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Amanda Palmer plays ‘Creep’ on ukelele

The performance is already from over six months ago, but the video was just recently put online; Amanda Palmer performing Radiohead’s “Creep” live on ukulele.

Amanda Palmer, singer of Dresden Dolls (who previously played Radiohead’s ‘Karma Police at live shows) performed the song at Red Peters’ ODDVILLE on June 7th, 2008 at the Cutler Majestic Theatre in Boston.

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  • Oh…..Good……..Lord……Stop……..Please……!!!…:(

  • Uncomfortable to watch or what?

  • terrible

  • Cool n’ artistic!

  • WHY?

  • The youtube comments for this video scare me.

  • I love Amanda. She’s great.
    But..I don’t know if i like this cover

  • Is that Hitler at the start?

  • oh dear… that was cringe worthy. It would have been better if she’d had some sort of accompaniment but it just sounded dead to me.

  • I hope BOB kills her

  • Not as bad as the others make it sound in their comments… and waaaaayyy better than whatshisname with supergroup trying to perform Bodysnatchers 🙂

  • Hardly as bad as the comments above are making out. I thought it was amusing and oddly charming.

  • Wait…

    Was that guy in a dress?

  • I heard this on the howard stern show a few weeks ago, oddly enough, and wondered what her name was… thanks for posting it.

  • throw it in the pile of millions of other creep covers.

  • I didn’t think that was bad, actually. At least give kudos for the vocal sustain on the bridge.

  • ah, this cover is great!!!

  • ah, let’s not be so damning, fellas- I thought it was curiously charming, and I was impressed with her sustaining.

  • I don’t care what some of the others have said, I enjoyed that, a nice take on the song.

  • Haha – why does Hitler in a dress introduce her?

  • I can’t say that I dislike it. (Love the attempts at Jonny’s muted bit)

  • Not too bad.

  • i throught it was pretty good. she has done a few radiohead songs.

    Fake Plastic Trees

    Karma Police

  • PAINFUL ! oh not to mention shit

  • liked it!

  • Hey I like it:)

  • i didn’t deserve that. my skin crawled off and hid in a corner. and my ears have started bleeding.

  • definately don’t like it!

  • Wow, and I thought *I* was an overreacting douche… this is just Amanda Palmer trying to be funny, not satan’s vengeance on humanity, take it easy.

  • she really is a creep..
    the singing is ok though

  • c’mon guys. radiohead are the best band in the world. no-one else can EVEN get close to writing good music.

    and to make it worse – no one should ever attempt to cover a RH song because:

    a – no one can sing as well as thom
    b – no one can play bass like colin
    c – no one can riff like johnny
    d – no one can hit cow hide like phil, and
    e – one one can clap their hands, sit on their bum or hold an e-bow like ed.

    Stop showing these youtube clips.

    BTW – If RH chooses to cover another artists’s song, the RH automatically becomes superior to the original in every way!

  • Что касается темы, то мне кажется что ее актаульность будет известна только через некоторое время.

  • […] Palmer has played some Radiohead covers in the past. On her own (Creep) and with her band Dresden Dolls (Karma Police). But now she has released a full EP with Radiohead […]

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