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Capitol to release ‘expanded’ Radiohead albums

After the Radiohead Box Set and the earlier reported 12″ vinyl reissues, Capitol Records/EMI take the repackaging of old Radiohead releases to another level. The first three Radiohead albums are now ‘expanded’ with extra tracks.

CD/DVD editions of ‘Pablo Honey’, ‘The Bends’ and ‘OK Computer’ are in the works and set for release on March 24, reports Billboard. Radiohead’s first album ‘Pablo Honey’ will be reissued as a CD/DVD including with Radiohead’s first release; the Drill EP. Also included are tracks from the ‘Creep’ single, a four track BBC Session. The DVD includes four videos, a Top of the Pops recording and nine videos from the band’s first VHS: ‘London Astoria Live’.

Second album ‘The Bends’ will be out with tracks from the ‘My Iron Lung’ EP, a BBC Session from ’94 and more tracks from ‘London Astoria Live’. The classic ‘OK Computer’ album will be out with tracks from the album’s singles ‘Paranoid Android’, ‘Karma Police’ and ‘No Surprises’ as wells as a four track BBC session from ’97.

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  • This is NOT the way I wanted Palo Alto on OK Computer. =|

    The BBCs and videos sound interesting though. I’ll have to find a way to get them without supporting EMI continuing to pull this crap.

  • What a greedy greedy company. No wonder so many artists hate record companies now.


  • definitely do not buy. the band has the albums at a certain length with certain songs for a good reason: it’s their own vision. tacking on the b-sides is a travesty, but it’s not as if real fans need this expanded shit anyway.

  • I’ll be buying these. I like having all the b-sides pull together on one disc, and the added live stuff is nice. STFU all you “DO NOT BUY” monkeys. This is not expanding the albums, its just packaging a bonus disc of VERY relavent material with teh actual album. Joy Division, Sonic Youth, Velvet Underground and DJ Shadow… all artist with albums the benefited from the “deluxe” treatment. Seriously, STFU with “DO NOT BUY” nonsense. Radiohead are not your friends.

  • radiohead own your ass

  • lets face it – i ll be a radiohead fan till i die – but both emi/capitol and even radiohead are behind business . . . radiohead ‘s been very very very very mainstream lately . . . in a lot of things . . . werever – everyone should shut up including me – but they re both into business . . . so guys don t kill each other – the world is behind money and will always be . . . if you think in a different way and you re ready for the next level contact me and will start a new world with U . peace

  • If people will buy bottled water then people will sell bottled water

    I’m not going to buy the new CDs however.

    …well, maybe I will for Drill and the non-Astoria vids

  • i like U sam – we need more U

  • All my original cds have given up the ghost and despite passing on the last releases of the albums, these ones do sounds tempting, even if it’s just for the bonus stuff.

  • I guess radiohead is gonna have to step it up and release an album before then, to steal their thunder. I sure everyone is okay with that.

  • I must say, I waited for this release to happen, after I sold my highly collectable “OK computer singles box set” 2 years ago.
    However, I’m afraid price will be high….

  • Well, at least this could convince me
    to buy Pablo Honey. at last.

  • take the money and run..

  • They are just trying to squeeze whatever money they can out of remaining rights they have.

    Do we not all already have these tracks and vids?? This is just corporate bullish. CAPITOL WANKERS

  • The ’97 BBC sessions are available on the net somewhere. Someone on this site pointed me in the direction of them last year. They’re worth finding, especially Talk Show Host, it’s better than the studio version.

  • What a wasted opportunity.
    Capitol owns everything that was recorded in these sessions… it could have looked like this:

    Ok Computer Disc 2:
    1. Big Boots
    2. True Love Waits (full band)
    3. Nude (1997 version)
    4. Motion Picture Soundtrack (guitar version)
    5. I Promise
    6. Last Flowers ‘Til the Hospital (1997 version)
    7. Let Down (early version)

    I would have run out the door to buy that.
    This one has shit I’ve had on my hard drive for 10 years. Awesome, Capitol.


  • can’t wait to download these for free

  • Seems like a nice bonus for people buying the albums new, and none of us are being forced to buy any of this stuff.

    Maybe a B-sides and rarities collection would’ve been better for those of us with the albums already, and would have generated more sales, but oh well.

    Either way, I’m less pissed off about this than having to spend a ridiculous amount of money on the In Rainbows box set in order to get the full 70 minutes of music (i.e. both CDs, which would’ve fit on one CD and were not available any other way). Not only because of the price it cost but because of the waste of money and resources making and shipping a huge art book and vinyl copy of the album that will just sit on my shelf, which I didn’t and do not really want. I only wanted the music (which is great).

