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Thom Yorke confirmed to play at Latitude Festival

Thom Yorke has just been confirmed to play a solo set at the Latitude Festival. Apart from several media performances, the Radiohead frontman hasn’t played a solo set since the release of The Eraser.

Thom will be playing a solo set on the Obelisk Arena at noon on Sunday July 19th. Ticket information for the Festival at Henham Park, Southworld, Sunrise Coast, Suffolk is available at the Latitude Festival website.

PS hello we’re back. sorta.

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  • Wow thats awesome

  • What about the Bridge School Benefit?

  • I love how his name is the only one written like ~this~ on the programme. Also, that’s a pretty bad choice for an exclusive solo show.

  • Cymbal Rush is so good live! I guess he’ll play it.

    Victoria Park:–0Yno&feature=related

  • I agree with Chris – the two Bridge School concerts were solo sets.

  • glad to see @ease back up and running.

    welcome back, sorta. 😉

  • “hasn’t played a solo set since the release of The Eraser”

  • I’m sure Thom has some new songs up his sleeve he wants to debut.

    PS: Good to see Atease alive and kicking.

  • I guess there will be plenty of tapers?

    Hell, I would donate towards the money for a ticket for someone dedicated to taping it with ideal equipment.

  • You don’t have to say “PS hello we’re back. sorta.” All you have to say is: here’s a post. Don’t lie and say your back because posting once every 6 months basically is not being back. See you around Christmas!

  • […] Yorke acaba de ser confirmado para tocar en el Latitude Festival, con la particularidad de que lo hará en solitario, sin el resto de […]

  • Just popping in every few months or so, are we atease? Well at any rate, its nice to have you back. Sorta.

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