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Radiohead to cover Peter Gabriel’s ‘Wallflower’

Peter Gabriel has revealed that Radiohead will cover his song Wallflower from his 1982 self titled 4th album. Gabriel has been slowly issuing podcasts with snippets of his covers from his forthcoming Scratch My Back album.

As previously reported, Radiohead cover a Peter Gabriel song in return for his cover of Street Spirit. The latest podcast includes a short section of his version of Radiohead’s Street Spirit [fade out]. During the accompanying interview he says that Thom wanted to do Wallflower as part of the song exchange and Radiohead’s version will come out sometime this year.

The podcast can be downloaded at Look for podcast 3 for the Radiohead bit at the 13:13 mark. Wallflower is highly regarded by most Gabriel fans and covers the Human Rights issue specifically in South America.

[thx Ted Sayers]

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  • *girly squeal*

  • awesome song choice thom! it’s a favourite one of mine.

  • it’s a good song…. but….

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  • Wallflower IS a good song and totally unexpected for the one RH are doing IMO. That’s probably one reason why they’re doing it. I expected them to do something more rhythmic and dark like Intruder. I’ve just heard the Peter Gabriel version of Street Spirit and to say it’s a total reworking would be an understatement! RH will be pleased with the version because it’s so different. I need to give it more listens before I really like it’s weirdness.

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  • Can i take credit for this? ‘Wallflower’ was my suggestion on the earlier thread. I feel very proud.

  • I was going to take credit for it because I wrote it. That’s my song, man.

  • Hmmm… I’ve heard a bit of Gabriel’s version of street spirit… I have to say I hate it a bit!!!

    It just sounds like something a drama teacher would come up with…

    “it’s arty and you don’t get it”
    No it’s just not very good.

    Still fair play for loving radiohead and doing a cover that is different. Just not for me!

    Hope radioheads version of his song is better.
    It might just be Thom doing an electric version in 5 minutes though. Hope it’s a full band version and if it means a lot to Thom, maybe they will give it a good go.


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