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Radiohead confirmed to perform at Grammy Awards

Since Radiohead are nominated for five awards at the upcoming Grammy Awards, rumours of the band performing at the Awards Ceremony have been growing. But the band have now been confirmed to perform at the ceremony on February 8.

In a press release The Recording Academy confirmed that the band are set to play at the ceremony at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Radiohead are nominated for Album of the Year and have not performed when they were previously nominated for the big prize with ‘OK Computer’ and ‘Kid A’. Three times could be a charm and the band might be anticipating on that. Jonny Greenwood is also nominated for ‘Best Soundtrack’ for his work on ‘There Will Be Blood’. The performance next month marks the band’s first live U.S. television performance since 2000.

In other Grammy related news… As reported earlier, Thom Yorke appeared in a print ad and TV campaign for the upcoming Grammy Awards… but Idolator discovered that some of the song titles have been replaced. Autechre got removed, David Bowie was added, while the Rolling Stones replaced Scott Walker.

Thom Yorke Grammy Poster

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  • The question mark in the headline makes me so happy. please let this be a rumour

    and lol at the grammy poster being altered.

  • So it’s only okay for radiohead to fly for a show…gotcha!

  • On pitchfork that question mark is an exclamation mark.

  • Curious. What about the carbon footprint or is that so 2008? Perhaps it will be an early stop on the way to South America – To do some recording in LA?

  • Christ, Radiohead bore me these days…

  • the stop over in LA for studio time makes sense..otherwise, can’t figure this one out – if they do play, hope they open the show

  • Would be very awesome to see them play at the Grammy’s!

  • Monty – You are so bored by Radiohead that you check this site and comment?
    Go find some other website to harass.

  • radiohead is boring?…One of the few bands out there today that never stop evolving and actually have the balls to stop playing the same exact crap over and over. I’ve seen them live more than 10 times, believe me, they are anything but boring.

  • Autechre weren’t removed. Look just left of “Unravel” and you’ll see “Vose In” is there on both versions. They were just diversifying a bit and replacing a duplicated song title.

  • It’s funny – the whole IR thing was supposedly to communicate directly to fans yet they’ve never been so outta touch with thier fans.

  • I don’t think they were ever so involved with the grammys before. My guess is, now that they are promoting their own music, essentially without support of a major label, they have some stake in the game. Furthermore, it’s their own baby that is being recognized now, and it appears as though the grammys are making a serious effort at relevance. So, all things considered, it makes some sense for Radiohead to be involved in this way. I don’t mind, I’m curious to see what they’ll play, and perhaps they actually win the big award this year. That would be a change. No Paul McCartney, John Fogerty, Bruce Springsteen, Meatloaf, Bob Dylan, Mariah Carey, Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, etc.

  • It’s the end of the world as we know it… OMG, if they win, Thom will lecture the audience on global warming.

  • let’s hope it doesn’t turn into the fiona apple debacle again, though i don’t think thom would be so crass as to lecture the audience.

  • I don’t understand radiohead fans.
    This is excellent news!!!

  • “Radiohead are boring” “I don’t understand Radiohead fans”. Typical statements from Oasis fans. First of all, Radiohead has millions of fans, and each individual is unique, so why put them in the same basket?

    And let me tell you something else, if you don’t like Radiohead or Radiohead fans, then go listen to Oasis and leave us alone!

    Radiohead are a great band. Period. Why do people love to hate Radiohead so much?

  • That’s right Radiohead is the best and most amazing band to emerge on this planet in the last decade. Besides now I may even watch the Grammys since there will be a reason, plus just imagine the faces on the crowd when Radiohead shocks the hell out of them by their amazing performance and Musical genius(The World may never be the same again)…….

  • Please don’t perform “House of Cards”, I beg of you! I think some Weird Fishes would be nice.

  • hmmm, hope Ed repeats his “experience” from last time they attended the grammys! would love to see that!

  • Bassgrooves: with that sort of dedication, you’d appreciate The Third Reich

  • Yeah, no “House of Cards” please. Bodysnatchers would be nice though.

  • Can’t wait for this performance

  • nope, its not gonna even be anything from IR. they have finally listened to that Cuttooth thread. and thats what the grammys is getting.

  • Is there a way to watch the grammys online?

  • I think it would be hilarious if they play some really obscure tracks at the grammies instead of the expected HoC and/or Bodysnatchers/15 step/Nude. If they came out and played We Suck Young Blood followed by Treefingers and/or Eds Scary song i would laugh so hard.

  • YES! I’m actually going to watch the
    grammy’s this year! What’s up with
    radiohead being all “grammy promotion-y”
    these days?

  • The best thing about this is that coldplay
    are going to perform- and they SUCK live!
    Then radiohead’s going to get up there
    and blow everyone away.

  • i would love to see Paranoid Android…best song for that crowd 😉

  • i think this is a positive thing, and regardless or not of what the Grammy’s really mean, I am excited to see them live anytime.

  • Go Radiohead. Who cares if they perform
    at the Grammy Awards. At least they’ll
    finally have someone AMAZING performing.

  • Yep, funny how RH ditch their label and now become all media savvy.

    If they want to play @ Grammy’s – then good on them; it’s their choice.

