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Thom Yorke live in Cambridge – Live Report

Thom Yorke played the Corn Exchange in Cambridge, announced as a low-key solo show for the Green Party. Earlier on Thom Yorke soundchecked ‘Harrowdown Hill’, ‘House Of Cards’, ‘Fog’, ‘These Are My Twisted Words’, ‘Like Spinning Plates’ and new song ‘Give Up The Ghost’.

After local artist Pete Um opened with a 30 minute set with just his vocals and a minidisc, Parliament candidate for the Green Party Tony Juniper, took the stage at 9:15pm. Juniper introduced Thom as a great person to work with and was proud to have him on the stage tonight. He asked Thom on stage under loud applause. The Radiohead frontman was in a very talkative mood and played three completely new songs (The Daily Mail, Give Up The Ghost and Mouse Dog Bird). Other notable songs were Lotus Flower (debuted earlier with the Eraser band), These Are My Twisted Words (the song Radiohead released online last Summer) and I Froze Up (once appeared in a Radiohead webcast).

Thom opened the set on acoustic guitar with The Clock from his The Eraser album and then moved over to the piano for the title track of that album, adding: “This one’s for Jonny, he’s a bit ill at the moment”. The crowd responded with a loud ‘Awwww’. Thom: “That’s alright. He likes being in bed”.

Before starting with the third song Thom asks if people could turn of the sound of their cameras; “It’s all clickytyclickclick” (…) “well, you won’t hear it on this one”. Thom adds “When we were kids we went to a shop around here and switch on all the Casio keyboards. It sounded a little bit like this.” The song is Arpeggi/Weird Fishes played on keyboards. With the crowd singing the parts Ed O’Brien usually does at Radiohead shows. It’s either the crowd or messing up the keyboards, it surely made him laugh numerous times during the song.

Moving back to the piano, Thom gathered several sheets of papers with lyrics. “I’ll need these. I have trouble remembering stuff these days. Or maybe I’m pregnant.” Thom introduces the first new song of the evening: “This is a song you never heard before. It’s dedicated to the open-minded, liberal kinda people of this country. It’s called The Daily Mail”. The second Radiohead track of the evening is ‘Pyramid Song’. Thom gets his bass guitar for ‘Harrowdown Hill’ and plays a few notes and responded to someone in the crowd “Did someone just say Flea?!” and slaps his bass like the Red Hot Chili Peppers bass player would. Flea is also in his new band Atoms For Peace. He loops the bass guitar parts and plays over it, with some electric guitar at the end of the song.

‘Lotus Flower’ was introduced as something ‘newish’. The track debuted last fall in Los Angeles when Thom Yorke played with his band. ‘Give Up The Ghost’ was soundchecked in the afternoon and is next in the setlist. Starting off with a loop of a beat and vocal line (Thom hits the mike with his hand and and some vocals), which worked after a second try, the song is one of the highlights of the show. Next up is another relatively new song. ‘These Are My Twisted Words’ is the Radiohead song released online last Summer. Thom commented afterwards ‘The words are not that twisted, but the guitar part fucking is’. Ten songs in the set, we get another rarity. Only played at a Radiohead webcast before, Thom introduced ‘I Froze Up’ as ‘only played in my bedroom before, or somebody’s bedroom’.

Thom took a minute to explain why he’s playing this gig tonight, saying he’s sick of politician’s lip service and not talking about green issues. “People are scared of change, but half the country is supporting environmental issues, but we are not represented in Parliament and now it could actually happen. That’s why I’m here. That’s wiiiiicked! I should shut up now.” He then went on to play Radiohead’s ‘Like Spinning Plates’ and then two more songs from The Eraser: ‘Black Swan’ and ‘Cymbal Rush’. Closing track of the set was ‘Videotape’ from Radiohead’s last album ‘In Rainbows’.

Coming back for the first encore the crowd yelled for requests, but replied with ‘Er… no… guess what? Another new one… Noooo!’ and played brand new ‘Mouse Dog Bird’, recording and looping backing vocals. Another two Radiohead songs followed (‘Reckoner’ and ‘Airbag’) and closed the first encore with ‘Atoms For Peace’.

A second encore was not on the setlist, but Thom came back under loud cheers to play a Radiohead live classic, ‘True Love Waits’. Thom: “You might have to sing along for this one because I usually forget the fuuuuucking words.” The song was really the last of the show and leaved the audience with an entertaining set and a great number of new songs.

Vote Green I’d say 😉

Setlist below [VIDEOS OVER HERE]

Here’s the full setlist:

01 The Clock
02 The Eraser
03 Weird Fishes
04 The Daily Mail
05 Pyramid Song
06 Harrowdown Hill
07 Lotus Flower
08 Give Up The Ghost
09 These Are My Twisted Words
10 I Froze Up
11 Like Spinning Plates
12 Black Swan
13 Cymbal Rush
14 Videotape

Encore #1
15 Mouse Dog Bird
16 Reckoner
17 Airbag
18 Atoms For Peace

Encore #2
19 True Love Waits

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  • cant wait for the new york shows! soundchecking LSP!!!One of the most amazing songs live, i hope you does it in NY.


