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Is a new Radiohead EP on its way?

Radiohead are currently in the studio rehearsing for their upcoming festival appearances at the end of August. This time without a recent album out. But with last night’s leak of ‘These Are My Twisted Words‘ there are some hints that something new is on its way.

In an interview with The Australian, Jonny Greenwood said that Radiohead are still recording songs: “There’s a bunch of stuff slowly growing, some more finished than others.” The fact that not everything is finished, does not rule out a release. Jonny continues: “Traditionally we’d be looking for 10 or 11 songs and putting them together, but that doesn’t feel as natural as it used to, so I don’t know what we’ll do. Maybe we’ll find four songs that work together and we’ll call that a release. I don’t know. No one knows how to release music any more, including us,” he says. “How to put it together, in what format, how long. We’re in the dark as much as anyone I think.”

Last week we reported about Thom Yorke’s interview with the Believer where he stated that Radiohead are done with releasing full length albums for a while. Thom Yorke: “None of us want to go into that creative hoo-ha of a long-play record again. Not straight off. I mean, it’s just become a real drag. It worked with “In Rainbows” because we had a real fixed idea about where we were going. But we’ve all said that we can’t possibly dive into that again. It’ll kill us.”

Thom and Jonny’s quotes, the recent work in the studio and last night’s leak might point to a release sooner rather than later. ‘These Are My Twisted Words’ might be one of those four tracks Jonny mentioned. In the source files of the track that ended up on the message board, the title ‘Wall Of Ice’ was found twice as well as a release date of August 17, 2009. A digital release of Radiohead’s ‘Wall Of Ice EP’ this Monday, anyone?

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  • yeah!! new album!! its great!!!! radiohead is the best band ever!!!

  • “‘Wall Of Ice EP’ this Monday, anyone?” – Yes please.

  • yes this monday!
    i need more Radiohead<3

  • The beginning of My Twisted Words does sound like it is a continuation of a preceding song, especially the way the drums speed up dramatically as the song begins. ALL HAIL RADIOHEAD!!

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  • Here’s hoping.

  • wowww


    i’m soooo happy..

  • I know this is all based on rumors/hints etc… but it really makes sense to the point where I’ll be somewhat surprised if there’s not something out on Monday… What that something is? I don’t know…

  • Anyone else think this is incredibly weird but exciting?

    It’s like Radiohead are making the rulebook up as they go along.

    We’re all listening to this new tune like it’s a leak by a fan but Radiohead, one of the biggest bands in the world, have probably leaked it themselves!

    When you compare this with U2 doing their enormo-tours & boring as hell Blackberry promotions, you know where the real excitement in modern mainstream music is. Go Radiohead!

  • @Mark: You nailed it right on the head.

    ..And yes, this is weird and this is exciting.

  • I’d really like Radiohead to stick with releasing albums. It’s worked all along, and it will still work for them. To change to just releasing singles or EP’s every once in a while would be annoying as a fan.

  • i was thinking the same as ssob2011, when These Are My Twisted Words starts you can listen to the ending of a previous song. This is making me unpatient! This new track is so F**KING GREAT! Never heard something like this before, it has a such incredible atmosphere, so dark…

    can’t wait for the mystery to come out, but at the same time i love this f**king mystery…!! Radiohead: God.

  • [Let’s all close our eyes and believe the shit out of this until the band HAS to make it true!]

    Oh man, this new release (coming out August 17) is gonna be AWE-SOME!!! Thank You Radiohead for making me look forward to a Monday!

  • anyone else get a portishead vibe off this song?..from 3rd in particular? cool track.

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  • I think Radiohead struggle with the “Album” concept. They want to put together a coherent body of work and they struggle with that part.

    I also think their idea of an “Album” has prevented a lot of great songs being released (True Love Waits, Follow Me Around, etc.. etc…) Of course it could be they haven’t ‘recorded’ them to their own satisfaction, but it could also be they haven’t tried because TLW won’t “work” on the album their working on at that time.

    So releasing EPs could work for both band and fans. It gives the band freedom to release (collections of)songs that wouldn’t work on an “album” and fans get great songs they might not have heard if the band just puts out Albums.

    I think Disc2 of In Rainbows was a great example of songs we ‘may’ have missed out on.

    Also the way people buy and listen to music is changing. It’s very much pick and choose now. And Album prices and sales are dropping like stones. I think people are much more likely to fork out £3-4 on 4/5 songs (& more often) than the traditional album.

    And “special edition albums” are becoming tedious. They used to only be “Special” if they had something to offer. Now people are scraping around to try and “find” something to offer. It’s a bit cart before the horse if you ask me.

    So I think a lot of these considerations point to EP releases. People, like it or not, don’t often listen to albums anymore… at least after they become “old” and the tracks well known, except on rare occasions.

    How many times do you see on forums a post/topic like “Hey I listened to X album from start to finish for the first time in X months/years and…”

    It is now not the norm to listen like this, for right or wrong.

    I think the EP/Singles idea also will help save the artist financially as well. Harry patch for example was £1. I bet MOST people bought that with no issues. “what’s a quid”. Of course there will be the odd twat who didn’t. But when you think about it, I bet it’s been quite a few years since I paid £1 for a song!!

    Albums in the UK are generally £8 and will generally have 10 or more songs on them. So songs on average are sold for less than £1.

    So if EPs are released in this way, then it makes the artist slightly more money if they impose a £1 per song cost. I would rather pay that than try and download something for free. Maybe I’m getting old, but for £1 a song, I’d rather just pay it and get on with my life.


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  • Hell, if this means the release of a fully fledged BIG BOOTS, then I’m IN !

  • We’re getting punk’d y’all. Nothing’s gonna happen. No lp, no ep, nada, zero.

  • […] Ayer, leyendo mis RSS, me enteré por At Ease que supuestamente se había filtrado un tema inédito de Radiohead, llamado These are my Twisted Words, el cual venía con críptica información… ¿Qué fue lo que leyeron entre líneas los tipos de At Ease? Que posiblemente este lunes 17 de agosto Radiohead lance un EP cuyo nombre sería “Wall of Ice&#82…. […]

  • Longpig, you make some valid points, but I fully disagree that the “album” is dead. Sure, the concept isn’t what it used to be, but I find myself listening to full albums all the time, especially Radiohead’s. How can you not?
    I hope the EP rumor is true. New music from the greatest band in the world is more than welcome in any form.

  • I’m excited for what Monday wil bring. I”m totally digging the new song though, kinda ominous

  • I’m pretty sure its happening…i don’t know why other hard core fans haven’t found this yet or posted it…but hey, i’m willing to look obsessive…

    go to
    to see what i think is the new Ep’s cover art….(lame using twitter, but couldent get blog working)

    i got it from what i believe is a legit radiohead source…just a not so well known one…

    if this is all a big fake…then bravo..

  • yes, this was probably radiohead pulling the strings. but they haven’t been the first to do that. nine inch nails did several of “accidental” leaks for year zero.

  • I can’t really even think of another band that can cause this much instant online excitement for so many people.

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  • […] Is a new Radiohead EP on its way? […]

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