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Thom on Dead Air Space: Tibet March

Tibet March in London today to commemorate 50 years of peaceful resistance to Chinese Rule.
starts at 11.30> Freetibet

there are also marches all over the world this week.. the link above has the details

Looks like there is a big clampdown going on in Tibet by the chinese authorities.. So much for the goodwill from the Olympics. Guess that was always bullshit.

Recent protests, detentions and disappearances Over the past 24 hours..
substantiated reports of the detention and disappearance of 21 Tibetans in Lithang County. On February 15 Lobsang Lhundup, a monk from Nekhor Monastery, was arrested for staging a peaceful solo protest in the main market square. For 15-20 minutes Lobsang chanted slogans “Long Live the Dalai Lama, “Independence for Tibet, “Swift return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet and “No Losar (Tibetan New Year) celebrations this year”.

On February 16, Sonam Tenpa, a younger brother of Lobsang Lhundup, and fourteen other Tibetans staged a peaceful protest march at Lithang main square. According to eye-witness’s Sonam Tenpa was carrying a huge portrait of the Dalai Lama adorned with a traditional Tibetan scarf. The peaceful protesters chanted independence slogans including “Long Live the Dalai Lama”, “Independence for Tibet” and “No Losar celebration this year. It has been reported that a further five lay Tibetans also took part in this protest but, until now, this has not been substantiated.
Reports received from the site of the demonstrations state that all the Tibetan protesters were brutally beaten, manhandled and forcibly loaded into military trucks by Chinese Public Security Bureau forces. Sources have also reported that shops and restaurants in Lithang town remain closed, road blocks have been set up and there has been a subsequent deployment of massive troops to check further protest to the area.

‘Strike Hard’ Campaign and No Losar 2009 Over the past few weeks information has filtered out of Tibet that many (if not most) Tibetans are planning to not celebrate Losar (Tibetan New Year) this year, both as an act of resistance and to pay respect to those who died as a result of the crackdown on the Tibet-wide protests following 10 March 2008.
Meanwhile, security in Tibet is intense. The Chinese authorities in Tibet have launched a new ‘Strike Hard Unified Checking Campaign’ in Lhasa, mobilising hundreds of vehicles and personnel to carry out dawn raids; almost 6,000 people were checked in 3 days according to Lhasa Evening News (source: International Campaign for Tibet). Similar security build-ups have been documented in other Tibetan regions.

On 29 January the Tibetan Government in exile appealed to “governments and individuals around the world to actively intervene” so that “March 2008 may not be repeated again”.

Go on then Gordon.

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  • Damn hippies

  • Violence and human rights are not hippie matters stu(pid)!

  • lol, stfu cee.

  • “Swift return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet and “No Losar (Tibetan New Year)”
    clearly, in this case, everyone is a LOSAR.

  • China, Illinois is the real people’s republic. Peepull!

  • i hate radiohead’s politics… let’s demand freedom for chechenia, kosovo, quebec, etc, etc, etc…

    We must better keep our mouth closed

  • Bravo, Radiohead for lending your voice to this serious human rights cause.

