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Thom Yorke: CDs kept the music industry alive like a zombie

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke has commented about changes in music consumption the day after the download-only release of Harry Patch (In Memory of).

In an interview with Believer magazine, Yorke spoke about “hating” CDs, a view that supports the download-only single and initial online release of In Rainbows. Yorke goes on to say that the CD format kept the old music industry alive like a zombie.

THE BELIEVER: In some ways, the way Internet singles work is close to the way things used to be with the music industry in the ’50s, before full-lengths were the thing, and radio singles were what defined artists.

THOM YORKE: Right, and if you forget about the money issue for just a minute, if it’s possible to do that—because these are people’s livelihoods we’re talking about—and you look at it in terms of the most amazing broadcasting network ever built, then it’s completely different. In some ways, that’s the best way of looking at it. I mean, I don’t spend my fucking life downloading free MP3s, because I hate the websites. No one seems to know what they’re talking about. I’d much rather go to sites like Boomkat, where people know what they’re talking about.
It’s brilliant. To me, that’s a business model. It’s like when I used to go to music shops in Oxford. You’re looking at this and you’re looking at that and there’s a whole line of other things going down the side saying, “You’ll probably like this,” and “You might like this.”

THE BELIEVER: I love those stores where everything’s hand-selected and the clerks write little descriptions about the music.

THOM YORKE: Yeah, and you can listen to it all. I mean, Boomkat is very specific with the type of stuff they flog there, but I can’t see why that wouldn’t work for all music.

(via The Guardian)

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  • Darn, you have to buy the magazine to read the rest of the interview. I wish there was a downloadable version of the mag, i’d buy that. No time to hit up the book store. Sounds like a good interview.

  • If Thom likes throwbacks to the 50s, it would be cool if they’d offer a b-side with a download signle.

  • i love cds . i think it’s a truly way to love what you listen to ___still tough i think there is not right or wrong about this __what really counts is what we listen to and how deep we go into the music we listen to_i think mp3’s in general make people collect and make their libraries grow but i think then, they become like obsess with collecting more and more data but they don t really pay full attention to the music_i think cd’s mean [ in most cases ] a compromise with what you like and mp3’s just collecting more and more .but . . . he got a point as well.

  • Thom Yorke: Sponsored by Boomkat.

  • He’s so dreamy

  • I like Boomkat. I reckon its a great site to buy music.

  • That’s very true, pantrus. I know lots of people who just download stuff illegally, but don’t really listen. When you spend money on a CD and you hold it, you’ve made a commitment that you can’t back out of unless you find a defect with your album. It has nearly always made me listen to albums more so I HAD to fall in love with Pulp’s “His ‘n’ Hers” and The Cure’s “Pornography”, to think of a couple of albums I purchased in the winter of 2003.

  • I like how this post starts with “Radiohead’s Thom Yorke”. Thanks for making it clear, I was confused there for a while, with all the Thom Yorkes referred on AtEase.

  • I hope to get the mag, cause I don’t understand almost anything, yet.

  • But I like Boomkat.

  • It’s basically the way forward to have artists release their music in the formats that suites them best and not have a a full lenght album as a standard release format or as a goal against a deadline. It does already exist but it’s limited in reach. But on a professional level you simply can’t answer an issue such as: Who’s to say who possesses the potential to release more ambitious formats on a bigger professional level?
    That’s the main problem, those who can offer you time and fairly good conditions to work in are not the ones that can steer you musically.
    In fact 99% chance that they can’t generally steer music in any respectable direction…

  • And I think they should categorize Copyright, publishing and Intellectual Property in 2 subcategories and these have certain levels. And the artist in agreement with … chooses the category that suits them best.

    Subcategory 1: Still the Copyright, Publishing and Intellectual Property package

    Level 1: As it exist today, for certain artist in can only work like this. You can’t imagine a tool such as Britney Spears claiming Intellectual Property. That what her songwriters should do.

    Level 2: songs can be freely used but for example not political ends and sampling/remixes with the objective to release them publicly…

    Subcategory 2: Should maybe be more of a reference kind of thing. Meaning you are obligated to refer the original composer no matter how long the chain of adaptations is…

    It’s just a possible solution to reshape this whole thing and actually get a solution instead of this seemingly endless debate

  • Muldfeld :

    ! ! ! ! ! ! i love finding matching ideas hehe . . . it s not about being right or wrong [ as ms john soda said ]it’s more about what is within
    and how you get there in your mental scene . . .

    so it’s not about buying cd’s or mp3’s is about what we really do with them and how we connect with the music and pay attention to it .

    fuck i was very touched with those lyrics.


  • It is a fans responsibility to support their favourite musicians and get them independent.
    In this world you can only buy independence. So in order for an artist to be free and have it’s own house + studio and equipment, ’cause that’s maybe the main part of the independence, you need to buy their stuff or donate if possible. And the best time-window for a band to grow and a fan to buy is from the release until the end of the tour.

    How respectable and credible as a supporter/fan are you when you simply don’t contribute in any way and at the same go around telling you like them. You at least should properly obtained the music and go to one concert ’cause it simply are very possible things to do…

  • I’d much rather go out and buy a physical CD. For example, I just downloaded the new Modest Mouse EP from iTunes. For whatever reason, I just don’t feel any atatchment to it. There’s nothing like going out and buying a new CD, looking at the album art, the CD cover…the whole experience is just a whole lot more pleasing than downloading a single.
    And this is coming from a High School Student.

  • That is far from the most significant news out of the article:

  • I don’t want to pay for poor quality mp3s…

    And what about the artwork?

  • charming post. due one unimportant where I quarrel with it. I am emailing you in detail.

  • Whatever Thom. I love CD’s and will continue buying ’em.

  • Zomb Yorke

  • So, can we download track by track disk2 then?

  • Is this like vinyl vs cd again? Although this time the audiophiles are on the cd side?

  • If you like online stores that write nice reviews and recommendations, I suggest in San Francisco.

  • “I hate the websites. No one seems to know what they’re talking about.”

    Sounds like atease.

  • Thom’s right. I don’t think that you could view CD’s as anything other than a relic that record labels have been desperately trying to cling on to ever since the MP3 revolution.

    Record labels are big business and they like having marketable products sitting on shelves. The thought of these shiny packages sitting in neat little rows disappearing from shop fronts has scared the shit out of them so much that they have been running this fools errand trying to combat downloadable music for the past decade while they slowly let the industry bleed to death in the meantime.

    Record labels need to wake the fuck up and start adapting to the market instead of trying to dictate what the market is… I think that some people refer to this as capitalism…

  • It’s probably about controlling the distribution of music. If you can control this you basically control everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if there came to be a couple of internet-domains for “officially recognized business purposes only”. Something like an online mall. So for example that the peer to peer sharing could be more easily detected

  • why is no one freaking out about the article from pitchfork today?!?!? sad, sad news

  • What about Thom saying no more albums?? Please tell me it ain’t true.
    “But we’ve all said that we can’t possibly dive into that again. It’ll kill us.”
    I’ve defended Thom in the past, but that really sounds pretentious. He should try a night in E.R.

  • […] y comprar música casi a granel también tiene mucho que ver en esa crisis pero: ¿Volveremos al modelo de los años cincuenta donde no se lanzaban discos sino singles de un solo tema? ¿Tenía la radio en los 50 el mismo […]

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