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Radiohead for Obama

Radiohead for Obama

Let’s dig up an old news story on this historic day. Today, in Washington Barack Obama will be inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States of America. The president-elect might be listening to Radiohead on his way to the inaugural events.

Back in July of 2008, Barack Obama had an hour of discussions with UK Conservative leader, David Cameron, at the House of Commons. Obama departed with gifts including a box of CDs by some of Cameron’s favourite British musicians, among them Radiohead, The Smiths, Gorillaz and Lily Allen, and a copy of Hague’s recent biography of the anti-slavery campaigner, William Wilberforce.

Suggestions for a Radiohead playlist on this historic day? But this one isn’t included. This one might be…

Thom Yorke already donated a track in november…

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  • My choice is Sail To The Moon…”maybe you’ll be President, but know right from wrong”

  • Thom himself ‘humbly donated’ a remix of harrowdown hill at DAS. No need to hope for more

  • or maybe this one.

  • or maybe LUCKY!

  • Not quite Radiohead i know, but, Drugstore ft Thom Yorke – El Presidente

  • How on earth can David Cameron claim to be a Smiths fan?

    The people have a wonderful dream…

  • just listen to Hail to the Thief from start to finish

  • As I was watching the inauguration, whenever the camera panned to Bush, I had “2+2=5” pulsing in my head.

    I was at Bush’s first inauguration (at age 10…at the time I didn’t realize what a terrible thing I was witnessing!) and can remember the sea of “Hail to the Thief” signs…

  • what’s happen with electionnering

  • today has been the most perfect day i’ve ever seen!!!!

  • I agree with kid54. Thom did dedicate STTM to Obama in Charlotte, NC.

  • Rita…really? Didn’t realize that..just thought it was appropriate more than anything else 🙂

  • i totally forgot that thom did that in charlotte, but i remember now. such an amazing night!

  • It was the only time STTM was played during the entire In Rainbows tour and Obama had just won the North Carolina primary!

  • Hey,
    Just ask him!

  • i’d say lurgee. 2+2=5 or yes, sail to the moon.

  • Obama is shill for the globalists and I challenge Thom Yorke to an online debate about it. Wake up sheeple, the Democrats and Republican are two sides of the same coin.

  • Who invited the Ron Paul cultist?

    And yeah, I’ll throw my vote to STTM. Something makes me think he’d actually liked that song too. Maybe cuz it’s chillaxxxed.

  • stephen is right

  • Yeah, Obama is certainly another puppet for the same globalists who have controlled the US and most of the world since pretty much Nixon.. The story-book Obama interpreted through various mult-media sources like on here paints him as a benevolent man who is polar opposite to Bush.. but really Obama is globalist scum just like Bush Jr./Clinton/Bush Sr./.. he had more funding by the banksters (wall st.) than any other canditate for either party… the US gov’t is extraordinarily corrupt and for anyone to assume such a powerful position of office are certainly in bed with the devil.. no matter how much you want to believe in the fairy-tale reality the mass-media and pop culture portrays, this fact is true and Thom, I would figure, should understand this and stand against it just like he did with Bush and Global Warming etc. The economic meltdown has been pre-planned and the globalists are now able more so than ever, with all the chaos and uncertainty, implement there long sought after New World Order…. sound crazy? just sit back and watch this world get crazier than it ever has in the next four-eight years… or perhaps by 2012 we’ll get to see the absolute most unfathomable calamity….ie. a great depression that by far out rivals the great depression of 1929…A full out war in the middle east provoked by Isreal-Iran… Russia/China/India wild-card influence on geopolitics… catastrophic consequences from the severe damage to the environment(global-warming)…. Obama is the calm before the storm.. He is the piped piper gathing the masses into thinking everything is going to be alright papa’s here to save you until it is too late to wake up… so wake the fuck up hipsters and all the others who think it’s uncool to understand what the fuck is really going down…

  • 2+2=5 from the album “hail to the thief”. The obvious Orwellian influences and how the context applies to today’s political atmosphere (well the bush era anyways) are very astute.

    Fake plastic tree’s is more about present and future of our planet, if we continue along this path all we will have is a artificial environment to fill the void of our natural world we have defiled.

    I think both songs have merit to be the “Obama’s Fav Radiohead song”.

    Just my two cents from a long-time Radiohead lover.

  • youtube

    Letter to the future president #147

  • so far i dont see obama doing any better job with the economy than it has been when he picked up. US$ still at record low

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