  • Well, this is not great news, but I wonder why this is the only political issue besides climate change that Radiohead seem to feel like discussing in public since 2007. Is it because these two issues are absolutely inoffensive and non-threatening to Western European, North American and Japanese, upper class Radiohead fans, and they know the most profitable segment of their audience and don’t want to alienate it? Not that I think the band need to be more overtly political, but 1300 Gazans dead in air strikes to make up for 13 fucking Israelis (and there was a march over this in London last month), or even say, some mention of the routine repression going on in China which affects all Chinese people, not only Tibetans, might be a more informative and affirmative thing to post on DAS. Foreigners whining out of context about Tibet one more time, isn’t going to do any good. It simply does make them out like hippies, romanticizing these people, and their Western-friendly rock star-like spiritual leader, with little understanding of the real issues on the ground, where sadly, Tibet has been merged into China the same way Netanyahu seeks to do with the West Bank, and many Tibetans have accepted this and tried to get along with their lives in China, whatever the more activist monks (who are, in their own way, religious fundamentalists) may want to do. The Dalai Lama actually distances himself from some of this activism in his name, he wants a reasonable dialogue which China has so far refused (because they blame him for being associated with the separatist groups), and he demands fair autonomy for Tibet within China, in which they can practice their own traditions peacefully (not full independence!) however, western activist gestures such as Radiohead’s draping of the Tibetan flag in concerts, aren’t coherent expressions of anything that will get the Dalai Lama closer to his goals. Especially given that Radiohead have never bothered touring China, nor a SINGLE Asian country besides Japan since 1994, it doesn’t come off so sincere for them to be advocating this position even though as fans we understand Thom’s commitment to it. I know Tibet needs help, but the West is not going to be the one to institute democracy there anymore than the West has succeeded at imposing a Western-style one in Iraq. Especially right now, the idea that Gordon Brown or any Western leader would confront China over Tibet is laughable, when China is virtually the only country in the world that holds keys to economic growth under the only model these leaders (or any of us, for that matter) have known for the past 30 years. If the UK or US gets on China’s wrong side, the global economy will collapse- entirely- and while Thom Yorke may not have any stake in that, Gordon Brown does. From a moral standpoint as well, if foreigners get upset over Tibet and then say nothing when other groups in China suffer, whether due to their government or just fate (i.e. natural disaster), that makes it appear exactly what China claims: that concern over Tibetan self-determination is only a front for breaking up China, and foreigners have actually little care for the people suffering in any case. This repression mentioned in Tibet doesn’t sound half as horrible as some of the things that have befallen many thousands of non-Tibetan (as well as Tibetan, I’m sure) Chinese citizens who fall through the economic cracks, or who merely try to advocate for their rights against corrupt, deadly actions of officials (i.e. against shoddy earthquake construction, or milk contamination) and are thrown in prison or tortured. Read the news from China and you will feel much sicker than even these Tibetan events can induce. Read the news from anywhere. People around the world are dying in hunger, in war, and people even in the west, even Radiohead fans, are suffering unemployment, poverty, that even the best intentioned leaders seem increasingly powerless against. Look at what’s happening in Zimbabwe, somewhere where the UK due to its racist colonial past bears historical blame for the current outrages of Mugabe, who just yesterday seems to have had the wife of his political opponent killed, while his country starves and suffers cholera epidemic. It’s not that Radiohead have anything special to say about these issues, and I think long term issues such as Tibet, Palestine, must not be forgotten at these moments, but at the same time, you should either lecture us coherently (not pretend Tibet is morally a superior issue, and more pressing in what can be done on it right now, than say Palestine) or stop lecturing us. If you go to there are a lot of other pressing, even nearly universal issues besides just Tibet which you can sign petitions that actually seem to have an effect on leaders, and/or donate funds to. Radiohead, tour Asia before you make Tibet your issue.

  • Loki, you’ll never hear anything from them about Israel. Thom posted something bitter about it awhile back and immediately took it down.

    Jonny’s wife is Israeli. Not that this means Jonny is some kind of Zionist/Israeli nationalist, but I can see him telling Thom to just leave that one alone.

  • wow Loki, you did your homework

  • Well, I’ve learned a lot from all this.
    Mainly, don’t mess with Loki.

  • Um… wow, that was quite the wall of text, Loki, and I’m about to respond to it with my own. 😛 But in all seriousness, I can see where you’re coming from (and I agree with a lot of what you said, actually), but I think you’re being a bit unfair.

    First of all, I don’t know about the rest of Asia, but I don’t think Radiohead will be touring China anytime in the near future even if they wanted to do so. Something tells me that a politically-inclined band like Radiohead wouldn’t sit too well with the people who just recently turned away Oasis because Noel Gallagher played at a Tibet benefit in the 90s.

    Secondly, you have no idea how they feel about the other issues you spoke about. I’d be very surprised, given what I know about the band, if the members of Radiohead weren’t aware of at least most of the issues you mentioned. Not speaking out about them while publicly supporting “safer” causes like Tibet and climate change awareness doesn’t necessarily indicate the sort of ignorance and blindness to other important issues that you’re talking about. I certainly never got the impression that they feel Tibet is “morally a superior issue” to anything else.