    I hope they play it live from UK though and not attend in person – their global warming stance would otherwise be seen as hypocritical.

    Guess they are slowly evloving into anthoer corporate band e.g. the new U2.

  • seems like the grammys are trying to do things up…i cant see any reason for radiohead not to participate. More than anything i would like to see ridiculous stuff replaced with something original.

  • I love Radiohead, but I can’t stomach sitting through 3 hours of the Grammy telecast. Hopefully some ateaser will record the parts when Radiohead performs and wins Album of the Year.

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  • You guys *know* they’re gonna play fucking House of Cards and immdeiately lose have their fanbase 🙂

  • The fuck is wrong with House of Cards all of a sudden?

    I bet they’ll play Jigsaw.

  • There was a Grammy’s commercial last night which announced who was performing and there was no mention of Radiohead…

  • Ed’s 9ft. Cock – It’s too long, generic and doesn’t go anywhere and has the worst lyrics Thom has ever produced in his 20 years of songwriting.

  • It’s not that bad!
    I like House of Cards. 🙂

  • i’m in utter shock they are performing at the grammys.

    and i’m not surprised the poster was changed.

  • Think we can expect an In Rainbows set, doubtless they will perform House of Cards.

  • Please no HoC… it’s not meant for a TV performance… A freakout version of bodysnatchers would rock… or weird fishes!

  • I’m sure they will be AT the Grammys… remember, they have a set of all their tour equipment in LA, which is probably around these dates getting picked up, inspected, rehearsed on and such for the Mexico dates, which are just around the corner…

  • it will most definitely be HOC. typically, the grammys tries to have all the ‘best song’ category nominations performed. not my first pick, but it will still be great.

    i don’t want to be your friend…

  • I expect a couple of songs.

  • Choc salty balls
    put em in mouth and suck

  • I’d like to see them perform Pull/Pulk. If not, then Reckoner would do.

  • Ben Dover what the hell?? Radiohead are far from being the next U2! This is great news!

  • Do not fret people, Radiohead have turned into media whores. In previous instances the label and the Grammy’s themselves were not giving RH any say in how they were going to do things. Now they are free of the label and are at point in their career where the Grammys don’t have the luxury of telling them how they are going to do things. I don’t think the band has suddenly gone bonkers and lost their values. With that said they should play Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors.

  • And when I say have turned into media whores I mean have not.

  • look forward to seeing you all there my dawgz, especially the head. just want a shout out to all my brothers in philly, what up? respect, peace.

  • YES can we please start a petition to get them to play PARANOID ANDROID. It would be pretty hilarious since it would shock the heck out of the audience and it’s an old but still very fitting song. Thom can really draw out the ‘gucci little piggy’ lyric.

  • How many Grammy viewers will be puzzled/pissed if they don’t play Creep?

  • i had originally thought Paranoid Android was a great choice but what i really would want to see is BLOW OUT!!! in my dreams 🙁

  • House of cards wouldn’t surprise me one bit as it did get the best rock song nomination. But than again they usually don’t even award that one during tv presentation and save it for the award show that isn’t live the night before. If not house of cards, I’d say reckoner. I hope they play one old one like idioteque. Show all those rappers how to move ur body!!

  • If radiohead won best album it would be cool but it wouldn’t mean anything because they’re in the same category as little wayne. whos to say what the “best music” is out there. I think the best music is radiohead but thats my opinion.

    O ya and im hoping so much they play videotape instead of HOC. show the audience how a real band does it

  • Goldsun Pickups!

  • coldplay will blow those losers from the stage with dir amzzing talentss. that chris is so mega kool that radiohead will go n hide behind the stage, you know im right you lozers. oasis are also better than those gay radiohead faggots.

  • they will place hoc. why? cause that is what they are nominated for. it’s how it works.

  • Creep or High ann Dry? You choose.

  • Creep or High and Dry? You choose.

  • lololol. you guys make me laugh.

    Just because they are playing Grammy’s =/= they are corporate whores. Can’t believe people still do that ridiculous “Mainstream is evil argument”

    Personally, I’m excited as all hell

  • Some of you “fans” would turn on yourselves if you had the chance. You can’t make everyone happy, so go swallow your tongues.

    Oh, by the way, Thom and Co. are paddling over on a raft, they should be here on time…

  • they are nominated for HOC and will play HOC, which is not going to make you feel proud at school/work the following morning, b/c HOC Live is very plodding and lacks energy. its a wonderful song, but its a mood piece for the headphones. Agree WF or Jigsaw makes most sense but its HOC that got them there.

  • People are so contradicting…
    When Radiodead is not nominated we ask
    why?… when they are nominated you
    bitch about it. Get a grip !!!… enjoy
    the freaking show… it is a SHOW.

  • please dont perform house of cards.

  • This is not the academy awards where all nominated songs are performed. They do not have to play their nominated song.

  • I think HoC is the safe bet. It was released as a single. Either that or Jigsaw. I do think that they are the types to say, “fuck it. It’s live, and we’re going to play PA and they can’t stop us.” That would be fucking awesome. I don’t expect it.
    Besides… if they didn’t win for OK Computer, should In Rainbows win?

  • I really like the colors here on your blog. did you make this yourself or did you have it done by a professional?

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