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Radiohead miss out on BRIT Awards

Radiohead scored two nominations at the 2009 BRIT Awards, but missed out on the prizes, which were announced in London tonight.

At the award ceremony at Earl’s Court, Radiohead had to pass for the award in the Best British Group category. Elbow, who released their ‘The Seldom Seen Kid’ album last year, picked up the award. However, Elbow nor Radiohead won the award for Best British Album. Radiohead were nominated with ‘In Rainbows’, but the award went to Duffy for her ‘Rockferry’ album. Duffy was the big winner at the Brits with three prizes.

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  • load ay pish

  • Ok so now we know the Brit Awards are just as worthless as the Grammys.

    Move along… nothing here to see.

  • ohhh no! this is devestating news!!!

    they may as well split up as it’s clearly not working.

  • Im just here to say that I got nothing to say. I mean come on, who cares! How’bout some real fucking news, like: “Radiohead suprises the shit out of everybody by releasing a new double album next week called NO GIMMICKS with such fan favorites as BIG BOOTS”
    Now THAT would be news we can sink our teeth into.

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