    I hate to say it, but yes, they probably do curtail themselves as far as speaking out against more controversial issues. If that’s the case then I think it’s unfortunate, but I can see where they’re coming from and I don’t think less of them because of it. I look at it this way: I’m an atheist with very radical political views, and when I’m on my own time I’m pretty active in supporting them. However, I keep my mouth shut when I need to so I can get along with 95% of my family, not alienate the people I work for and with, and so on. I know you could argue that Thom Yorke isn’t going to be unable to feed his family if a few people find out that he supports something controversial (and I’m sure you would be right), but in the end it’s still a potential threat to their livelihoods. I don’t think not pushing too hard is such a terrible thing in that case. Look at what happened to bands who spoke out against Bush directly after 9/11.

    Along the same lines, they’re five different people and they’ve said before that they’re not all necessarily on the same page in terms of politics (I believe I read before that Colin in particular is a good deal more conservative than Thom, for example). I think there was a good bit about that in an interview with the Word last year, and if I remember correctly at one of them said that they only talk publicly about things they all agreed upon. Despite the fact that they all post separately, Dead Air Space is supposed to represent Radiohead as a whole. I think it makes perfect sense that they wouldn’t post about things that may be controversial within the band itself, let alone the world in general. The Israel example given by tripfontaine is a perfect example of that. They’ve gone through a lot of trouble over the years to keep band-related dirty laundry out of the public eye, and they’re probably correct in assuming that potential public squabbles over politics wouldn’t be flattering.

    I understand that you’re saying they should either say more or stop talking altogether, but I’d rather see them continue to do what they feel they can under their circumstances. Doing what you can is always better than doing nothing at all.

  • Loki, I am intrigued by your views and would like to subscribe to your magazine.

    I also love how we know this is thom, even though its not signed. I lolled at the name of this article.

  • I always liked the fact that Radiohead support movements like the Free Tibet one but I find it hypocritical to always mention Tibet while ignoring Palestine whose occupation is much more brutal. Probably Thom doesn’t have the balls to criticize Israel like so many in the industry.

  • ”Loki, you’ll never hear anything from them about Israel. Thom posted something bitter about it awhile back and immediately took it down.”

    Really? What did he actually say?

    Well, if he did say anything, I’d respect him a lot more if he’d kept it there.

  • To tripfontaine,

    I doubt that Jonny is some kind of Israeli Nationalist.It’s not because his wife is Israeli that he has to be ultra-right wing. A lot of Israelis have spoken out againt the crimes of their country such as Neve Gordon, Ilan Pappe and Avi Shlaim. Plus Thom said that one of his favorite authors is Noam Chomsky, and if anybody here reads Chomsky he/she would know that Chomsky is one of the biggest supporters of the Palestinian cause. Y they never speak about Israel is simple. Unlike China, who the West feel they can criticize easily, Israel has implemented a propaganda system which grants them immunity from criticism. Hence If you criticize Israel you therefore must be anti-semetic. In other words. they have used Western guilt because of the Holocaust in a cynical way to push away criticism. Hence, if you criticize Israel for bombing defenseless Gazans, for bombing Lebanon, for putting over 400 checkpoints in the West bank, 250,000 illegal settlements, thousands imprisoned and torture, a suffocating economic blockade which has led to a dead economy with 70% unemployment, you will be labeled Anti-Semetic(even though of course there is no basis for that) and if u are labeled that in the West, your career is over. Thom Yorke, despite all his virtues, doesn’t want to risk that. It’s easy to criticize China, everyone can do that and get away with it, but it takes a real man to criticize Israel.

  • BTW the West has such a romantic Utopian concept of the Dalai Lama. Although he is a often a peaceful figure, he is no angel, check this out

    I was in Tibet, and although I support their cause, there is some weird stuff there. Did you know for example that little orphan blind kids are ignored because Tibetans believe in reincarnation and they think that a kid who was born blind is his/her punishment for leading a “bad” past life.

    I also urge Westerners to watch a documentary called Occupation 101 which is available on Video Google. It will explain the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without the media lies.

  • Loki, great post.

    You won’t hear anything from the Radiohead camp about Gaza or the Palestines even though it’s the same sitiution as in Tibet but worse, That’s because celebrities and musicians like Thom tend to stick to fashionable causes like Tibet, Global Warming and free-trade. Of course there are are a few expections like Brain Eno, but they all mostly follow the same forumla.

    sapheen Meran – It was during the 2006 Leboanon war, he bascially said we need to get Blair out of office NOW! or something I don’t remember but the whole thing read like the rantings of a 14 year old, no wonder he erased.

