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Radiohead’s new album still in early stages

The last time we’ve heard anything about Radiohead’s eight studio album was in September, when Colin Greenwood said that the band were set to return to the studio after their world tour. Radiohead’s management hinted that new work is not expected anytime soon.

At the Midem music conference in Cannes, France, one of Radiohead’s managers, said the ‘In Rainbows’ follow-up was at an “embryonic” stage. Talking to BBC News Brian Message said, “The first step in the process is that they’ve got to make some music that they’re proud of. There are no plans until the boys come back and say: ‘We’ve got something we like here.'”

Message, who also works for Faithless said that he had “no idea” how it would be released, referring to the ‘pay-what-you-want’ model for the current album. Faithless however are considering ‘doing a Radiohead’: “Faithless have got enough financial resources to do it themselves, which is what Radiohead did. I’d hope they’d be radical about the decisions they make.”

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  • omg, no way..


  • shit. sorry for messing up the page.

    Thats bad news, but still- i’d rather them take their time and make another masterpiece!

  • fuck
    i thought they already recorded some?
    i literally cant wait. i might cry. i was hoping for fall 2009…

  • This isn’t surprising at all

  • (…IMO)

  • It’s been known Radiohead were heading straight to working on the follow-up to In Rainbows for some time now. I’m sure they’ve had some really good songs waiting to be recorded for a while now.

    Was Ed the one that used to keep a daily journal of stuff they recorded during the Kid A sessions? I used to look forward to reading those journal entries.

  • This is good news, I’m really looking forward to this.

  • Please release something before 2012 coz ice age is coming…

  • what we may have:

    super collider
    bodies laughing
    wake me
    burn the witch

  • I dunno, it doesn’t surprise me much. It’s only been a little over a year and a bit since IR was released, I think they deserve a little more time than that to record new stuff and brainstorm for LP8.
    Let’s just hope it doesn’t snowball into another five years of waiting…

  • Embryonic you say? Does that mean 9 months?

  • bad news? not at all!!
    i’m just happy to hear that they’re actually in a studio and some sort of enjoying it!!

    i can wait, because i know whenever no8 will be released, it’ll be A GLORIOUS DAY!!

    and that’s all what i need to know 🙂

  • I shall wait with baited breath…

  • how non-informative does a message have to be before you guys ignore it and get on w/ yourselves?


  • my friend at ATO, who are the US distributers of any new RH, says there is nothing coming and the band is going to take a full year break as they did after HTTT

  • They’ve probably been at the messing around stage for the last few months. Demoing, throwing ideas around, seeing what sticks. They already have plenty of songs to be getting on with (Burn The Witch, Come To Your Fucking Senses, Magpie etc.) but they may choose to leave them in favour of a completely new direction. I wouldn’t mind some more electronic sounding ventures, OR a mainly acoustic album.

  • anyone who is surprised that there won’t be another album for a while is obviously fans of a different radiohead to the one i know and love…

  • i’ll speculate, based on radiohead’s track record, that they’re working on a batch of new songs, some of which may be tested out on the south american tour, and that they’ll be in the studio (perhaps after a brief theatre tour with the new songs) in 2010. I’d say late 2010 at the ealiest, guys.

  • I think it’s bizarre anyone expected a new Radiohead album any time soon.

  • It’s at least good to know that
    they’re doing SOMETHING.

  • in a message on their site today phi said that they were in the midst of recording. sounds promising right?

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