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Thom Yorke & The Canadians (includes Office Chart)

Thom Yorke posted on Dead Air Space with Canada’s role at the Copenhagen Summit. A new office chart, dedicated to Oil Company shareholders, is included.

so yes rumour has it that the canadians came to the copenhagen summit demanding to increase their co2 emmissions.
principally cuz of the tar sands and how much money the faceless motherfuckers in the oil industry stand to make out of it.. who are obviously bankrolling the government there.
i find it hard to correlate this all with the canadians i know who are very forward thinking..
the frightening thing about it is that just such a project could send the climate over the tipping point.
here’s a link.. but just google if you wanna know more

people and planet on tar sands

….i try to imagine what it must be like to work in the political lobby office of BP or whatever (ok not often).. must be nice to not give a shit… i’ve met some people involved in the oil industry they seem nice enough… u know..
but hey, they might cry, were all answerable to the shareholders..
err hang on isnt that most of us? pension funds etc? tricky. but then again not really. what use is a fuckin pension when there aint nowhere to live?

an yway
this is an office chart for all u shareholders out there>>>>

Intro: Live At Skateland (1986) Cutty Ranks
Brothers Gonna Work It Out Public Enemy Fear of a Black Planet
Cyclic Bit Raymond Scott
Audience No. 2 Autolux
New York Is Killing Me (Original Clapping Version) Gil Scott-Heron
Natty DVA
Sing Four Tet
Ambre Nils Frahm
Take Me Back Aloe Blacc


If you have Spotify, check the Radiohead Office Charts playlist.

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  • Manhattan Research, Inc. is awesome

  • It kind of bugs me that he refers to these people as Canadians, as if they represent the feelings of all Canadians.

  • First off: I love Thom Yorke, don’t get me wrong. But I hate what he is doing in posts like this one – he shouldn’t get involved in politics like that and also, there is no proof that global warming exists let alone is caused by human activity. He really should find another hobby

  • I think Thom Yorke has the right to follow his conscience and the responsibility to do what he feels is right. Global warming is happening and about 98% of hte scientific community has been saying so (and saying we’re part of the reason its’ happening) for more than two decades now. YOU are the one politicizing it. If you think six billion humans and growing can just exploit the qorld’s resources willy nilly without consequence you oughtta have your head examined. And you better damn well not act surprised when we don’t have polar ice caps anymore.

  • I never said we should exploit resources. Learn to read with understanding. “About 98% of scientific community..” I bet you made that up. I am a PhD and I work at a University in biological department and most of us agree that global warming is not proven and cannot be (at leat yet). Also, in before “climate change” – climate has always been changing and it will undoubtedly continue to do so. Good day to you sir

  • mate, just coz you’ve got a PhD in pretend science (biology) doesn’t mean you know whether global warming is happening or not. has any of the research you’ve done been to do with global warming? i doubt it, and if it hasnt then you’re just having a guess about whether its happening or not. its been considered fact by scientist in that department that we have already seen the the effects of global warming. the science is water tight, and although “some scientists say it isnt happening”, they have generally been payed by oil companies to do so. and yes climate has always changed, but why induce change ourselves that causes our own extinction.

  • That’s just unnecessarily rude “pretend science”.


  • I love Thom Yorke, but has he even heard of ‘climate-gate’? Man-Made GW is a bloody fraud. I wish this guy would just shut up and sing, or find a real cause.

  • The world has been cooling since 1998!

  • I’ve compiled the songs from this office chart in a playlist on Grooveshark –

  • In mere thousands of years humans have done unspeakable things to the face of the Earth – and currently the rate of acceleration is sickening. Things clearly can’t go on this way, the guy above with the trophy PhD is talking out if his arse. Thom has the right to post what he likes on his website.

  • And besides, even if you’re one of the fellas who sticks your head in the ClimateGate sandbox, the sheer devastation those tar sands create is horrific. Each to their own I guess…?

  • Ash, I can think of some trophy PhDs, but biology is not one of them.

    Genetic coding, DNA, RNA to name a few

  • I’m (mostly) with Alex on this one.

    I got off the Al Gore “global-warming” bandwagon years ago. So many private entities are about to profit from carbon-taxing alone that it’s just hard for me to continue to not believe it’s mostly about money. I’m more into the theory that the earth goes through phases due to the heating caused by the sun.. but that’s just my own point of view. And plus… as Alex stated earlier, there is no real solid proof that the melting of the ice caps is due to global warming. Granted, I am one who believes in taking care of mother earth but is putting in place yet another tax really going keep the ice caps from melting ?

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and Thom should do whatever he feels like doing. I’m a fan of Sir Yorke’s musical genius not his stance on a particular issue.

  • Sadly, this hits close to home for me. He is actually talking about where I live, Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, which is the city where all of the oilsands plants are. I don’t actually work for the oil companies, I work for the local municipality here, but in a way, that’s where my money comes from. (Property tax from all the homes here, which a lot of them are oil workers). I guess I don’t see myself as part of the problem, but it’s not like we are going to all stop using oil anytime soon. I do fully support forcing the plants to make their oil as environmentally as possible though, but not sure what influence I can have in that.

  • what does he mean by this weeks office chart??

  • you’re fucking retarded if you think global warming is occuring.

    you buy into the media’s lies.

    fucking kool aid drinkers… wow..

  • I’m also along the lines of what subsickalien said. And for those of whom say that the majority of scientists believe man made gw is real, maybe check this out.
    I’ve done a lot of research on both sides. I mean, it’s really easy to go towards the side that says we are the problem, let’s stop emitting emissions, help poor ol earth. Gut says, okay that must be right, but look underneath it all. Once our leader’s are given the right to cut our emissions by a hefty percentage, we will also lose a lot of our freedom. Search: Copenhagen treaty. Which I’m guessing the name will have changed…THIS is quite scary

  • California and Texas have the highest number of petition signers, coincidence?

