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Ronan Keating: ‘Thom Yorke is a muppet’

Ronan Keating of Boyzone has slammed Thom Yorke again to coincide with the ‘I Was Snubbed By Thom Yorke Month’. After calling the Radiohead frontman an idiot last year, now he called him a muppet’.

Earlier on, Kanye West and Miley Cyrus were pretty upset about being ignored by Thom Yorke at the Grammy Awards. Boyzone star Ronan Keating finished filming a series for Comic Relief with other celebrities on Mount Kilimanjaro. When asked which celebrity he’d like to throw off a mountain Keating said: “Thom Yorke from Radiohead. He’s a muppet. He was rude to us one day – he was rude to my face and I don’t have much time for rudeness.”

In September Keating was offered a Kanye West treatment when he saw Thom Yorke in a hotel they’re sharing and went over to say hello: “I’m a big Radiohead fan and he just blanked me. I still love the music – he’s just an idiot.”

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  • i love thom

  • as most of latin america rejoice and love again after thom and the boys venture through…there’s always got to be some haters. you know what i’m sayin’?

  • In fact all these people who are pitching at him are ‘muppets’…ok, he could have given Ronan this pleasure and replied to that stupid ‘hello’ …therefore Ronan’s ego would be unhurt and all that hatred would be spared..but thanks to Thom’s ignorance we can now see what’s the reaction of mentally unstable stars with hung-ups…
    It’s better to say nothing than lie to somebody, why shall Thom pretend he cares for these people? that doesn’t mean he’s an idiot, he just doesn’t pretend to be a pope
    That’s tiring!

  • “oh, be rude to me Thom, be rude to me!!!” ehehheehe
    I would be elated if I ever get to meet Thom and he grimaced at my attempt to chit-chat.

  • Am I the only one that thinks ignoring someone, no matter how ‘cool’, is still very rude?

  • I love this fucki*g genious, called Thom Yorke

  • I,ve made a mistake: geniUs* xD

  • LOL of the day

  • Does Thom Yorke feel uncomfortable when people admire him, maybe?

  • I can’t imagine any being a very big fan of Radiohead and not knowing Thom is not interested in small talk. I ‘m sure Thom is a jerk, but I can’t imagine myself caring. John Lennon beat his first wife and was a snarky hipster, but Plastic Ono Band is a great album.

    I give Radiohead my money and they give me music. Its a fair transaction. I don’t require his personal time. no one should.

    Stuff like this makes me feel sorry for everyone involved.

  • Well said, Staccato.

  • i love Thom even more, this irish bottybanger deserves to be ignored…have you heard his cover version of that 80s song ‘time after time’ makes me want to kil him! He’s lucky Thom just ignored him instead of what i would have been tempted to do in his position i.e break his irish face…let me make this clear I hate that Prick!

  • Stocato, i bet if you see Thom Yorke walking front of you you’ll be another dog trying to kiss his feet, and that’s a normal reaction, and what’s more, i bet thom gives a f*** about you like he does with other people who claims to be a Radiohead fan. But when it gets to you it’s not so fine at all… thom yorke is maybe a jerk at person, but I GUESS at some point it can be another ”normal” reaction because of all of his fame… got to be a rockstar to prove it?

  • Oh! there goes Thommy boy playing the cool rockstar act again.

  • I think if you ever meet Thom you should lead off not with “Hi Thom, I adore your music and I love Radiohead!” but with “Hi Thom, I agree that China needs to realize Tibet’s freedom”

  • Keating who?

  • u know what
    if thom snubbed me
    i think id be mad
    but i also think i would laugh
    its just classic thom now
    like, if he does snub you, you shouldnt be offended cause that is just thom

  • Thom to Ronan: “Right Back At Ya’!”

  • Ignoring someone is simply rude. Thom Yorke is in the fault here you goons.

  • I wonder how many millions of times Thom York has heard that exact line, and had to reply with thanks – followed by small talk… not my idea of fun. It’s an invasion of privacy.

    Who the fuck is Ronan Keating anyhow?

  • Reading this makes me even more proud that I actually shook Thom’s hand and – very briefly – talked to him in August 2006

  • hahah- I <3 it!

    here’s a collection of the most self-indulgent faces of Hollywood and a bonus 90’s boy band member attacking Thom for not wanting to have anything to do with them!


    Talk about hypocrisy!

  • It’s well documented that Thom Yorke has anxiety and is socially awkward. You can see him have a nervous breakdown in Meeting People Is Easy from all the unwanted fame and attention. I imagine he doesn’t want to repeat that experience again. If I were famous and had his problems I’d avoid this fucking boy band guy too.

  • thom has said that he agrees with the idea that celebrities are on another level and with the idea that if you and someone else are celebrities then you automatically have something in common and should talk. Its quite possible that he was rude, but neither should he be expected to be ronan keatings BFF just because they are both celebrities.

