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Thom Yorke selects his Top 5 Bleep downloads

thomyorkebleepOnline music shop Bleep celebrates its fifth anniversary and has asked Thom Yorke to pick his five favourite tracks from the site’s catalogue. asked a select cast of people working in music to pick their 5 favourite releases or tracks. Thom Yorke is one of those people and has selected tracks from Squarepusher, Nathan Fake, Four Tet, Tricky and The Bug. The Radiohead frontman commented on his favourite downloads.

1. Squarepusher / AFX – Freeman, Hardy and Willis
Imagine an IDM obsessive dream marriage in the circuits and this cut would soundtrack the walking up the aisle

2. Nathan Fake – The Sky Was Pink (Holden Mix)
Massive Re-fix of Fake’s The Sky Was Pink by his Border Community label boss whose bubbling take on the original builds and builds through the shuffling pink noise

3. Four Tet – Ringer
Kieran Hebden provides a straight 4/4 thump underpins the celestial synth patterns and cyber-Kraut-influences across ten minutes of Harmonia

4. Tricky – Council Estate
The elusive Adrian Thaws returned with this lead single from his ‘Knowle West Boy’ record of 2008

5. The Bug – Poison Dart (South Rakkas Crew Remix)
Doomy re-edit of Kevin Martin’s ear-assaulting dub-step-dancehall crossover bomb

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  • so Thom continues to surprise us with his ability to be the critic and write like a proper hipster about music when asked. I kinda like that he doesn’t do it too often, and we can retain the impression of an idiot-savant who would never be so crass as to try to describe sounds he’s addicted to in mere ordinary words. Good songs though (haha I didn’t know most of them till Thom mentioned them) and after all these years it’s especially nice to see some love for Tricky.

  • Nathan Fake is officially on my radar.

    Thanks Thom!!

  • intriuging

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