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Grammy Rumours: 15 Step + USC Marching Band?

That’s right, we’ve received some lovely rumours on the upcoming Grammy Awards Ceremony. No, no jury results have leaked… but Radiohead might be set for a surprising performance.

Where ‘House of Cards’ is the song Radiohead are expected to play, since the song itself is also nominated, it looks like the band are performing ’15 Step’ from ‘In Rainbows’. And we’d love to believe these rumours: Radiohead will be playing with the USC Marching Band. We’ve no confirmation on this yet, so we’ll just have to wait a couple of days to see it’s really going to happen. The ceremony is on February 8.

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  • God I hope not…

  • . just play a f*ckin song–no special arrangements needed.

  • hahahhahah, yes fucking please, yes fucking please! thatd be awesome

  • no alarms and no surprises please…
    just f*cking radiohead!!!

  • H-O-T

  • Omg, the USC marching band? That’s so cheezy. LOL. Are they going to wear their red and white band geek uniforms?

  • It’s definitely happening. My friend’s sister snuck into Bovard auditorium at USC last night and watched them practice. I called her and heard the last bit of 15 Step.

  • New album please

  • if they do, then i bet that they just want to take a piss out of the usc marching band, and use them to only do the little brief kids shout during the second verse of the song. that’d be fantastic

  • Come on guys, this would be sweet. Radiohead aren’t ones to do a stunt like this unless it was well worth it and interesting. I trust them.

  • I think it would be awesome with all of the band members there +plus+ this unusual backing. the rumor of a stripped down radiohead is less pleasing. : (

  • I’m from the UK. Who are the USC MARCHING BAND and what do they do?

  • They march and drum and shit.
    Remember the National Anthem on SNL? It’ll be legendary like that. I can’t wait.

  • It looks like I’ll need a bonfire for my Radiohead merch if this goes through.

  • well, at least is something diferent, we have over 9 thousand performances of 15 step/other in rainbow songs

  • i think itd be coo


  • that sounds awsome. But where did they
    even here that rumor?

  • the USC Marching Band are confirmed to shout “yay” during second verse..

  • “the USC Marching Band are confirmed to shout “yay” during second verse..”

    Really? *cringes*

    15 Steps how appropriate it should appeal to the Twlight tweenies.
    This is gonna suck so bad.

  • gosh I hate USC, why couldn’t it have been someone else?

  • The fans on this website piss and moan worse than my 7 year old niece. Until you see the performance, quit yer bitching and grow the fuck up.

  • dont be so f*ckin judgmental, i agree with whoever said they trust radiohead to not do anything stupid. orchestration is great, 15 step is great, the band will be tight, all will be well. at least wait to see how it turns out, im much more excited about this than normal house of cards which i could watch on from the basement and be done with.
    keep an open mind. i love radiohead, and im sure ill love this performance.

  • Hi, I’m new to this board. ZOMG, I heard they’re playing 15 Steps??!!?? I love that song! I heard it for the first time in Twilight.

  • oh c’mon. there is no way this is happening. most ridiculous radiohead rumor in some time.

  • This performance with the USC Marching Band will be legendary…

    …or it will be really cheesiest thing ever.

    I’ll take the former.

  • You used to be alright…

    What happened?

  • Hey complainers’ here’s an idea..

    Go light yourselves afire, I want to hear some legitimate whining.

  • I’m asking my friend (in the marching band) if it’s true. I will report back with my findings

  • How about they just get some old guys who play brass instruments and play everyone a nice, good ole’ national anthem. that would rock the house

  • …..dont do it radiohead.. please… no…..

  • I don’t see this happening. Somebody is full of shit

  • Definitely true. And they’re opening.

  • UK boy, it’s called google and it holds the answers to all lifes questions and prevents an ass like me from writing a comment like this. I did the work for you and me, click the link below.

    A marching band and radiohead just don’t sound right but then again its radiohead. They can make a turd shine. We shall see…

  • What is going on?!

  • Really hope this is true- even if doesn’t really work i’d love to see the attempt…can’t imagine the logistics of the whole thing

  • why not call the USC band and ask them? Main line phone is: 213.740.6317

  • rumors, oh my. i am closely related to grant hillsmin who is a grammy executive. i can asure u all that the song they are doing is reckoner. suprise suprise.
    enjoy the show

  • i enjoy twilight so fuck you

  • But is the whole band going to be there? That’s the key…

  • oh yeah, thats right, i started this rumor
    im such an insider…
    and its NOT a rumor.
    its true.
    i have facebook chatted with the girl in the USC drumline and they were in the studio with thom last night.

  • Fleetwood Mac?

