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Thom Yorke remixes DOOM

mf-doom-born-like-thisFor those waiting for new Radiohead/Thom Yorke material will have to hold for quite a while, so we will have to do with remixes for now. And hooray, there’s one coming up soon.

Thom Yorke, who recently included DOOM’s ‘Meat Grinder’ on his Grammy Poster, has remixed a track from DOOM’s forthcoming album, Pitchfork reports. The rapper, formerly known as MF DOOM, will be releasing new album ‘Born Like This’ in two weeks. Thom Yorke remixed album track ‘Gazzillion Ear’. The remix will not be included on the album, but when you buy the album on iTunes, you will get the Thom Yorke remix of ‘Gazzillion Ear’ for free.

You can already listen to a minute of the remix below:

[thx Dan]

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  • hey Thom do you think you can remix some of my songs next?

  • That is fucking fantastic!!!!!!!

  • fuck. i wish [ people who know me know that ] a full radiohead messy new album [ @least one day . . . doens t have to be now ] full of beats and remixes with organics on top and white noises something repetive something just as great as weird at the same time – that would be a revolution – lot more powerful than the download pay what you like stuff and the marching band [ wich is beautiful but sure be such of a big deal ] . i love them and i truly believe them being superior [ wich should be normal but doens t happen often everywhere in this word ] and i also wanted to say that the remix is superior [ yes word repeated ] and i also truly wish i wouldn t write as much so it wouldn t be boring but i tough of being different this time and haha great remix

  • ok, this is awesome. DOOM is one of my favorite hip hop artists and Thom did a remix for his new album!? 2009 may not be so bad.

  • […] Pretty fresh still, but yet another interesting collab of the Radiohead-frontman. Thom Yorke previously did a remix for DOOM: Gazzillion Ear. […]

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