  • In all fairness, Thom and/or Radiohead can’t save the world. By what Thom has come out in support of we can extrapolate his sympathies for other injustices. There are too many issues currently, he’s wise to choose his battles.

  • I politely disagree with elnino
    Yes Thom/Radiohead can’t change the world but he is an English citizen. And therefore, as an English taxpayer if he were to “choose his battles” as you put it, wouldn’t it be wiser to pick the injustices that the British Government supports? because as an Englishman he has a moral responsibility in regards to what his democratically-elected gvt does in his name, he has no responsibility for what the gvt does in his name. With that in mind, shouldn’t he be voicing his opinion on Palestine, Iraq or Afghanistan?

  • Correction- he has a moral responsibility in what his gvt does in his name but he can’t be held responsible to what other governments do.

  • Very interesting posts here!!! I was afraid everyone would be jumping the band wagon and start draping Tibetan flags over their shoulders at the music festivals.

    Like Mo, I was in Tibet as well as Dharamsala. Tibetans, generally speaking, are the kindest people I have ever met, no doubt. BUT, there is something to be said about the Dalai Lama being a political and religious figure. Doesn’t the Pope have that same role?

    I did a lot of research on this issue purely for the reason of truth and objectiveness.

    The New York Times reported the Dalai Lama was on the CIA payroll in the 1960’s. American dollars, not rupees.

    “…or even say, some mention of the routine repression going on in China which affects all Chinese people, not only Tibetans, might be a more informative and affirmative thing to post on DAS.”

    Well said, Loki. China is a repressive government who has treated their own people the same way they have treated the Tibetans.

    Read this article noted historian Michael Parenti to learn more about Tibet’s history:

    Tibet was no Shangri-la prior to the Chinese takeover.

    As for people in Chechnya, Kosovo, Quebec, Gaza…well, they are still waiting for A-list celebrities to be their spokesperson.

    MO- where in Tibet did you travel? It’s a magical place, isn’t it.

  • BTW, Mo, I just say the YouTube video you posted. Thank you for posting it. Very informative.

  • All of you seem to be a little confused. This is Radiohead the rock band, not Radiohead the self-righteous preachy political group (I know that a lot of people confuse the two).

  • “All of you seem to be a little confused. This is Radiohead the rock band, not Radiohead the self-righteous preachy political group.”

    Haha, could you please tell Thom that?

  • I don’t know, Mo, what Thom should be doing. I disliked what Bush did for 8 years and was involved in resistance but that did not change his policies so I don’t think I am morally responsible for what my government does, other than to let leaders know I disagree and disapprove, and to support groups that work for what I believe. Outside involvement in foreign issues puts pressure on a government to change perhaps more effectively than one can do from the inside. As far as Iraq, Thom was clearly against the war. Perhaps Jonny’s wife being a Jew does influence Thom not to take a public position on the Mideast. As far as people who dislike musicians or actors getting involved in politics, environment, human rights, etc., personally I prefer artists who are aware and intelligent and care enough to speak out.

  • Well done Mo, the old Jewish Propoganada system…You should give Mien Kampf a go with rhetoric like that!

  • elnino, like you, I was once concerned for Tibet’s autonomy and their lack of human rights. But once I did my homework, it really changed my whole perspective on this Tibet/China issue. If we allowed the media to be our only source of information in this world, then we would only reinforce the role of Big Brother that Orwell talks about in 1984.

    As Loki mentioned, Tibetans suffer just as much as the Chinese do under China’s repressive government. Are you aware of Tibet’s history? The Dalai Lama was only nineteen years old when he fled Tibet — a place where it was a serfdom and severely lacked social order. For example, people were amputated if they could not pay their debts to landowners. So, the Dalai Lama was ousted because he failed to govern Tibet. When the issue of human rights comes up, if you choose to do your research, you will find that Tibet was no Shangri-la as many Westerners think. Read Michael Parenti’s piece on the Swans website.

    I do not think many people are aware that the Dalai Lama was on the CIA payroll since the ’60’s. Google it. It was in the New York Times in 1998.