  • or rather disagrees, silly typo1

  • Fact is, none of us know what really happened, you’d have to ask Thom as well to get the other angle on it, seems like these celebrities are very sensitive if they have to run to the media and tell them about it.

  • We all know Thom’s a twat. We all love him for it.

  • Thom is an idiot.

  • Who the hell is Ronan Keating? Some small fry with brit cult status or some bullshit?

  • Ronan who? Is this like a British thing that my American brain doesn’t comprehend?

  • Who?

  • It’s just common courtsey to acknowledge somebody even if you feel nothing for them. I’m sure nobody likes to be ignored but….. this is Ronan Keating. Fuck him.

  • why is this news?

  • What the hell does that even mean?

  • I’m sick of hearing all these whiners.
    Just get over it.

  • hahahaha, funny news. Maybe he wants a passive aggressive DAS response from Thom, like the one Kanye and Miley got.

  • If Thom Yorke snubbed Ronan Keting, then yes, that was rude. Maybe Thom was having a bad day, or didn’t notice Ronan… or maybe he really is a jerk. Personally I’m hesitant to call someone that without knowing both sides of the story. And to me, publicly dragging someone through the mud over something that is of little consequence in the long run (i.e. Ronan’s precious feelings being hurt) is a lot worse than not saying hello. If Ronan Keting or any of the other people who have participated in “Thom Yorke Snubbed Me” month are so big on manners and graciousness, maybe they should try showing some themselves.

  • Lols, keep up the good work Thom…

    These egotistical so-called celebs need to be taken down a peg or two. Their sense of self importance and entitlement is nauseating

  • Thom Yorke doesn’t have to like you, me, or anyone else; for any reason…ever, if he chooses not to. What’s the problem? Do any of us like everyone, have we never been rude? Perhaps it is the rude expectation that Thom should be happy to meet these people that explains his position. I’d love to be snubbed by him it would mean I was breathing rarified air in exclusive space. I agree that small talk is a waste of time, especially amongst those with a social conscience.

  • for those who don’t know who ronan keating is, he’s an irish boyband singer (and guilty of some horrific crimes against music)

  • Ronan, grow a pair

  • Not even worth a comment, not even worth a comment about not being worth a comment.

  • Ronan, Miley, Kanye, ” PAT_PAT” !
    Me too I didn’t get any sex.

  • ignoring ex-boyband twunts isnt rude its protecting your sanity.

  • i love muppets

  • from what i’ve heard from the good people of at ease, it seems like thom is a lot nicer to regular people that talk to him than he is to celebrities. which is kind of awesome, actually.

    so if you see him, just don’t introduce yourself as “Thom! I’m Ronan, you know, from Boyzone?”

  • What does “the muppet” mean?
    I can´ find it…

  • Ronan keating is a bit of a dry shite anyways , i wouldnt talk to him

    And from my friends experience of meeting thom , he seems like a really nice guy , i think its just the ponse celebratys who think they have some sort of right to talk to thom that thom blanks .

  • muppet is a slang term which is commonly used in Ireland. It just basically means he’s an idiot.

  • oh and if anyone wants a reason to laugh at ronan keating (other than the music of course) look up boyzone’s first “performance” on the Late Late Show on youtube. hilarious and mentally scarring in equal measures….

  • oh poor celebrities can’t get recognition from someone who provokes inspiration? oh boo hoo. what a bunch of whiny bitches.

  • thom doesnt talk to failed teen stars. simple as.

  • thom is a muppet? all the rockstar morons who envy thom are muppets.

  • we all love thom
    but sometimes a litle smile dont ruin is carear.

  • who the fck is ronan keating

  • haha, Ronan Keating must have serious ego issues. He apparently thinks everyone will recognize him even in situations outside the music world. Thom had better throw him off that mountain nobody would mis his “music”. Arrogance is so annoying, way to go Thom!


  • Seriously? Is it that big of a deal? I’m glad Yorke didn’t give Miley Cyrus the time of day. As for Kanye West, he doesn’t really impress me either. Can’t people just be satisfied with the quality music Radiohead and Thom put out

  • Hopefully next week Thom ups his game.. tells Cheryl Cole to fuck off!

  • We all know Thom is quite the anti-social. He’s beyond that now. But I give a man the highest respect for being at the top and not compromising his values for all the money and fame in the world, which happens 99.9% of the rest of the time. This is what “artists” sing about, talk about, but fail to practice. This invariably leaves an impression he is “weird. F that. Does this encounter actually change the things or help him connect to people in ways he finds meaningful? No. Least he’s appreciative of his real fans. He did nothing, in fact, and these spoiled brats are attempting to reproach him and his “status” to “public opinion” on some scale that works relative to the sick celebrity culture these people are a part of.

    Miley = attention twat who doesn’t understand what she thinks she understands about Radiohead or their music. I would reject a chance of meeting her too.

