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Radiohead’s Wall Of Ice EP: more clues

Since new Radiohead track ‘These are my twisted words‘ leaked on the At Ease message board the other day, we were looking for more clues and found them. Here’s another one.

We were already pretty close to a rumoured EP (with four tracks?) entitled Wall Of Ice to be released on Monday. Now a url has seen the light. Pretty obvious really; The site is directed to Radiohead’s online download shop. Now you do the math.

Update: However has not been registered by Radiohead or w.a.s.t.e. but was registered today by someone in The Netherlands and simply forwarded the domain to w.a.s.t.e.’s online store. As those Dutch can never be trusted, it’s likely that the title of the (still rumoured) EP might not be Wall Of Ice. Or maybe they just forgot to register the domain as the band did with two years ago.

Wall Of Ice

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  • Awesome! I can’t wait… 🙂

  • That domain is registered to some guy in Holland. Probably just a fan.

  • How more people didn’t bother looking at who it’s registered to (and the fact it was registered TODAY) is shocking…… seems to be just an excited fan trying to help the band some. If they were really planning such an EP (at least that way) I’d hope they would’ve secured the domain etc.

  • THANK YOU!!!!! Can’t wait!!! Thanks for digging. Keep on.

  • rick roll

  • It’s pretty easy to make a site that just directs you to another site. This is probably just something a fan did. Green Plastic has a cool article on why this whole Wall of Ice thing is a bit insane.

  • “Wall of Ice”

    That’s a fucking sweet title. And once again, I hope “Spooks” is on it. That track rocks!

  • Out of curiousity, where was it rumored this new EP would have four tracks come from?

    I disagree with those who think the band would only release something via DAS (w.a.s.t.e) only. If the plan is to get us excited about this new release, then they would do exactly what has happened up to this point. They blew our minds two years ago with the the way they releas of In Rainbows, they will do so again by releasing EPs in this manner. I don’t forsee getting an e-mail about the upcoming Wall Of Ice EP from w.a.s.t.e. anytime soon.

    The good thing about releasing EPs is that it takes off the pressure off of the band from having to tour behind a new album right? Maybe once they’ve had plenty of new songs (EPs) out of the way, the band might one day decide to play some shows again.

    Everybody wins.

  • With ‘twisted words’ onboard this EP can only have a maximum of 3 decent songs and a rubbish title.

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  • can’t believe you posted this. it’s obviously a fake. way to get all the fans hopes up :-/

  • …it’s I Froze Up’s time to shine, baby!!!

    Track 1: Wall of Ice
    Track 2: I Froze Up
    Track 3: These Are My Twisted Blah
    Track 4: Innocents Civilian


  • daremo is right… It could possibly just be a fan messing with people. Anyone can buy a domain for $10 and redirect it anywhere they want… That being said – I think there’s something to this.

  • 01. Lift
    02. Burn the Witch
    03. These Are My Twisted Words
    04. Present Tense
    05. Follow Me Around

    …i wish….!

  • It may be a fake it will be called “Wall of Ice” (it’s a good name though), but this track came out of somewhere, and i still believe this is a strategy to make us all speculate and get mad, they did the exact same thing with in rainbows uploading those cryotic images on their website, or did you all forgot about them?? RADIOHEAD LOVES TO MESS WITH OUR PATIENCE…!!

  • No, that was done by a guy from Holland. Anyone can buy a domain and redirect it to waste. This Reshad Bashir.

  • No no no no no. >.< Completely fake.

  • omg, ade is from netherlands. conspiracy?!!

  • You are all just pointing and laughing. POINTING AND LAUGHING!

  • It’s fake. WHOIS doesn’t show it’s Radiohead’s property.

  • Don’t get any big ideas… they’re not going to happen.

    Some further reading of the forum would have revealed to you that was taken out two days ago by some Dutch guy with no connection to the band, and redirected to Waste as a prank.

    Now redo the math.

  • I’m pretty sure its happening…i don’t know why other hard core fans haven’t found this yet or pasted it…but hey, i’m willing to look obsessive…

    go to
    to see what i think is the new Ep’s cover art….

    i got it from what i believe is a legit radiohead source…just a not so well known one…

    if this is all a big fake…then bravo..

  • Thanks for doing all the hard work so we don’t have to!

  • Well, where did the cover come from? I’ve done a quick search to no avail.

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  • Well, if all the songs planned for this supposed EP sound like “Twisted Words,” I’ve gotta confess I’m not very excited.

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  • the text in the ascii is too playful to not be written by thom. maybe this is just a single track leak (why on earth have no one trusted this possibility?!), but it’s definitely ‘powered by radiohead’.

    also, for anyone interested in this matter, check the ateaseweb user “woi”. it’s most likely thom, or a skilled impersonator.

  • well, im hooked up now and genuinely curious, so if all this turns out to be not true i will be very dissapointed 🙁

  • Mike with fans like you with an awfull taste in music, they better dont have any.

    And How the fuck a song can be like the next one on a Radiohead release?

  • yayayayayay

    also I love the fact it’s an xkcd quote. that comic is awesome.

  • You’re kidding about the URL, right? Some random guy (as far as I can tell) in the Netherlands registered it yesterday, possibly in response to these rumors.

    Domain name:
    Administrative Contact:
    Reshad Bashir (
    Raaigras 271
    Leeuwarden, 8935 GD

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  • As my wooooorld comes craaaashing down. Dancing on the edge of a wall of ice.

  • Looks like the artwork is a hoax too.

  • looks like a well played out scheme by just a regular fan wanting to make drama 😛

    that’s most likely, but it would be beyond awesome if radiohead were the ones doing it… if only..?

  • More work on the sleuthing. I’ll still be watching my screen on Aug 17 though – can’t remember the last time I so anticipated a release!

    These Are My Twisted Words / US propaganda film mashup:

  • Nice work on the sleuthing. I’ll still be watching my screen on Aug 17 though – can’t remember the last time I so anticipated a release!

    These Are My Twisted Words / US propaganda film mashup:

  • 😀 !!Yeah!!)

  • New songs!!!

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  • Follow Me Around!

    “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah” Said Muttley-esque

  • It’s Monday in England.

    [*Crickets chirp & chirp*]

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  • Monday in argentina…still waiting

  • putos panchitos…….
    os odio!

  • wait…it´s still sunday. i´m stoned.

  • if this whole EP thing comes to be true, i guess it’ll appear at 10am like In Rainbows did, so go to sleep….

  • FAIL

  • Well, no EP but the These twisted words for free!

  • I think I have it figured out! Whether the site was started by Radiohead or a fan I do not know but I believe the text and links on it are a sort of cyclical irony:
    “Don’t just publish bullshit only to get hits on your webpage.
    Don’t just create your own stories after reading one post on a message board.
    Get your facts straight.”
    Then it links to two sites that garner ordinary people’s postings about the phrase, as well as whatever they think may be its particular meaning. I think its the sites creators way of saying not to overguess or suppose anything. The meaning of the phrase “wall of ice” is to not try to find any meaning in it!

  • download the song already from the radio official site, it’s very surprising!

  • 01. Lift
    02. Burn the Witch
    03. These Are My Twisted Words
    04. Present Tense
    05. Follow Me Around

    Great shout from stefano below.
    I’d bet everything on Lift and Follow Me Around being on this e.p

    Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!! Can’t wait any longer!!

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