    Like Mo, I’ve been to Tibet as well as Dharamasala, and Tibetans, generally speaking, are the kindest souls I have ever met. However, I wonder if innocent Tibetans are just pawns in the Dalai Lama’s game of chess as they protest and get arrested for the sake of the Dalai Lama’s goal of reclaiming Tibet and chilling out in that massive Potala Palace. The Dalai Lama will meet A-list celebrities but not local Tibetans.

    Tibetans, as well as anybody, deserve religious freedom and the right to be happy. But please do your homework before draping a Tibetan flag around your shoulders at the next music festival and think that the Dalai Lama is a god. We are all potentially gods, and when we keep our souls open to the world, it’s not difficult to see the light in “random” people that we come across.


  • It may not look like it right now with sad levels of support for the Gaza invasion and right wingers they just voted in, but overall (as even Obama has publicly stated before his election) the debate WITHIN Israel over the Palestinian conflict is usually more free than in the mainstream US media, which blurs all distinctions and is simply hardcore pro-right wing Israeli most of the time, regardless of where you are on the US political spectrum (Obama himself did some major sucking up to the political action committee that represents Israeli interests in Washington) because this serves the US military-industrial-complex-that-pays-for-the-advertising interests (if you mention Mein Kampf you are simply misinformed, and in fact you are the one being antisemitic, by forcing others to equate the actions of a single government- whose leaders recently have included a soon-to-be-convicted-in-an-Israeli-court RAPIST PRESIDENT and a soon-to-be-convicted-in-an-Israeli-court corrupt money-in-the-suitcase (from an American businessman, which shows you who is really pulling whose strings!) prime minister, regardless of whatever your feelings on Ariel Sharon’s international reputation as a war criminal for the 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacres that happen to be depicted, along with Israel’s basic complicity, in the Israeli government’s OWN SUBMISSION for the Oscar for Best Foreign Film last year, Waltz With Bashir). I noticed since December in the US newspapers things turned more sympathetic to Palestinians, relative to before, but maybe that doesn’t apply to the TV news most people watch anyway, and just look how many had to die, even if the attitudes now have changed, and how absolutely little the US government seems to trust its own ability to make Israel and its US military backers do anything differently even if it wants to. (US Secretary of State said it was “unhelpful” for the mayor of Jerusalem to keep his plan of destroying Palestinian houses, for a new construction project for Jewish settlers. He said nah I don’t agree. So, ok then?) For anyone outside the US government and to an extent UK you can’t go on pretending there’s a moral equivalency after seeing 100 times more casualties on one side than the other. Can people stop acting like Jonny’s wife being Israeli (or as someone put it, “a Jew”) has anything to do with this though? Even if you’re saying someone’s unchosen nationality or race determines their political views (and stupid enough to think that Jonny would marry some right winger who would duck for cover whenever he put on his fav “Iraqi hipster” songs) she is not even living in Israel, neither is Jonny.

  • Just want to say that was a good post Wanderlust. I’m not sure the Dalai Lama’s rule would be better for most Tibetans than PRC’s harsh control, but either way the form of government and way of life there will have to change and is already changing, as a result of globalization, and things Thom’s lyrics eloquently talk about for all our societies. Yeah, I think it’s obvious Thom has a strong moral feeling about the Tibet issue, he sees it black-and-white. He has said several times, he’s very inspired by Buddhism (Tibetan Buddhism even inspired some lyrics in the OK Computer and Kid A and Amnesiac period) even though he admits, he’s basically no fucking Buddhist. I hope he keeps standing up for that issue, because without having to romanticize them as “purer” people, you can still see that traditional societies such as Tibet have a lot of lessons that can (and in fact, must) be put in practice everywhere else. But it would be sad if he feels that’s the only thing he can post there. Maybe it’s just that he knows he can rely on fans to agree with him on that, and thus, it will benefit the march more. Btw, re: Kosovo, Bjork (among others in the West, including the US government) has publicly stood up for them, but, Radiohead were actually against the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, and that war which was embarked on as a moral crusade by Tony Blair along with Clinton, for the supposed benefit of Kosovo. That war was one of Thom’s direct inspirations as well as Stanley Donwood’s, for a lot of the anti-war/anti-hypocrisy messages throughout Kid A era Radiohead, that have struck everyone as so familiar to the Intifada/9/11/Iraq war. The Kosovo issue is something I disagree with Thom and Chomsky on from what I read, cause really I can’t believe Milosevic was just set up as a cardboard villain to justify Western capitalist powers asserting control from Russia in that region. I need to read more but right now I think that seems like an overly simplistic explanation of the 1999 war, even if more power for the West vis-a-vis Russia has been the effect of Kosovo’s independence. But it’s odd that Thom would see through the UK/US stated motives in such a “humanitarian” war, even when it puts him on the side of Serbian racist war criminals, Russian repressive autocracy, and against the national aspirations of Kosovars, and then have no concern in Tibet for who may potentially benefit (such as, US corporate interests) if the Dalai Lama is able to assert more power there. Given the Tibet movement’s reliance on Western support, even if they seem to embody ideals in opposition to Western capitalism equally as much as to Chinese capitalism, even if their leaders are the most admirable people on earth, when they actually get into power they may turn out to be no different in practicality. I dunno. There can be ways to make fans feel less powerless, other things they could do w/ DAS. The world is very complicated. Let’s stay grateful their music speaks the truth, at least in that way.

