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Radiohead at Reading Festival – Live Report

Radiohead close their short Late Summer Tour with a headlining set at the Reading Festival. The band played the ‘first leg’ of their Reading/Leeds Festival last night in Leeds. Tonight is the last of five Summer shows. We’ll keep you updated on the setlist. For those who have access to BBC 3, check your telly… the show will be broadcast live. The band are expected to take the stage at 21:30 hrs (UK time).

Radiohead took the stage twenty minutes late at a rainy festival site and have a suprising opener: Creep.


01 Creep
02 The National Anthem
03 15 Step
04 There There
05 All I Need
06 Nude
07 2+2=5
08 The Gloaming
09 Climbing Up The Walls
10 Street Spirit
11 Reckoner
12 Karma Police
13 Arpeggi
14 Just
15 Idioteque
16 Exit Music
17 Bodysnatchers

18 You And Whose Army?
19 Lucky
20 These Are My Twisted Words
21 Jigsaw Falling Into Place
22 Paranoid Android
23 Everything In Its Right Place

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  • Jeez. Why do they play the same stuff night after night. I thought they were supposed to play some new songs. Not the same new song. I’m disappointed, but I still love ’em. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Wow! Opened with “Creep” I wonder if this is a first.

    Seems like they do seem to play “There There” at every date. Any setlist from Radiohead is guaranteed to conjure up an amazing show. As far as new music, I’m sure there’s new stuff in the works and on it’s way soon!

  • i predicted they will open with Creep in Prague, and everybody said, no no, impossible. well, they didnยดt. but week after… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I had a feeling they wouldn’t play Nice Dream again after Leeds. I think poor old Colin made a few cock ups on that one, bless him. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Fantastic performance though.

  • lolwut

  • jay miller.. they weren’t ‘SUPPOSED’ to play new stuff. This was all made up by the BBC and the NME in the hype toward their gigs at reading and leeds. They did exactly what they said they’d do and play this is my twisted words. I look forward to hearing studio versions of whatever new songs they have recorded (whatever new songs certain t-shirt lyrics belong to). Great gig tonight and top marks to the BBC (for once) for broadcasting so much of it (lots more on red button).

  • BBC coverage was awful. Cut over half the show. The band themselves seemed awesome though, from the comfort of my setee.

  • I give up on complaining abou free tibet.

  • What is this “untitled new song” NME is reporting?

  • I won’t .
    there was a song I could not recognise, u know?

  • No new song. NME fucked up. Great gig. I was there!

  • Wtf is with them playing “These twisted words”. The song is not at all music, it’s just guitar doodling caught on tape. It sucks balls, why aren’t they showing off Present Tense? They really think These twisted words is the bomb now. Well I’m telling you now, Hiroshima was the bomb, but These twisted words will never be. Bring on Present Tense + Australian tour!

  • these twisted words is awesome…oh yes.

  • Great to see them back at a UK festival, Everything In Its Right Place was a stunning finish, cool lights too. BBC have highlights on their website:

  • It was a great gig, only down point was the backing track on idioteque getting out of sync. BBC could have cut that one and put in one of the many others they left out!

  • Does anyone know what Thom was singing right before he started ‘Everything in it’s Right Place’?

  • He was saying “The Gods are telling me to buy stock in Microsoft motherfuckaz”

  • thom sang Maps by yeah yeah yeahs at the start of everything in its right place

  • I think Leeds got the better setlist – for me personally anyway. Morning Bell, Wolf at the Door, (Nice Dream), Airbag…

    This looks to be a bit more of a safer festival friendly setlist. I imagine it went down very well with the crowd though – looking forward to watching a BBC recording of it!

  • The setlist was definitely for a festival crowd, rather than a Radiohead crowd. But that’s to be expected,surely?

  • its nice they are trying new festivals but radiohead belong at glastonbury simple as. They were going through the motions, the sound was so quiet what was up with that? And as for the crowd they were so lethargic all they cared about was the ok computer and bends stuff – disapointing.

  • […] ended their Short Summer Tour at the Reading Festival last Sunday. The last track played was ‘Everything In Its Right Place’ from Kid A. This time it had […]

  • I waited eleven hours in the cold to be front and centre when they started playing. It was amazing and so, so worth it ๐Ÿ˜€

  • It wasn’t cold, man up!

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