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Phil Selway performing ‘Family Madness’ [video]

As reported in the past couple of days, Phil Selway and Ed O’Brien take part in the ‘7 Worlds Collide’ project. A project initiated by Neil Finn along with Johnny Marr, members of Wilco, Liam Finn, KT Tunstall and others.

Phil Selway debuted his own song on guitar and vocals on Monday January 5th. A short video of the Radiohead drummer has finally surfaced on YouTube. The quality is not too great, but it’s better than nothing. Here goes:

In the meantime, the last of the three shows is now over with some stage changes, but similar setlist as the previous nights. Jeff Tweedy returned on lead vocals on Radiohead’s ‘Fake Plastic Trees’.

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  • hell yes, go phil!

  • sounds lovely


  • Wonderful!!! It’s official, Phil is my new hero. 🙂

  • CSNY revisited! Nice!

  • Wow, Phil has a really beautiful voice. Good song, too. Kinda reminds me of some of Pink Floyd’s stuff. Awesome!

  • his own song ! ? wow . . . i really tought it was a cover – i don t know who else is . . . but i am ready to buy phil ‘s cd if sometime something comes out . . . and his vocals . . . wow . . . phil makes us feel good . . . thank you . . .


  • Holy shit. What an unexpectedly pleasant surprise! Turns out all of Thom’s “Phil as Don Henley” talk wasn’t a rub.

  • very good.

  • Very Fleet Foxes. Nice one, Phil!

  • Good call on FF comparison. Also, doesn’t he say it’s called “Power Of Madness”?

  • “The Power Of Madness”?

    Also, he says “menny song”. This is why Phil stays so quiet during interviews, he can’t speak properly. Lovely song though.

  • I swear he says “The Ties That Binds Us” not “family madness”…maybe I’m wrong.

  • ah, yea, I’m wrong…he does say “Family Madness” at the start.

  • […] Have your Phil… …Selway, that is. Check him stepping out from behind the drumset. More info on ateaseweb. […]

  • The opening reminds me of Follow Me Around.

    Nice, Phil!

  • Phil’s hair could cure aids

  • Bring on the solo album – Well done Phil. I bet he was shitting it, in front of the mic for a change.

  • what a fuckin LEGEND

  • Holy shit! Excitement overloads! :fun:

    Lovely Philip 🙂

  • I can smell a solo album coming soon!


  • Why can’t Phil just have a song for Radiohead? Would that be so awful? He could sing it too, that would make sense.

  • That was really excellent!

  • He sounds like Roger Waters, great stuff

    Let ’em sing lead on the next album Thom!


  • I’m glad he doesnt sound like the other Phil

  • WOOHOO!!! GO PHIL!!!

  • That was such an unexpected (and ridiculously pleasant) surprise. We want more Phil.

  • I love this, and not just because I’m a huge RH fan, but because… I love this!

  • Wow, I’m impressed. Real late 60’s, early 70’s vibe to it.

  • […] yesterday’s video of Phil Selway performing his own ‘Family Madness‘, we now have video of the two Radiohead songs played in New Zealand. You can see and hear […]

  • […] Selway la ha tocado como parte de un show colectivo en el que estaban los compañeros de banda Ed O´Brian, Johnny Marr y Jeff Tweedy de Wilco para el proyecto 7 Worlds Collide en el PowerStation, según lo reportado en el site […]

  • Not bad at all, and not how I imagined Phil’s singing voice. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever heard him talk. Kind of reminds me of Follow Me Around.

  • Cool, it sounds like a Gomez song (one of my favourite bands, so YES!) or Pink Floyd. Very nice indeed.

  • got to agree it sounds like a Roger Waters/Floyd track

  • radiohead and can bring out rubbish and you guys would say it’s great.

    if that was kt tunstall or neil finn singing, i bet you wouldn’t like it.

  • every member of radiohead deepens my appreciation individually each passing year. wow phil, didn’t know you had it in you.. way to go.

  • I never knew phil was such a beast

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