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Radiohead in Austria: These Are My Twisted Words Premiere

Radiohead kicked off their first show of the late summer tour at the Frequency Festival in St Poelten, Austria.

The band sound checked: Bangers N Mash, Bodysnatchers, new song These Are My Twisted Words, The Gloaming, Videotape, Nice Dream, Idioteque and 15 Step.

Here is a video shot by Maggiebear of new song, These Are My Twisted words:


01 15 Step
02 There there
03 Airbag
04 All I Need
05 Kid A
06 Karma Police
07 The National Anthem
08 Nude
09 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
10 The Gloaming
11 Myxomatosis
12 Climbing Up the Walls
13 Street Spirit (Fade Out)
14 Videotape
15 Jigsaw Falling Into Place
16 Bodysnatchers
17 Idioteque
18 These Are My Twisted Words 
19 Pyramid Song
20 Reckoner
21 (nice dream)
22 Paranoid Android

Encore 2
23 Everything In Its Right Place

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  • That isn’t a video, it’s just the studio audio you uploaded the other day. You must have them mixed up. Still awesome though.

    Nice set, btw

  • […] performed this hypnotic new track at Poelten Festival in Austria. It’s not a radical departure from their current sound, but it does stray into […]

  • the very first time they played “These Are My Twisted Words”… secret from the soundcheck

  • This track is great. If this is the direction they’re taking on the next album then I can’t fucking wait

  • Hopefully they play some more new songs.

  • This song sucks.

  • Anyone have an mp3?

  • The set list of my fucking dreams!

  • Wow, what a setlist. 80% of In Rainbows plus Myxomatosis, Idioteque, Kid A(!!!), Airbag, and Everything In Its Right Place as a finale. I still have yet to see them live but if I ever see them and they play a set like that, I’ll be very satisfied.

  • Hello,
    first of all I’m sorry for my bad English, but probably your Italian is not better 
    I was in St. Polten to see my 4th RH concert…
    Amazing as usual (!!!) so I don’t think we need to talk about the exhibition..
    But I want to share with you my views on the organization of the festival
    Have you ever been in a refugee camp?
    I have, August 20 to 23 in St. Polten!

    The day before the Festival start there was so much trash that I could not walk
    (maybe because there were no bins for waste?!), so try to imagine the days after..
    I saw an isle of beer cans in the river and I doubt that somebody have chased that along the river with a boat after the festival, and this is just an example of the disgusting things I saw..
    Whereas the efforts that RH are doing to respect the environment during their tours, if I were them, I would think twice before performing again to an event like this.
    At the beginning I was very happy to see so many young people interested in good music (I mean underage…), but it takes ten minutes to understand that they where all drunk.
    How is it possible that a kid could buy beer (at will)? where were the controls?
    I’m Italian and everywhere we go everybody consider us as rude people, but at the Italian big concerts I’ve never been treated like a beast, I never saw drunk kids, I used to put my trash into the bins (because there are bins..), and I’ve never been searched by a civilian who had the right to seize my anti-allergic drugs and personal effects (I think the term “authority” exists for that!) because they are considered potentially dangerous if fired when there were stones as big as apples to the ground!
    I vent on this site just because I am sure that fans of Radiohead are people who probably share my point of view, I know I’m not gonna change anything, but this doesn’t mean I should not express my opinion.

    Anyway, thanks for another wonderful concert!

  • This is some really trippy stuff. I’m loving this song more and more, the more I hear it. Particularly the first couple of minutes. The shifting textures created by the guitars are brilliant.

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