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Thom Yorke in Cambridge – The Videos

Last night Thom Yorke played at the Green Party benefit at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge, debuting three new songs and some other rare tracks.

Here’s a rundown of the videos (still being updated). For the review and setlist of the show, check here.


Lotus Flower

These Are My Twisted Words

Give Up The Ghost

The Daily Mail

Mouse Dog Bird

I Froze Up


True Love Waits

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  • […] More later… Setlist below [VIDEOS OVER HERE] […]

  • Is there any chance of a complete set going online?

  • you’re the cream in my airport coffee.

  • I dont like any of the tunes apart from the present tense.His songwriting style has changed….plus hes too happy or something..i know that sounds ridiculous but i much rather the darker side of thoms writing…much more interesting..

  • you’re the light wiping out my battery

  • @dK: The album hasn’t even been released and you’re making judgements of the current songwriting already? A bit premature if you ask me. These songs have a bit of melancholic sound to them, especially “These Are My Twisted Words.” And it’s really all subjective. Most people would feel the depression from his love songs more than his ones about climate change. Only time will tell if his lyrics have changed that much…

  • after first listen i didnt find new songs special but if present tense teached me one thing, it would be you can rely on thoms songwriting skills. it just takes more listens.

  • yo opino . . .

  • Give up the Ghost!!! Like it.

  • Hey!! I am exciting about these new songs! I reckon there is some Neil Young coming through. Thom must have broke through that songwriting block. Hopefully Sufjan will be next!

  • For the guitar players, my tutorial of Give Up the Ghost should be up on YouTube:


  • I’ve grown too accustomed to the hisses and pops, as my friend put Thom’s solo work, I think. Hopefully the whole radiohead/atoms for peace album isn’t this stripped down, even though I like the new songs. Lotus Flower has the most potential out of the newer stuff in my estimation.

  • Woah, I Froze Up.

    they played it along with Mr. Magpie in a webcast in like 2002.

    glad it came back to life.

  • “He’s too happy”?! It would disturb me if Thom was constantly unhappy, obviously us fans want him to keep writing and ever evolving!

  • He is so fucking sexy.

  • are they new radiohead songs or part of his solo project?


  • I find it amusing that we get something as beautiful as Give Up The Ghost and him playing fucking Froze Up after all these years and all some people can do is WHINE!!! Why don’t you all just…give up the ghost and go and read the Daily Mail or something?? šŸ˜›

  • what a nice concert __just finished all the songs of the set if i am not mistaken _how can just 1 person be so amazing on stage _his mood is the greatest maybe that i ve seen on him _the man is happy _you can tell ___and i am happy for that

  • I do agree with some that they are a bit ‘happier’…and I do prefer the ‘melanchol-ier’ stuff of full Radiohead, but I still like this. And with that said, though ‘dark’ & ‘melancholy’, I find a lot of happiness, peace, beauty, and hope in Radiohead’s songs.
    Another thing about these ‘new style’ or ‘happy’ songs–they’ve yet to be “Greenwooded”…I think that’s truly where a the sound of Radiohead’s ‘melancholy’ comes from.

  • Great new stuff Thom!!! I will be at the Atoms for Peace show in CHicago! The Daily Mail is awesome. I love the idiots on this board who: 1. Have probably only been Radiohead fans since In Rainbows 2. Put quick judgement on what songs will be solo and what songs will be part of Radiohead. 3. Whine and complain about certain songs. Don’t you cheeseheads understand anything about Thom/ Radiohead?

  • that wasnt me me saying that ___i promise ha

  • In response to fears about the new songs being too stripped down:

    live versions of Like Spinning Plates vs the studio version

    need I say more?

  • “Lotus Flower” and “super Collider” are so boring… and please don’t bring Mr. Magpie, that song really sucked, despite what fans say…. “Judge, Jury and Executioner”, “open the floodgates” and “Skirting on the Surface” are the best tunes of all the new stuff i heard ’till now.

  • I dislike listening to song in this guise; they all sound so terrible.

  • wow…there are some whiny bitches here…

    this stuff is great…and none of you had to pay a dime for it, yet anyhow…just enjoy it…

  • I also feel like there is something lacking with these songs, but I see their potential. Just wait, is all i can say. It’s like they haven’t got their edge yet, and I absolutely agree: They have to be “greenwooded”. Never underestimate that man šŸ™‚ Now it’s a little bit “Thom Yorke fiddling with the same chords and melodies as we have heard several times before”. Just wait until they mature and are really ready to go out into the world. And yes, want Magpie too šŸ™‚

  • Amazing sound quality…I cannot wait to see Atoms for Peace at Roseland April 6!!!!!! Hopefully we can get some “True Love Waits”…SO EXCITED FOR THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mouse Dog Bird is quite good.

  • […] The photo above is courtesy At Ease where you can also see a bunch of videos from the gig. […]

  • I actually prefer the album version of like spinning plates to the live one, though I enjoy both of them and it once was the opposite; that I liked the live version more. I just don’t want to see Radiohead go the way of Pearl Jam in the late 90s, early 2000s. In Rainbows was rather ‘bare’ compared to their albums before and I loved it. Sometimes less is more.

    I like Neil Young as much as the next guy, but looking at his catalog he didn’t just write folk songs. That is his lesson, keep experimenting and refining your sound until you are done. People might not understand in the short-term, as you saw with Kid A and how people were mad it wasn’t another OK Computer. But they will in the long-term, Kid A is now considered one of the most important albums of the 2000s. I am glad to say I saw it for what it was when it came out and made sure to see RH on the Kid A – Amnesiac tour.

    Folk has mostly been done to death. That being said this is just the early stages of these songs, I realize this. The songs being as they were made sense in context of this concert. When the band gets involved you never know what will happen. It’s an opinion. No one is more important than another.

  • great post as usual!

  • Who’s in a bunker?
    Who’s in a bunker?
    Women and children first
    And the children first
    And the children
    I’ll laugh until my head comes off
    I’ll swallow until I burst
    Until I burst
    Until I

    Who’s in a bunker?
    Who’s in a bunker?
    I have seen too much
    I haven’t seen enough
    You haven’t seen it
    I’ll laugh until my head comes off
    Women and children first
    And children first
    And children

    Here I’m allowed
    Everything all of the time
    Here I’m allowed
    Everything all of the time

    Ice age coming
    Ice age coming
    Let me hear both sides
    Let me hear both sides
    Let me hear both
    Ice age coming
    Ice age coming
    Throw it on the fire
    Throw it on the fire
    Throw it on the

    We’re not scaremongering
    This is really happening
    We’re not scaremongering
    This is really happening
    Mobiles skwerking
    Mobiles chirping
    Take the money and run
    Take the money and run
    Take the money

    Here I’m allowed
    Everything all of the time
    Here I’m allowed
    Everything all of the time

    Here I’m allowed
    Everything all of the time
    Here I’m allowed
    Everything all of the time

    The first of the children

  • No one has anything to say to that do they?

  • i tihnk the above comments are just silly

  • […] track of The King Of Limbs, Separator, has been played live as Mouse Dog Bird at Thom Yorke’s Green Party benefit in Cambridge last year. Check the tracklisting […]

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