    Kanye = bigger attention twat who thinks he deserves the time of day of anyone he wants (…his entire attitude is disgusting and makes me dislike listening to his music and especially his lyrics)

    Ronan Keating = Just as desperate in trying to be significant but without the significane.

    Great, you like the music. You like the chords they used? You want to talk about it some more? You want him to say thanks and relish in your adoration? Give me a break. He’s beyond that. He might get depressed about it but he’s not on here saying poor me. Poor Thom. Which would be about as trivial as what these idiots do. He’s got better things to do.

  • arrrggh grow up you piece of s**t..

  • Just the regular slander by people who miscomprehend the reasons why radiohead is RADIOHEAD. But on the other hand, we are all self-proclaimed (anti-)fans with our own ideas about the reasons why any band does this or that…

  • dont blame him to be honest, only fair to give the genuine muso fans the time of day not celebraties

  • if anything.. if thom gets frustrate at all this random media hate he can write an emotionally charged song about it : D

  • Right, so Thom doesn’t do small talk and doesn’t tolerate idiots gladly (or otherwise). We also know that he suffers from depression, and the media’s celebrity worship disgusts him. All of this helps explain Thom’s behavior in these situations.

    But I won’t go so far as to say that Thom is probably a jerk. In fact, he’s probably quite wonderful to the people who are part of his life. It’s their love that matters to him because it’s real. Not the “fake plastic love” of people who don’t really know him.

  • c’mon guys! Thom clearly has an obligation to talk to whoever comes up to him. It’s an unwritten law…

  • Who he f*** is Ronan Keating, and why
    should we care what he says?
    Why should Thom feel obligated to make
    chit-chat with someone he doesn’t even know?
    Narcissistic idiots.

  • “c’mon guys! Thom clearly has an obligation to talk to whoever comes up to him. It’s an unwritten law…” Umm Im pretty sure that was supposed to be sarcastic…

  • Thom is the man. I wouldn’t have ignored them i would have punched them.

  • From what I’ve heard, he’s fairly happy to speak to fans at gigs and the like and is only ‘rude’ to celebrities. I bet that ‘blanked me’ means that Thom said ‘Hi’ back but didn’t hang around for a chat. If he didn’t even say that then yeah that’s rude but get over it.

  • Thom is like that.
    I know it since a long time ago.

    He is not good in communicating with the others or responsing to fans! But it is all right, that’s why I don’t want to meet him face to face. I thought he would ignore me or snub me if I meet him one day.

    He is the best on the stage and in his music. That’s very enough. He is an artist, a musician, not a celebrity on my mind.

  • Something to add here.

    I think it all depends on the mood of Thom. Sometimes, he would ignore fans also. Sometimes, when he is in a good mood, he would come out after the show and greet fans or chat with them.

    Or maybe I could say, Thom personally doesn’t like hanging around with other celebrities whom he didn’t really friend with, that’s what a normal human hate doing so. It is real emotions.

    Why would Thom need to act differently from us? Why don’t we compare our everyday lives with his life? He is just a normal man, no differences from us. Would you talk or hang around with those people whom you don’t like chatting with?

    It is human nature. Please don’t be too harsh on the standard of judging Thom.

  • wow i didn’t know Ronan Keating still existed lol…

  • […] Kanye West’s Radiohead tirade cut from VH1 show | Entertainment | Reuters Ronan Leating too! Ronan Keating: ‘Thom Yorke is a muppet’ | Radiohead At Ease […]

  • I think people are mistaken when they say Thom is acting “cool” or playing the “rock star act.”

    Has anybody considered that Thom Yorke has no idea who Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, or Ronan Keating are? I barely know who they are, and I sure as hell wouldn’t talk to them either. If these people were true fans of Radiohead, they’d know how Thom acts around (famous) people he doesn’t know.

  • ssocsoc your so full of shit. honestly i would piss on you if they created an iphone app.

  • Ronan Keating of Boyzone????

    Bahahahahahahahaha hahahahahaha

  • If i was Thom York i would be rather pleased with the fact that Ronan Keating of that abomination of a music group disliked me!

    Boyzone? you have a lot to answer for!!!!

  • Good for Thom. I would snub all three of these hacks as well. Kanye is a jerk, Miley and idiot, and I don’t know about Ronan but I do know his music sucks.

  • Meanwhile, everywhere in our lovely cities, hundreds of people (not even famous) snub guys begging for change in the streets. This Keatin guy must be really mad at them too, then. Oh wait ….

    Anyway, yeah, I’m kind of socially challenged myself, so with the inhumane amount of moist handshakes and unbearable chit-chat guys like Thom must endure, I can only empathize with him. Viva le ThomThom !

  • What’s wrong with Muppets? That’s not an insult. An insult is being called a member of a group like Boyzone, heh. Now THOSE are fighting words!

  • ronan keating is a gaylord

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  • Thom Yorke is a self obsessed pretentious little midget. He’s rude, he’s arrogant and worst of all, he’s one eyed.

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