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Kanye West snubbed by Thom Yorke at Grammys

The recent Grammy Awards were all about Radiohead performing ’15 Step’ with the USC Marching Band, but apparently Thom Yorke pissed some people off as well…

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  • […] we had Kanye West being upset about being ignored by Thom Yorke, now Miley Cyrus is complaining about failing to meet […]

  • […] band have reportedly snubbed two stars at the Grammy’s. Thom Yorke did not respond to Kanye West and Miley Cyrus didn’t get access to the Radiohead dressing […]

  • That’s a good thing mate. Who the fuck is Kanye?

  • […] on, Kanye West and Miley Cyrus were pretty upset about being ignored by Thom Yorke at the Grammy Awards. Boyzone […]

  • It doesn’t really surprise me that Thom acted like that. I thought it acted like a complete tosser in Meeting People is Easy as well. Stop being a cunt, Thom.

  • who is kanye west?

  • first off Lady Gaga sucks…2nd Kanye West is a racist if Don Imus gets blacklisted from radio so should Kanye we need to stop being double a standard society and boot racist blacks the same way we boot racist whites, in LA I remember feeling for a day the world was just, when Steve Harvey’s racist ass got the boot from 92.3 and his bigotry got took off the radio the same has to happen to Kanye..3rd art appreciation is opinon based so theres no way all will see the outcome as just; really they all are not the best of all time in there genres thats west, beyonce, gaga, or swift and theyre are not even the best as of there time…Swift and Gaga suck point blank, Beyonce is good so we will leave here out, but West hes good at making beats but not lyrics and his beats arent the best off the top of my head organized noise and (rip) j dilla blow him out the water he cant even lacem with a condom theyre so ahead of him; his lyrics are not in the top 100, goign from state to state we can name cats that are better; california: snoop, e40, too short, the game, dj quick, suga free, kurupt, tre dee, goldie loc, xzibit..theres 10 right quick off the top of my head who are better then Kanye lyricly…I didnt even go deeper into Cali rappers who are better and theres still 49 states more to go.. 4th that was my opinon..5th PLEASE STOP using the slave card it doesnt work; Im a salvic where the root word slave comes from, my people did over 400 plus plus years of slavery standing on there head..they were treated alot worse then blacks if you dont know do your for people like me whos ancestory faced the worst its just disguting some rich laid back not worry in the world black man is going to try to reward of off someone else missery..have more class PLEASE

  • You’re an idiot.

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