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New Office Chart

Thom Yorke just posted a new office chart on Dead Air Space, entitled ‘a week of 13s’

1. Murderer by Low from Drums and Guns [iTunes]
2. Hotel Freund by Black to Comm from Alphabet 1968 [iTunes]
3. If you go away by Scott Walker from Scott 3 [iTunes]
4. Ancestors by Gonjasufi from 2010 from Warp Records [iTunes]
5. Turn it on (instrumental) by Mark Pritchard + Steve Spacek[iTunes]
6. Homenagem A Unios do Viradouro by Macunaima from Sambas de Enredo 2000 Ate 2006 [iTunes]

Update: Thom replaced number 6 and added number 7:

6. These Words ft. dbridge by Martyn from Great Lengths [iTunes]
7. I think UR a Contra by Vampire Weekend from Contra [iTunes]

I’ve added the iTunes links for your convenience. If you have Spotify, check the Radiohead Office Charts playlist.

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  • thanks for the itunes links

  • :* !

  • Drums and Guns was the best rock(?) record of 2008 that not enough of you heard. Really you shouldn’t miss Breaker, Belarus, Violent Past, Take Your Time, Dust on the Window, Always Fade… Uh, really, you might as well just get the album.

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