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Bat For Lashes cover Radiohead’s ‘All I Need’

Two years ago Bat For Lashes supported Radiohead on their European tour. Thom Yorke put one of the band’s tracks on his iTunes Celebrity Playlist.

One of Thom’s favourites was ‘Horse and I’. Natasha Khan of Bat For Lashes is a fan of Radiohead’s ‘All I Need’ apparently as the band covered the song at a try out show for a support tour with Coldplay. The video is a bit blurry, but check out Bat For Lashes’ version with strings below.

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  • natasha khan is such a pretentious artist. im sick of bat for lashes

  • Pretentious, seriously? What does that even mean? Such a cheap insult.

  • pre·ten·tious – 1: expressive of affected, unwarranted, or exaggerated importance, worth, or stature
    2: Making or marked by an extravagant outward show; ostentatious

  • This video looks less blurry:

  • I’m so fracking sick of people bandying about the word “pretentious”. Different people express themselves differently. Different people see different aspects of things as more or less important. There’s no objective criteria. To call something pretentious is basically to assume that YOUR opinion of something’s worth is in fact the truth, and that the person\artist you’re talking about (who you only “know” from the distant, fleeting glance that is your singular human perspective) is arrogant or in error to behave as though they have any more merit than you’ve judged them to have.

    If there’s any bloated sense of importance going on, it’s the opinion of someone who deems it justified to call someone pretentious.

  • ed – Everyone has a right to their opinion, whether pro or con.

    While the place for those opinions specifically negative ones is not within a public “anonymous” forum, but that does not in itself negate the right.

  • i just watched a documentary on her recently, and i made an effort with her, and by the end i had decided that she annoyed me for a bunch of reasons.

    saying things like “oh this song is about new york and how its made of glass”, at some point you just want her to stop being airy fairy and talking about herself for 2 hours.

    she also lives a creative life that is very privileged, in that she essentially lived in williamsburg for a while and just hung out writing music, then back to the uk, visiting the desert, writing more music, hanging out with her boyfriend. her way of being creative seems like its a very rarefied way of living, and an expensive way to live that most people would kill for. that annoyed me.

    watch this to see what im talking about. dont get my wrong, i like her band. she just annoys me sometimes.

  • I liked this cover, although the end was a bit disapointing. PS pretentiousness in music is a good thing as it forces artists to evolve. People said Kid A was pretentious

  • Bat For Lashes pretentious?!? She’s touring with Coldplay for God’s sake!

  • “”saying things like “oh this song is about new york and how its made of glass”… “”

    Sorta like Thom saying ‘This song is about Canary Wharf’ then?

  • boring……….hahahaha. this version sucks so bad. Way to ruin a song bat for lashes, whoever u are…hahahahahaahahaha.

  • Boring! Way to ruin the song, Bat for Lashes, whoever you are. hahaha.

  • i left a comment, then my computer said i didnt, then i left it again, but more properly, and the first one was in fact there. poop

  • congratulations, you’re retarded!

  • I’m not even a big Bat For Lashes fan but this is a great cover. The strings and female vocals really put a fresh, interesting spin on the song. I like.

  • umm I almost like this more than the original, except the ending. Overall, pretty good.

  • an ok cover. i don’t really get what’s so great about Bat for Lashes. she’s sort of like a Bjork wannabe, but without, you know, the voice.

  • Hey jackal what the fuck are you talking about. I don’t understand. You can achieve the same if you wanted. How much would it cost to go to LA and to the desert? Maybe 500 pounds or a 1000 dollars. You can do it… Don’t worry so much about what other people are doing and get it together within yourself. The energy you put forth being jealouse of somebody else actually detracts from you getting ahead. Let her have it if she’s got it. Focus on yourself and don’t get mad at me for saying this, it also detracts from you getting ahead.

  • don’t know what you guys are talking about. this is a great cover.

  • This is a really good cover. For the record, anyone who thinks Bat for Lashes are a pretentious band should try making music sometimes. Listen more, judge less.

  • What on earth happened to her wardrobe. She used to look fantastic. Skirt and blouse? Short-changed much?

  • I don’t remember doing this!

  • That’s pretty cool – I dig it fo’ sure. Although I do miss the synth bass line quite a bit… love that bit in the original.

  • Wonderful.

  • christ, radiohead fans accusing OTHER artists of being pretentious? my head explodes. not that i really consider radiohead OR bat for lashes pretentious, it’s a concept i don’t have much use for anyway, but if we’re going in that direction, they’re at LEAST as pretentious as each other. have you SEEN any interviews with thom yorke? it’s also just a hugely unfair thing to use as a criticism for anyone who puts their art out there. art can either fail conceptually, or succeed. however it gets there is irrelevant.

    animal collective, just as an example, make “ostentatious” and “affected” music, so by definition i could call them pretentious. and so do radiohead for that matter. but i consider them to be achieving what they set out to do within the parameters they’ve laid down. so who cares?

    sorry. i know it was only one person who brought this up, and he went on to say he liked the band in question, i’m just so tired of people using pretentious as a criticism of art. criticize your shitty hipster friends with their forced mannerisms and arrogant opinions as pretentious, not art.

    and re:just saying; you’re right, and we have the right to disagree with their shitty dismissive opinions. kthx.

  • I think she is both overrated AND pretentious.

  • coldplay should have to audition to play with bat for lashes

  • Beautific!

  • lol…I like the song. I think Bat for Lashes are a cracking live band and im glad Radiohead brought them to my attention. As for some of the comments on here, in the words of Beck (another “pretentious” artist? lol) Egos drone and pose alone like black baloons all banged and blown…

    pretentious? moi?!

  • I agree, not just ‘pretentious’, but rather insulting, however…
    who cares?

  • where is the crash for god s sake???!!!!!
    it is a good cover, but the ending is all fucked up

  • Everyone posting on this site is fukking pretentious

  • @Monkey Chops Isn’t Coldplay bigger then Radiohead nowadays?

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