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Thom Yorke on Tibet documentary soundtrack

Thom Yorke is featured on a forthcoming soundtrack of ‘When The Dragon Swallowed The Sun’, a documentary on the inside perspective on the Tibetan movement to free Tibet from Chinese occupation, its internal conflicts and contradictions.

The documentary by Dirk Simon is seven years in the making. The official website states ‘the combination of full HD footage from India, China, Tibet and the US along with a prologue narrated by Dennis Haysbert and an original soundtrack by Philip Glass, Thom Yorke and Damien Rice make this the first film that presents the complexity of the struggle with such emotional impact.’

The film features Richard Gere, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the 14th Dalai Lama, some of the most prominent Chinese contemporary artists and all the key figures of the exiled Tibetan freedom movement and their followers. The premiere is expected early 2010.

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  • I hope it’s a new track

  • Philip Glass, Thom Yorke and Damien Rice! Holy crap! What a magic lineup!

  • This should be good

  • ‘I Froze Up’?

    *crosses fingers*

    but seriously, ‘The Present Tense’?

  • It would be a good place to get an unreleased song out of the way. However, a new one would do just as well.

  • Oh, and I think The Present Tense will be kept for LP8.

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