  • How the hell does performing with
    the USC marching band
    mean that radiohead have jumped the
    shark or betrayed us fans? It’ll be
    good, if it’s happening, which it might be

  • Bunch of babies…. stop f***in complaining… everything Radiohead does is shit for you guys? Let the band do what they want, let the band explore and experiment with new stuff, don’t matter if it’s shit or not, and after all you haven’t heard it yet… let the band grow…

  • and it’s so predictable and obvius… now you complain… but then you’ll say you totally agreed from the beginning with Radiohead performing with USC… fans? FANS? thats sad…

  • Oh my god…whiners shut the fuck up. I never understood the self-important Radiohead purist bullshit. If you are a fan, watch the performance and be happy that the best band of our lifetime, and more importantly, good music is getting mainstream exposure. If you are upset by all of this, put on some headphones and listen to your Dutch 4 track of ‘Stop Whispering’ and wish for 1993 to return. Jesus Christ people, grow up…

  • that would absolutely SUCK. I would expect them to put a performance what with their tour lights and all, but a MARCHING BAND?? who are they now, Gwen Stefani or something?? On that note, I remember seeing a thing about how the Grammys love to put these sort of “offbeat” pairings for their show performance, so they probably had few options and this was maybe the less crappy one.

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  • I just heard a rumor that Radiohead is gonna play Creep and dedicate it to all the Whiners on the Atease Board…Apparently Thom’s gonna say “Right, this one’s for all of the Atease Board twats, would you guys like some cheese with your whine??”

  • According to USA Today, “Radiohead will be joined onstage with an enormous throng.”

    At first, I thought I read ‘enormous thong.’ Personally, I would’ve preferred that…

  • This would be awesome.

    And if you can’t understand that, then you obviously don’t know anything about music.

  • I love Radiohead, I trust their instincts, and if you’re on this fan site then you usually do too, so quit hating and 15 Step off.

    It can only be a good thing that millions of people who would otherwise never hear Radiohead will hear them now.

  • Bunch of moaning tossers

  • Sounds like a crazy rumor to me. That said– they could do some pretty badass stuff with the drum line. Just can’t see them using the whole band.

  • NME:

    Radiohead will likely be joined by the famous University of Southern California (USC) marching band at the Grammy Awards this weekend,
    according to Atease.

  • I just talked to some friends at USC, and they said that its just Thom Yorke singing with the band.

  • lame. i want the rest of the band there. I hate when someone is detached from their band to play a song from their band……

  • “I just talked to some friends”


  • I wish they’d gone with someone else
    It could be good,
    But the USC conjures up cheesy Fleetwood Mac connotations
    They’ll just be doing it for a laugh you know
    It’s almost like a piss-take, taking the whole ‘big Grammy Awards performance’ to almost comical levels
    Just them having a bit of fun, no need to be so judgemental

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  • I talked to someone who’s dating a guy in their marching band. she confirmed it for me, but it’s only a couple people, not all of it.

  • You know I think I’ve heard enough of this Fleetwood Mac bashing!! I only dream Mick Fleetwood anal rapes your asses with his sweet silky drumsticks…

  • as long as they dont maka a duo with chris martin or bono. everything is ok with me.

    i have to say that i don like the idea (kanye west stunt) but ill give them the benefit of the doubt

    I swear Radiohead has the worst fans.

  • “I love Radiohead, I trust their instincts, and if you’re on this fan site then you usually do too, so quit hating and 15 Step off.”

    That’s just ridiculous , we haven’t taken some sort of oath to stand by Radiohead with whatever they choose to do. I hate people who think Radiohead are imunine to any criticism, they’re not perfect they too sometimes make shitty decisions.
    Just like they’re are some people here who think this performance is going be epic, there are also people who think 2/5ths of RH + marching band will be diastarous and incredibly cheesy,mmmmm’kay?

  • How about you guys stop whining, wait and actually see the performance and then decide if it sucked or if it rocked.
    I’m personnally excited to see them do something different. Can’t wait to see.

  • as long as they DON’T play house of cards I’ll be happy. least favorite radiohead song in a long time. 15 step is the titties.

  • HoC rules man. just not good for grammies. But it’s a great song in its own right.

  • I dont care about the whole marching band thing hopefully it will be cool but i was hoping for them to play a song that would get all the band members involved like bodysnatchers or even reckoner just cause its amazing live.

  • Sigur Ros does stuff with a marching band and that sounds cool.

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  • Thank God they’re NOT playing House of Yawns at the Grammys.

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  • Where are all the fuckers whinning ?
    it’s one of the best thing ever done by Radiohead.

    You’re a bunch of stupid idiots

  • […] playing In Rainbows opener “15 Step” with the help of USC’s Marching Band (via At Ease). While there are no big-band flourishes on the LP version of 15 Step, its syncopated rhythm does […]

  • […] playing In Rainbows opener “15 Step” with the help of USC’s Marching Band (via At Ease). While there are no big-band flourishes on the LP version of 15 Step, its syncopated rhythm does […]

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