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Podcast: Radiohead live at the Henry Fonda Theatre

It’s already two weeks ago Today, but the first Radiohead show of 2010 is already behind us. Radiohead’s show for Haiti is now available as a download.

Check for a full download of the show at the Henry Fonda Theatre. And while you’re waiting, be sure to visit Oxfam’s Haiti Relief Fund.

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  • my ears thank you in advance. 😀

  • I can’t download for some reason it just opens another window when I click the download link (quicktime) and is streaming the show.

  • That quicktime is not a stream–simply click on File, then Save As, and it downloads to your computer.

  • _i enjoy kidA at the show like if listening to a new song for me, because its such a beautiful performance of it __so into it __how nice___how beautiful_____

  • wow same for morning bell ! ! how nice . . . not that i like them better or so . . . – but the performance on it – how good it sounds – cant stop enjoying it – seen rd live and all i insist . . . – if this is the concert while they re recording i don t even imagine how s the recording is going – simple math – i talk in maths

  • Travis, thanks for the tip.

  • …how wunderful! It’s a beautiful combination of being relaxed and brilliant at the same time… I have been so envious for not being there…at least now I can listen…

  • […] Podcast: Radiohead live at the Henry Fonda Theatre […]

  • TNX SOOO VERY MUCH…tommorow i will go on work and enjoy..i wish i needed more time to come 2 work (around 30-50 minutes) .)

  • I still am unable to download as it opens another page but does not allow me to Save the podcast.

  • d have you tried instead of pressing download to right click it ? [ i have mac and it did worked ]

  • thanks much. all is well with the download.

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