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Supergroup perform Radiohead songs (videos)

This week is all about the supergroup performing down under. We’ve already reported about the ‘7 worlds collide’ shows at Auckland’s Powerstation. Here’s some more video.

After yesterday’s video of Phil Selway performing his own ‘Family Madness‘, we now have video of the two Radiohead songs played in New Zealand. You can see and hear Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy doing lead vocals on Radiohead’s ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ and another version of the song with KT Tunstall on lead vocals. ‘Bodysnatchers’ features Neil Finn on vocals. Apart from Jeff Tweedy, KT Tunstall, Neil Finn and Radiohead members Ed O’Brien and Phil Selway you can find Johnny Marr, Liam Finn and John Stirratt on stage.

Fake Plastic Trees – Jeff Tweedy on lead vocals

Fake Plastic Trees – KT Tunstall on lead vocals

Bodysnatchers – Neil Finn on lead vocals

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  • haha it’s funny

  • Jesus Christ, that version of Bodysnatchers was painful to listen to. Like a pissed-up geography teacher down the local pub let loose on the Karaoke. Ed & Phil, what the FUCK are you doing over there playing with these boring muso idiots?????

  • I agree. Thom seems to be the only person on earth capable pulling off ‘Bodysnatchers’ live, but Jeff Tweedy, Johnny Marr, Liam Finn and John Stirratt are great musicians in their own right.

    I’m so freaking glad to see ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ being covered twice!! Just goes to show how people have learned to appreciate it over the years.

  • i think ed should sing bodysnatchers.

  • “. Like a pissed-up geography teacher down the local pub let loose on the Karaoke”


  • i think radiohead should be the only ones doing radiohead songs.

  • only radiohead should play radiohead songs? really? should that be written into law somewhere

  • all this does for me is show how truly great Thom is.

  • yes nick

    it should be written in LAW!

  • I want to strangle Neil Finn. Does that make me a bad man?

  • Mr. Crowded House doing Bodysnatchers? Really, WTF?

  • lol! Neil Finn that was an epic fail! Quite funny though. I thought the geography teacher comparison was pretty harsh until I actually watched the video!

    At least his dance moves made up for it? lol

    Maybe it didn’t come across right on youtube?

  • Haha yeah, Neil Finn really struggled with Bodysnatchers that first night. Although, live it had some wicked energy. Supposedly on other nights he nailed it though. Ahh well.

  • hearing jeff tweedy sing a Radiohead
    song makes this live worth living.

  • I’ma get a shirt made that says “Jeff Tweedy Looks Like a Cat.”

  • Listening to those Fake Plastic Trees covers reminds me of how beautiful it is when Thom sings it.

  • Dear god. You’d think between Ed and Phil SOMEONE could have taught that guy the right lyrics to Bodysnatchers. I mean, at least the first couple of lines? Although starting on the right beat would help, too.

    The other two were pretty great, actually. Not that Wilco doesn’t rock my face, but I think I like Tunstall’s vocals better on that song.

    hpgirl, you’re making yourself sound like a nitwit. Should we only be allowed to cover bad songs? Should anyone who can’t match the original singer be barred from playing their music? Or should we do away with covers altogether? I hate to tell you, but Radiohead have broken all three of these “rules.”

  • I Heart KT Tunstall

  • […] aquecimento para os shows do Radiohead no Brasil: o site de fãs At Ease achou vídeos de algumas faixas da banda sendo tocadas por uma superbanda – com Jeff Tweedy & […]

  • i don’t i think KT And the Mr. wilco should get the strumming right at least. Down stroking it takes away from the beauty, but still cool that they attempted.

    bodysnatchers… horrible… even ed was playing with out life.

  • Lol, Bodysnatchers needed a couple more rehearsals! This whole setup was way better when they were just mainly playing Neil Finn songs that everyone in the band knows. Bodysnatchers…maybe doing something a little easier would have been a good idea!!

  • fucking hell. Bodysnatchers was piss poor. Sounded like he hadnt learnt the song. What a farce.

  • Neil really struggled to find the beat, but the vocals weren’t horrible…he’s got a very powerful voice, quite fit for the song.

  • Oh, and I thought KT Tunstall sang Fake Plastic Trees beautifully. As for Tweedy…ugh. Well, he did his best, right?

  • Oh God, I am a massive Neil Finn fan, but good grief, that is BAD! I almost feel like I should apologise on his behalf…

  • I dont feel there is any way to know how it sounded yet because the audio is so shitty. I am sure that no one can perform radiohead like radiohead does, but why is it such a problem if a band covers them? As a radiohead fan, i almost see it as a compliment when other bands play tribute to radiohead. Also, the fake plastic trees with Tweedy on vocals doesn’t sound that bad; in fact I am really digging the extra guitars playing in the song.

  • I have to say, i was there on the last night and Bodysnatchers wasn’t that bad!

  • HAHAHAHA this version of Bodysnatchers is so bad… When the bridge came in and Neil Finn didn’t even notice… I felt sorry for him. He never listened to the song before, didn’t he ?

  • my respects to mt Twwedy but.. that FPT sounds like, if my band were playing the song… and we’re no supergroup

  • It is Liam not Neil! At least know who to direct abuse to!

  • They all look like they’re laughing at the end. Seems like Neil Finn was dared into it rather than it being a serious artistic endevour. Don’t be so hard on him. It’s just a bit of fun.

    Oh and just in case anyone doesn’t know, he is good when he’s doing his own stuff.

  • Seriously Neil…

  • why would they choose to cover bodysnatchers?

  • actually its not that bad

  • c’mon guys. radiohead are the best band in the world. no-one else can EVEN get close to writing good music.

    and to make it worse – no one should ever attempt to cover a RH song because:

    a – no one can sing as well as thom
    b – no one can play bass like colin
    c – no one can riff like johnny
    d – no one can hit cow hide like phil, and
    e – no one can clap their hands, sit on their bum or hold an e-bow like ed.

    Stop showing these youtube clips.

    BTW – If RH chooses to cover another artists’s song, then RH’s automatically becomes superior to the original in every way!

  • За статью сенкс, все по делу, достаточно много кто это использует

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