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Radiohead donate another track to homeless charity

Last month we reported on Radiohead donating a track for a USA homeless charity campaign. Now another track has been donated. This time for a UK homeless charity.

While ‘In Rainbows’ bonus disc track ‘MK1’ was used for an American campaign, ‘Videotape’ (from ‘Disc 1’ of Radiohead’s seventh album) is featured in the latest TV ad campaign of UK homeless charity Shelter.

The TV campaign is actually called ‘House of Cards’, ironically the title of another track from ‘In Rainbows’ and aims to raise awareness of the fragile housing situation in the UK in the current economic climate. Radiohead said they were pleased their music may help to encourage people to donate to the charity. In a statement, the band said: “We have always been big supporters of Shelter and believe that now more than ever Shelter urgently needs help and support to keep up its vital work.”

Shelter’s 60 second commercial, was developed by ad agency Leo Burnett. Oscar nominee Samantha Morton, who experienced homelessness earlier in her life, provides the voiceover describing the number of people in the UK at risk of losing their homes through repossession. More than 1.9m households are waiting to be accommodated in social housing in the UK this year, while 75,000 are facing repossession, according to Shelter.

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