  • When’s the new album coming out?

  • All issues are complex. One can spend a lifetime sorting out who started what, who is at fault, read opposing positions from respected sources on events in history we cannot witness firsthand. We can find strong, respected sources on either side of any conflict. Of course Tibet’s culture has many injustices, their religious beliefs and practices greatly differ from ours. Is the answer to become paralyzed into inaction? You see an injustice and speak out, you will not unravel to the source. There are many sides to an issue but one truth. Each of us has our own definition and perspective on what that truth is.

  • I think this latest DAS post was to get fans to stop talking about nonsense like Radioead vs Miley Cyrus or Radiohead vs Kanye. I love Radiohead and I love their music. Hate, hate their politics. I’m glad they focus on a few issues that they care about instead of offering an opinion on everything and anything. That would be really annoying.

  • These are very complex issues and a lifetime of research isn’t likely to make them easier. I resent implications from posters who tell others to “do their homework”, making it sound as though they believe they’ve done enough to justify haughtiness on behalf of their “enlightened” viewpoint. Sorry, but about issues as complex as Tibetan independence and the Israel/Palestine conflict, there will always be someone who knows more about the subject than you, yet holds the opposite perspective. A little modesty goes a long way towards civilizing debates.
    Personally, I get tired of hearing the Tibet drum beaten on by people who have no conception of the history or status of the country beyond it being something cool to support. It’s the equivalent of those LiveStrong bracelets that everyone was wearing a while ago, yet when I asked, nobody could tell me exactly what causes their money was going to support. Yes, some Tibetans have begun living in peace as Chinese citizens, and traditional Tibetan religion has some unsavory aspects, as do virtually all older religious practices. But that’s not the point. Modern Tibetans, by and large, are not frothing zealots with a callous disregard for those unfortunate enough to be blind. Assigning characteristics of an antiquated religious practice with an entire people is extremely misleading. The Native Americans had some pretty strange and harmful practices, too – did that give us the right to do what we did with them?
    Would the Dalai Lama be a better leader than the Chinese government? Well, that’s certainly open to debate, though I question the motives of anyone who would conclude outright that the Chinese government, with its broad history of human rights abuses and media suppression, is the better of the two. But the point is that they don’t have the freedom to make that choice. Neither does the average person living in China, and you’re right to say that anyone concerned about Tibet should be just as concerned about the living conditions of millions of Chinese citizens. But the plight of a conquered nation tends to make more of an impact than the plight of their conquerors, even if it did happen 50 years ago.
    The point is, the conquest of Tibet by China was wrong. The Chinese version of history, that Tibet has always been a part of China, is only supported in their murky fantasy edition of the world. I’m not sure I understand the mock outrage and fatigue I’m picking up on here. Yes, there are greater injustices in the world. But that doesn’t exactly detract from the wrongness of what happened in Tibet. If Radiohead wants to beat their drum and not say a word on even murkier issues like the Israel-Palestine conflict (in which both sides need to have their heads bashed together) then that’s perfectly fine by me. What are we saying, here? That if he doesn’t tackle other issues that we happen to feel are as or more important, his viewpoint is somehow less valid or sincere? That’s bullshit. Thom is intelligent enough to know that this is a complicated issue so I’m not questioning his sincerity. All he’s saying is that Tibetans should have the right to self-determination – and if anyone can take issue with that, well, maybe you’ve got something bigger than Tibet to chew on.

