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Thom Yorke – ‘Reckoner’ via satellite for Age of Stupid

As announced earlier, Thom Yorke would perform ‘Reckoner’ for the screening of new film ‘Age Of Stupid’. Here’s a video of Thom’s performance via satellite.

[thx May for taping this]

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  • wicked

  • I think the guitar mic was pretty useless where it was 🙁

  • No this looks to be shot with a camcorder

  • pntrs September 21, 2009 at 9:05 pm
    SEP 22 2009 12:02 AM

    just came back from age of stupid __what a great material . . . we should all see it . . . nothing extremely new for some people but it will help others that have not much knowledge about it ___ [ now from there to actually do something about it is another story ]

    sadly if we all human beings would be better we shouldn t need this – we should just change – but we are not – so

    G O S E E I T __ B E C A U S E P E R H A P S U A R E N O T [ A S ] [ S T U P I D ] I N S I D E __

    THIS HAS NOT MUCH TO BE with the movie [ sorry i left the caps on ] but i just wanted to mention that i also felt very happy that thom did a beautiful [ and SOULFUL ! ! ! ] performance and his voice was spectacular and beautiful [ that s for all the bad people complaining about his voice ? lately ] [ how funny was seeing the new copy of FEELING PULLED APART BY HORSES resting on the piano in the back ! ! hehe ]


    peace in the world [ we really need it ]


  • The sound quality made hime sound a little squeely. I think I was watching a bootleg shot by Brody, Kramer and Jerry.

  • Harry Patch… When did you come back from the dead? Why are you using my G Granddad’s name??? Do you not have your own?

  • What was the last thing he said at the end?

  • The boy can play.

  • …just came back, watch that movie!

    Thom’s performance absolutely stunning, really spectacular, he seemed very moved himself (I have been wondering about his voice lately, but not tonight, extremely beautiful…)

  • I went to the global premiere last night, and am sorry to say that after all of the hype, I was disappointed. There wasn’t any “new” info for those of us who have any clue about what’s going on re: climate change and not much scientific backing or practical advice on how to effect change. Just impressionistic tidbits that, on the whole, seemed to preach to the choir. Thom’s performance was nice, but the movie was something of a let down.

  • Hi Sajida.

    Agree about the movie. Saw it a few months back at a Friends of the Earth showing. You’ve got to remember though that there are lots of people who don’t have any clue about climate change and peak oil so hopefully some of those people will watch it and take note. You have already started making changes in your life from what you have said I assume and all we can hope for is other people to take note. Thom’s comment after his performance was poignant I thought. The challenge just around the corner is for people to realise that renewables will never replace oil and so growth and development can’t actually continue long term even if we would like it to… Long reply for here, maybe I should have stuck it in the forum! : )

  • I have to say that this was one of Thom’s WORST performance I have ever heard. The mixing was bad, they needed to turn up the Guitar mic. But that is my opinion.

  • Great performance, though not the ideal sound setup (unless it’s just this recording). With the ‘Horses’ vinyl in view in the background it’s a wonder he didn’t break into that ‘Reckoner’ instead!

  • By the way Feeling pulled apart by horses EP is out for downloading on isohunt… I have it since 2 days ago, and it is amazing!!!!!!!

  • May? Not sure who is May , but this is my taping 🙂

  • wowow – I am not sure who May is – but this is my taping! 🙂 enjoy….

  • sorry for a double post.. what he says at the end? … that the concept of endless economic growth is now dead.. and that we have to come up with another plan…

    DO WE HAVE ONE?…… the movie is a must-see, I really hope it will go on the main screen…

  • does anyone know what brand his polo shirt is? cant make out the label!

  • hahahaha Drtchock maestro !

    i hope u r joking . . .

  • not the best of performances :(.
    this animation of feeling pulled apart by horses looks cool though

  • f**k, his voice is back to being perfect again (after harry patch weakness)

  • Lol Drtchock is thom yorke btw, gotta love his sense of humor!

  • Thom Yorke – Hearing Damage

    (from the New Moon soundtrack)


  • Please stick to writing songs like this, Thom.

  • inez4bears: Ade thanked me because i gave him the first recording of this… we obviously can all figure out you recorded it when we click on the youtube link. thank you for the recording.

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