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Stanley Donwood site update; new items in shop

Stanley Donwood has updated his website, with more on Red Maze and new items to order in the shop.

The site of the Radiohead artist now sports a News section (current), all of his Taglibro’s have been archived. And a lot of artwork (“lost, sold or no longer available”) will be set up as well, but under construction for now. Please have a look at the new shop with lots of new items, including the Red Maze book. Check the site for pictures from the current exhibition Red Maze in Heerlen, running through March 14. Better yet, if you’re in the Lowlands go to Schunck*, Heerlen in the Netherlands if you get the chance. Check Stanley Donwood’s website at

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  • Too bad the USD$ is so weak.

  • _S thank you so much for the red maze video____we get to enjoy a bit more than usual even when so far away ____we thank you for sharing that way_seems to be una gran muestra___

  • process will be filmed, and the resulting footage projected across the square at night; in silence, in solemn black and white.

  • Thirty three pounds for the exhibition book?? What’s it printed on? Gold fucking leaf??

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