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Radiohead offer ‘These Are My Twisted Words’ as free download

It was pretty clear that today was going to be D-Day for Radiohead fans. We’ve been expecting an EP, following the leak of ‘These Are My Twisted Words’ last week. It still is D-Day, however we did not get an EP, but just the one track.

At 10:11 am (UK Time), Jonny Greenwood posted a message on Dead Air Space, saying that ‘These Are My Twisted Words’ is one of the first tracks that have been finished and will also be played live at the their forthcoming shows. The tracks has been offered as a zip download through the W.A.S.T.E shop and as a Torrent. The zip file includes the mp3, a cover, a text file with recording credits and a PDF with some more artwork from Stanley Donwood & Dr. Tchock.

Here’s Jonny’s message:

So here’s a new song, called ‘These Are My Twisted Words’.

We’ve been recording for a while, and this was one of the first we finished.
We’re pretty proud of it.

There’s other stuff in various states of completion, but this is one we’ve been practicing, and which we’ll probably play at this summer’s concerts. Hope you like it.

Download the audio here or torrent here.

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  • … And the wall melted. But still, a great song and fantastic artwork.

  • The days not over yet, you just never know!

  • no the wall of ice slowly moves forward, unstoppable…i believe this is the first of many (maybe not today though) beware the wall of ice! if you arent seeding this you should, just to show support for what they are doing!

  • What’s the new info & track posted at ?

  • sounds like a new song??? or at least a snippet of it

  • definitely sounds like a new rh song. I like it. strange that the domain is registered in the Netherlands though

  • Has anyone else seen the message on

    Don’t just publish bullshit only to get hits on your webpage.
    Don’t just create your own stories after reading one post on a message board.

    Get your facts straight.”
    Do you think its just a fan?

  • the message [ ] is as important as the new song[ if is made by RH who knows ] . . . learn learn learn

    perhaps the new EP was done and after all this soap opera they ve decided not to publish it ? we will never know . . . but we should still learn learn learn

  • and like that, poof. he’s gone…

  • Radiohead can go to hell >:C

  • “…and like that, poof. he’s gone”
    I just love random references to slightly older movies like The Usual Suspects. Can’t get enough of them, really.

  • When “These Are My Twisted Words” was released/leaked, everyone hoped that there would be an EP released today; however, there wasn’t any great reason to think that there actually would be. It was always likely that only one track would be released because the info file stated “iiii nr of tracks.1 iiii”. It sounds like we wont have to wait long for another though. All in good time………

  • not so happy now…

  • sound has a bit like something from the KidA/Amnesiac days…

  • Happy happy happy!! πŸ˜‰

  • Cool song. Sounds a bit like a b-side. But that’s ok, because I think it’s just as good if not better than most of their previous b-sides.

  • It’s a good song.
    Sounds a bit like those gorgeous b-sides from the OK Computer era.

  • great song lovely lyrics. still in the back on my mind im thinking, “i’ll doubt we’ll ever hear another song like paranoid android, idioteque or karma police from them.” either way i think i can live with songs like this

  • I want jonny in my bed!!

  • Hey, Im downloading Wall of Ice as we are speaking on!!!

    01 Under
    02 Lighthouse
    03 Minsk
    04 Nectarine
    05 Tin Heart

    No signs of the new song though. lol Of course this is probably a fake, those titles dont sound really “radiohead” but who knows damn it, who knows. :-p

  • Feels like a demo to me. Just Thom & Johnny over a loop. No bass just de-tuned guitar.
    I would say they will test the songs live and then make a proper recording in a year or so. gotta say an album would be nice!

  • BTW The new song is AMAZING, I fucking love it and can stop listening to it. No Ryan, its not a snippet of a song. If it was it would definitly be the best freaking snippet of song i’ve ever heard in my life. Its dark, its beautiful, its Knives Out meets 2+2=5 in a very dark forest. That was needed after the very bright and colorful In Rainbows. Thats gonna be to radiohead what Year Zero was to Nine inch nails, a freaking come back-and-a-half/inyourface/start-bitching-you-goddamn-kidA&Amnesiac-haters(retards)/Blackisthenewblack kind of album (or EP), and thank God, I fucking needed one. Peace!

  • I somewhat hope its not a demo Muzzy, its all there, nothing is missing thats not meant to be (just talking out of my ass here). I see this song like an intro to an album (or EP), with a long intro, made specially for the drugs to slowly kick in. And by the time Thom starts to sing you wonder where the fuck you are. THATS what im talking about… πŸ™‚
    But hey, I might be wrong, and I goddamn hope i am.

  • Good song. You can definitely hear the Portishead influence coming out on this one. I really think “Third” made a big impression on the boys.

  • I love it. I also can hear that portishead influence, which doesnt suprise me, they really loved Third, and I knew their next project would be somewhat darker than In rainbows. We are coming to a dark age, and nobody knows it better than creepy Thom.

  • Did you notice that the artwork it’s in the nfo file? and why jonny put the link to the wall of ice mp3 torrent?