  • there must be in the universe
    we cannot cling to these judo tricks forever
    or we will develop cancer everywhere

  • Voyager…actually, I’m a school teacher, so “do your homework” is part of my daily vocabulary. Although I wish serendipity, cosmopolite and arcadia was. And, I humbly ask you if you find it interesting that your perception of my “do your homework” phrase was haughty, when my intention was not? (Of course, we are interacting online which eliminates body language–so we take out 97% of the conversation.) I am far from enlightened because it is Monday.

    I studied Tibetan Buddhism for a bit and I found the concept of “emptiness” and “self-existence” very fascinating, how everything we feel and think is perceived by our own minds, regardless of one’s intention. And how the law of karma brings us to the very point that we are at now.

    Loki, I’d be interested to hear your opinion of what songs from OK Computer (aside from the obvious Karma Police), Amnesiac and Kid A were inspired by Tibetan Buddhism. “How To Disappear Completely” definitely resonates with my understanding of Tibetan Buddhism completely, how the mind perceives the world that can lead to depression or bliss, how a mantra (“this isn’t happening”) affects our cosmic vibration and changes our perspective.

    Loki, you’re right on about the music. Bless Radiohead for bringing people, from all walks of life, together as one. On that note, is anyone going to the Brazil shows??


  • Mike

    Didn’t appreciate your comment
    “Well done Mo, the old Jewish Propoganada system…You should give Mien Kampf a go with rhetoric like that!”
    It’s sad coz you actually prove my point by making such a comment. My point was that the Israelis accuse everyone of anti-semetism if he/she criticizes Israeli policies. In all of my statements made in regards to Israel, none were critical or mentioned the Jewish religion and all had to do with policies regarding the occupation of Palestine. So do not attack me with comments like go read Mien Kampf, insinuating that criticizing Israel suddenly puts me in the same boat with Hitler

  • RE: Wanderlust, Thom said he read the Bardo Thodol “Tibetan Book of the Dead” while he was working on OK Computer. He may have said the things in there influenced lyrics or maybe not, but it is all about letting go of the material world, like OKC. Pyramid Song debuted at 99 Tibet Freedom Concert as well.

  • Mo,

    Relax, I’m not critical of what you said per say, more the language used!

    Although I feel Israel was critisised quite alot by very prominent public figures during the attacks. The british govt. for example was never accused to anti – semitism when they told Israel to stop, so I don’t think your argument completly holds water.

    I can’t confess to have much of an opinion either way, seems to me to be a strong case of 6 of one and half a dozen of the other, although i think Israel was just a touch heavy handed and ver enthusiastic in its attempt to flex it’s muscles after being embarresed in the Lebanon.

    And also, on the topic of Radiohead Mo, I don’t think it’s in any way hipocritical to talk about Tibet and not mention Palistine. Two very different entities of which one can have two very different opinions, and I dont see how you can decide that Radiohead are instantly in support of Palestine over this issue since they are in support of Tibet.

  • Lost is on tonight!!

    Namaste to you too!

    I wonder if Thom is a Lost fan.
    I’d like to think they are!

    And to most of the “posters” above –
    Id like to say thank you. It was a great
    discussion. Well, except when someone
    would have to chirp in and say its
    really annoying when thom has to speak
    his mind blah blah blah…yet they come
    in and speak their mind about someone
    speaking their mind..get it!..big LOL


  • Forget Lost. American Idol is on tonight. Go Anoop!! :))

  • Tara,

    American Idol – makes sense. Have a good life.
    You put drivel in your head and you’ll get
    drivel coming out. Makes sense.

  • Wow, touchy. Take it easy.

  • anyway, i hope they could tour in China, sincerely

  • Sorry Wanderlust, no offense intended (though I doubt you’ll even see this). The elimination of body language or any audible inflection does indeed make it difficult to tell what someone is trying to say, I just tend to assume the worst, especially online. Not warranted in this case, obviously.

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