Much better.

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