  • cant wait for the new york shows! soundchecking LSP!!!One of the most amazing songs live, i hope he does it in NY.

  • ARGH ALL THE TICKETS WENT TO TOUTS I tried to get one at 12:01 and they were sold out. I live 10 seconds from this gig. Galling.

  • cant wait for the new york shows! sound-checking LSP!!!One of the most amazing songs live, i hope he does it in NY.

  • he soundchekced These are my twisted words!?
    how does that work solo?

  • well these are my twisted words does have that beat that goes throughout the whole thing, so maybe a drum track? hah, that would be interesting…

  • Interested to hear some of this.

  • Just got back from the gig. Awesome. He played quite a few new tracks. The man’s a genius.

  • Um, should Thom be playing Radiohead songs solo? Seems a bit off, doesn’t it?

  • new songs! “The daily mail”…that kind of explains the theme they have on dead air space.

  • I agree. Playing Radiohead songs with another band seems a little unorthodox. I’m not sure that’d settle well with me if I were one of the other members of Radiohead.

  • What? It’s not in his band, it’s just him. He wrote the damn things probably. This is JUST him.

  • Here ya go guys:
    “Daily Mail” -
    “Mouse Dog Bird” –

    Need LP8 now!!!

  • Oh, and hell-o m r m 8.

  • Am I the only one who doesn’t like Lotus Flower? Just curious

  • I might be with ya Jon, but I’m waiting for the full band version. wait, i say that before I listen to it. Something in the chorus is really gorgeous. I’m not crazy about judge jury and executioner though hah. Something about the mix of the chords. But still a cool beat. It’s Thom yorke’s band’s (atoms for peace) song anyway. But you know, I’d rather hear most of this than a lot of bands. anyway, I don’t think lotus flower compares to Present tense, the band version is going be amazing.

  • I’m speechless- it is sooo good!!!

  • I really liked lotus flowers, and twisted words sounds beter in my oppiniom when done acousticly,”well the words aren’t that twisted, but the guitar fucking is”. I really liked give up the ghost, hope some one YouTubesit soon.

  • I already have. 🙂 check the YouTube channel of my name…

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  • I wonder how sounds like Weird fishes without the band …

  • I Froze Up! YES!!! I’ve been in love with this song and Good Morning Mr. Magpie ever since the webcast years ago.

  • my exact sentiments faketee78. love those two songs from that webcast! 🙂

  • […] Thom Yorke, still monopolizing our front page. During a benefit show for the UK’s Green Party last night at the Cambridge Corn Exchange, Yorke played three brand new, never-before-heard songs: “The Daily Mail”, “Give Up the Ghost” (whoa), and “Mouse Dog Bird”. Watch solid-sounding YouTubes of the tunes after the jump, via At Ease. […]

  • are u guys nuts!!! lotus flower is going to be a classic. simply beautiful! thom’s voice in the chorus – there are no words.

  • does anyone around here have any connection to find really cheap flights from miami to NYC ?

    i DO need HELP with this . . . i accept suggestions . . . no jokes please . . . its very important situation here . . . LOL [ of course the concert ]

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  • is there a youtube of I Froze Up about?

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  • Man, Give up the Ghost is gorgeous

  • Fantastic gig – absolutely stunning.


  • Daily Mail is AWESOME!!

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  • acoustic airbag! I dont think thoms done this since like….1996? Fantastic!!!!!!!

  • […] Y pasando a más noticias, Yorke ofreció el pasado 25 de febrero un concierto solo en el Cambridge Corn Exchange como beneficio al Partido Verde, en donde tocó 19 canciones, tanto de Radiohead como de su álbum The Eraser. ¡Y también nuevo material! 3 nuevas canciones: “The Daily Mail”, “Give Up The Ghost” y “Mouse Dog Bird”. Pueden escucharlas en At Ease. […]

  • It was more like this but close enough! 😉

    Thom: “I’ll need these. I have trouble remembering stuff these days.”

    Person in crowd: “are you pregnant?”

    Thom: “Or maybe I’m pregnant.”

  • Yes, “Twisted words” acoustic (at least as the videos suggest) was a great idea. The full band version is lovely, but to strip it down really reminds one of the artwork, very simple, misty, and slightly jarring. :->)

  • Who was the dude who shouted “Flea”? I think it was an American dude, who was standing right in front of me. He also shouted out “Idioteque” which Thom responded to as well!! Think there may have been something else he said too which got a response. I was well impressed!

  • I FROZE UP!!!!!

    Always loved that song, can’t wait to hear this.

  • He did analyse too, I think.. I remember it

  • Na, he definately didn’t play analyse

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  • There’s a real cool cover of Creep there:

  • wish he would come to Melbourne, Australia. I’m bored with this Australian experience!

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  • […] Haiti fundraiser they did last year. The last time Thom Yorke performed the song was at a solo show Cambridge’s Corn Exchange, February 25, 2010 and announced it as ‘something […]

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