  • “can’t wait to download these for free” – funniest comment ever!

  • radiohead still make money from this, all you people saying ‘ohh what a moneygrabbing company, do not buy’ etc.

  • *pirate*

  • this comments are like who has the biggest cock with all the don’t buy or i’m going to buy it

  • I put my hands on my hips about this

  • I’m gonna buy these albums…. eight times… EACH!

    [but seriously, release ‘unreleased’ shit….]

  • CD2:
    01 Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2)
    02 Pearly*
    03 A Reminder
    04 Melatonin
    05 Meeting in the Aisle
    06 Lull
    07 Climbing Up The Walls (Zero 7 Mix)
    08 Climbing Up The Walls (Fila Brazillia Mix)
    09 Palo Alto
    10 How I Made My Millions
    11 Airbag (Live in Berlin)
    12 Lucky (Live in Florence)
    BBC Radio One Evening Session [05/28/97]:
    13 No Surprises
    14 Climbing Up the Walls
    15 Exit Music (For a Film)

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  • oh lord…what’s next? OK Computer remastered? Pablo Honey in Surround sound? why can’t EMI release stuff we really need like Kid A on cassette !

  • Well people can buy it or not, simple really. For the more recent fans of Radiohead who don’t have this material it could be a door opening for them. For others, its no good or they don’t approve. It’s called choice.
    Personally, I’m unlikely to bother, have most of it as it is and the shiny shiny of this re-release won’t attract me much.

  • Piss off EMI!

  • I implore you all to download this from when it comes out. Do not give EMI your money!!

  • What a bunch of shitbags and fuckasses!

    I put my hands on my hips about this, as well.

  • For sure I will get theses, on the net! And I will be proud of it!


  • fuck you guys this is a good buy

  • moderate me indeed!


  • Purchasing would be disrespectful.

  • Where can I find Kid A on cassette?

  • Not good for those of us who’ve already shelled out for the EMI re-issue of Astoria London Live then is it? Also, why on earth would you put the My Iron Lung tracks on The Bends when My Iron Lung is readily available. Surely you’d go for the Street Spirit or Just b-sides? How absurd.

  • I will be buying these. has them for £12.99 each, I don’t have a hard drive full of Radiohead rarities, and I think it’s value for money.

    Does that make me any less of a Radiohead fan?

  • I spent the past three years hunting down singles and probably spent about £200 on getting everything except Drill and some other Pablo bits. I would complain about this, but I think it’s probably more of a moment to think about what a wanker I am in general for pissing away wages on sub-standard songs.

    I’ll get the Pablo set, just so I’ve got everything.

    And then a life, perhaps?

  • If you think it makes you sound like a “true” Radiohead fan by saying “Capitol sucks” and “Don’t Buy” then good for you. It’s not like any other big band hasn’t gotten the deluxe treatment on their albums. If you don’t want to buy them because you’re so cool then good for you. Other than the fact that I already have all the singles so it may be redundant, it sure beats paying 10 bucks for each import single CD like I had to when they were originally released so it’s going to be a decent value considering it also has a DVD. Stop crying because you don’t even know what you’re talking about.

  • If I’d have the money I’d buy three or four of each to make up for all you morons who say “DO NOT BUY” just to piss you off.

    Fuck off

  • Good idea! Ill download those…

  • The b sides and rareties from Kid A, Amnesiac and Hail to the thief should be interesting though! Save some space on your harddrive for hmmm 2010.

  • Seeing as the OK Computer singles are extremely hard to find, I might have to pick up that one. And maybe the Pablo Honey disc. My Iron Lung is actually pretty easy to find, and so are the accompanying “expanded” others.

    Any word on re-releasing the Itch EP so I don’t have to shell out $40+ for 8 or so songs.

  • I agree with Leo.

    Sell a b-sides & rarities collection, instead.

    It’d be great to find them all in one place, on my ipod — playlists aside.

  • I’m buying them all!!!!

    Capital/EMI FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • EMI once again cashing in on a great band against there will. Quite a shame, actually.

    Well, I wont wait idly by while EMI attempts to make a little pocket money off of the greatest band of our generation. Best-Of my ass!

    I propose that every true Radiohead fan illegally download the bsides and post the videos on Youtube. Im sure Radiohead wouldnt mind.

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