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Jonny Greenwood looking for Arab music on Spotify

shadedJonny Greenwood posted another edition of what seems like an almost regular edition of Radiohead’s Office Chart, but this time ‘Computer says no’

Tried to do a Spotify arab collection…..but no Laila Mourad, or Um Khalthum, or much Abdel Halim Hefez on spotify yet……so it’s bolstered with some random classical stuff – but then, it’s all orchestras sitting down, right?

Talking of which – found out this week about the old Baghdad music school for blind children – hence the shaded musicians in arab orchestras, the prevalence of which I could never understand. I (offensively?) assumed it was just 60’s iraqi hipsters being 60’s iraqi hipsters…though they were that too, of course….

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  • Spotify connection doesn’t work.

  • that’s because you have to be a member of spotify.

  • doesn’t work in the US
    thnx alot jonny!!!

    interesting list though

  • Spotify rules! I’m sure “y’all” get it soon.

  • Spotify link no worky for me!!

  • Jonny Greenwood is effing hillarious.

  • Class

  • Haha, Jonny likes Um Koulthoum… who knew!

  • They played Farid Al-Atrash at the end of their Dublin gig last year. It was a shock at first but what else can one expect from these guys?

  • Lol Waleed! Seriously? Fared Al Atrash is my dad’s favourite singer xD

  • Lets stop kidding ourselves, Jonny smokes some damn fine grass!

    It helps for his back. Yeah he’s got a sore back for playing guitar all bend and shit. So the doctor prescribed him some grass, and now he’s into all that weird iraqi stuff. Go figure…

  • Dont believe me? Look at his picture at the Grammy’s…

  • Oh, thanks, couldn’t understand anything.

  • From that picture looks like Thom had a couple of tokes too.

    “Hey Jonny m’boy, lemme have a couple of tokes from that, I mean its the fucking grammy’s and Im selling out to fashion… In fact gimme the baggy, Ill make one for myself.”

    Good times!

  • As always, Jonny has impeccable taste in music.
    أم كلثوم…

  • Yep, Jonny has great taste. How cool would it be if they somehow incoparated the oud in their music, it’s a beautiful sounding instrument.
    farid el atrash malek el 3oud…

  • I just realized how clearly How to Disappear Completely’s arrangement may be influenced by Arab classics like these.

  • what was the playlist? we can’t read ir here in the states

  • I don’t know if Jonny reads comments poster here but if he does and he likes Arabic music , I would suggest that he listens to
    Marcel Khalife (he sometimes puts into songs beautiful poems by the Palestinian legend Mahmoud Darwsish- R.I.P)
    Souad Massi

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