  • I didn’t understand the ‘Dead Air Space’ mp3 but overall the Wall of Ice EP was pretty amazing. Glad it came out after all!

  • How has no else here heard the entire EP yet???
    “Dead Air Space” was %100 percent noise. Whatever haha, I still thought “Wall of Ice” was a great song.

  • Thank you jenN!!! sweet baby jeeebuss

  • I can’t load DAS…
    Is it being overloaded?
    Has something happened??? πŸ™‚
    What do you mean Jennifer? you make it sound like there IS a wall of ice EP?

  • Can’t seem to connect to dead air space does anybody know why?

  • yup, cos the EP has been released!
    without a doubt, you can find reviews of it on google…
    However I’ve been looking for an hour now and can’t find a single download. So it’s probably only on DAS.

    I cannot wait to listen to it.

    P.S. I KNEW it was gonna happen. I’m so fuckin hapy πŸ™‚

  • FanTASTIC tune! Looking forward to hearing more….

  • …and W.A.S.T.E. seems to be down as well

  • DAS is online again but unfortunatly nothing new, seems we have to settle with one song for now.

  • I don’t mind the title.

  • :*

  • πŸ™‚

  • gah, goddamn it, I got too caught up in the hype. This morning I was convinced they released an ep called Wall of Ice.
    DAS was down, there was a review of all the tracks on the EP on, and there were comments here of people claiming to have listened to the EP, and there was a torrent!!!

    I feel so stupid right now…

  • you atease types are weird

  • Haha you bastards.

  • Steven and Jennifer heard it! WTF!
    You guys better start talking now, (shoving the lamp right in your sweaty faces) “Where the hell did you get it!!!”

  • Very good EP. The songs Wall of Ice and Berglund Raikkonen are amazing! Thanks Radiohead…

  • Wall of Ice IS a pretty good song. Similar to These are my twisted words, but in a Morning bell kinda way. I hope they will release this on a real plastic CD.

  • nice sarcasm


  • The problem is i cant fart anymore, it always comes out in liquid shit…

  • Thom/Jonny: “Good enough isn’t good enough.”
    This song is a real step backwards for the band.
    As tossed off as HTTT tracks.
    No harmonies or layers of vocals. Lots of musicianship but no craftsmanship.
    Sounds like a demo.
    Demos aren’t what make you great.
    ‘Let Down’ performed like this would have been nothing.

  • No Harmony? You oviously know a lot about music dickhead. This is a giant step foward for radiohead, and giant step back for you numbnuts. You’re the fucking demo.
    Go get finished and come back when you have half a brain. πŸ™‚

  • Not every song need layers of vocals asstronuts! You’d be fired real quick as a music producer (Or whatever else).

  • Sounds like we have a Schizo on board. Goddamn heat waves. Im gonna have to shave my signature mustache (and sell it on eBay).
    Anyone interested?

  • I’m so confused. I only downloaded one track on DAS. There was no full album-I know some people may have listened to the full EP, but where did you guys fins it?

  • Priscilla, you seem like a sweet girl, ill level with you. I have written about 80% of those posts. The truth is, there’s no EP. Anyone who claim they have heard it is, or lying, or like me having way too much time to waste (which brings us back to lying). Believe me, if there was an EP, we’d have the link for it. Notice everyone who claim they have it dont mention where they found it, so there you go, all bullshit. Some people make a living out of starting rumors. Yes its fun, it creates a hype, etc. But no, there’s no Album or EP yet. Just one damn amazing song. Not a demo, not a snippet, an AMAZING song.

  • Thanks “The Truth.” Gosh, I was so confused. lol. But ok, I did get the one single.

  •,..the title sounds very appropriate to many situations, but I think poetically, not all of the meanings are positive..
    I mean ..I shouldn’t feel like I hate ice, considering that if the polar ice melts we’ll all die..
    Ah, and green tea ice-cream is nice, too.
    Mh, never give dead lines for art work…

  • Please. This song is terrible. Not everything they shite out is glorious. Thank God this is a net single and not taking up 5 minutes of a full length cd. File with ‘we suck young blood’ and ‘electioneering’ as total wastes of possibility.

  • We suck young blood is one of their best songs ever. I’ll bet anything that you love Karma police and cant get enough of it, right? Mmm? Mmmm?

  • Marcy why dont you make yourself useful and go choke on your ok computer album. If you dont like the new song dont worry, it wasnt meant for idiots like you.

  • lol

  • ok im sorry, it is a good song after all. πŸ™‚

  • There you go, wasnt that hard was it?

  • I keep hearing Interstellar Overdrive every time I listen.

  • whats the difference between radiohead and god? none

  • The difference between radiohead and god is that we can at least listen to one of them.

  • So many analogies with “Astronomy Domine”… Great song!!!!

  • Actually the difference between Radiohead and God is that Radiohead have been proved to exist by scientific methods.

    and there you go, another snarky internet atheist stereotype fully satisfied. I just want to make it easier for you guys to pidgeonhole me. that’s all.

  • […] releasing the track ‘These Are My Twisted Words‘, which leaked in August and was rumoured to be included on a new EP, Greenwood smirks, […]

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