  • its just common sense. the atmosphere is made up of a sensitive mixture of gases. if you dig up loads of carbon and hydrocarbons that have been buried for millions of years and burn it and suddenly emit loads of CO2 you’re gonna increase the density of CO2 in the atmosphere, which will effect its overall thermal conductivity and therefore how much it insulates heat. maybe it hasnt happened yet, maybe it has, either way its pretty obvious that at some point this industrial revolution is gonna take effect. even if its not 100% certain that its going to happen, is it worth the risk? is better to just hide your head in the sand and say “nope definitely nothing to do with me! i’ll still just drive to shop even tho its a 10 minute walk, i’ll still drive my 4X4 even tho i live in a fucking city!”. the less we prepare for not being able to use hydrocarbons, the harder it’ll hit when they run out. I just think people are generally very gluttonous and don’t wanna face the consequences, or even consider them it seems.

    (also i do apologies for saying biology is not real science, it is a worthwhile subject, just not one that NECISSERALLY means you know about global warming)

  • if something is dangerous, standard practice is to control or limit its use and then ban it, not to tax it and let people carry on regardless.

  • Thom needs to get off his high horse. Doesn’t he know the global warming debate is over? and that he lost it? and fuck him for dissing Canadians. Pompous prick!!

  • Why is this such an emotional issue? Why so contentious? You’re not arguing with me, you’re arguing with scientific consensus. I’m not a scientist, don’t pretend to be. Damnit, go to the National Academy of Sciences websites, go to NOAA, NASA, go to the IPCC. But don’t use bullshit to argue with me. And as has been said here, whether you agree with the vast majority of scientists, you still haven’t addressed toxic pollution or resource depletion — two OTHER problems even IF for some reason the miniscule percentile of scientists who DON’T subscribe to anthropogenic climate change were correct. So put that in your pipe and choke on it. And as to those who say people just make this shit up to profit from it, I’d take a look at who profits the most from things as they are: the OIL COMPANIES, one of whom (Exxon Mobil) is the most profitable company in the world. Think they want htings to change? Your instinct to follow the money is right. All you have to do now is follow through and you’ll start to wise up.

  • Prison
    Tuesday, November 3, 2009

    A common charge leveled against global warming skeptics is that they are on the payroll of transnational oil companies, when in fact the opposite is true, oil companies are amongst the biggest promoters of climate change propaganda, emphasized recently by Exxon Mobil’s call for a global carbon tax.

    According to Exxon Mobil chief executive Rex Tillerson, the cap and trade nightmare being primed for passage in the Senate doesn’t go far enough – Tillerson wants a direct tax on carbon dioxide emissions, essentially a tax on breathing since we all exhale this life-giving gas.

    In a speech last month, Tillerson brazenly called out the cap and trade agenda for what it was, an effort to impose a carbon tax camouflaged only by a slick sales pitch and deceptive rhetoric.

    “It is easier and more politically expedient to support a cap-and-trade approach, because the public will never figure out where it is hitting them,” said Tillerson. “They will just know they hurt somewhere in their pocketbook,” he added, pointing out that he disagreed with this convoluted method of introducing a carbon tax, arguing instead that it would be more successful to openly propose a straight carbon tax.

    Tillerson firmly expressed Exxon’s support for climate change alarmists in stating, “I firmly believe it is not too late for Congress to consider a carbon tax as the better policy approach for addressing the risks of climate change.”

    Exxon’s push for a carbon tax was restated last week by its vice president for public affairs Ken Cohen, who told a conference call that he wants a climate policy that creates “certainty and predictability, which is why we advocate a carbon tax.”

    Exxon Mobil and their ilk are not concerned about a carbon tax eating into their profits because they know they won’t have to pay it – the tab will be picked up by the ignorant taxpayer at the fuel pump at an inflated cost which if anything will hand the transnational oil cartels an even bigger cut.

    Ideologically, Al Gore and Exxon Mobil are on exactly the same page – the only difference between the oil companies and global warming alarmists is the squabble over who will get to sink their teeth into the taxpayer and reap the dividends of the climate change scam.

    Whereas parasites like Al Gore and Maurice Strong, the people who own the very carbon trading systems they claim will save the earth from CO2 emissions, want to enrich themselves to the tune of billions under a cap and trade scheme where they take a percentage of each transaction, the oil companies want to bypass this completely by simply imposing a direct CO2 tax. The consequence for the taxpayer under either scenario will be exactly the same, and the profits under both schemes would go towards filling the coffers of the global government that will enforce the whole scam.

    Emphasizing again that oil companies are firmly behind the idea of man-made climate change and the introduction of a CO2 tax, in 2007 the Trilateral Commission, one of the three pillars of the new world order in alliance with Bilderberg and the CFR, met in near secrecy to formulate policy on how best they could exploit global warming fearmongering to ratchet up taxes and control over how westerners live their lives.

    At the confab, European Chairman of the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberger and chairman of British Petroleum Peter Sutherland, gave a speech to his elitist cohorts in which he issued a “Universal battle cry arose for the world to address “global warming” with a single voice.”

    Echoing this sentiment was General Lord Guthrie, director of N.M. Rothschild & Sons, member of the House of Lords and former chief of the Defense Staff in London, who urged the Trilateral power-brokers to “Address the global climate crisis with a single voice, and impose rules that apply worldwide.” Rules that no doubt will benefit the Rothschild family empire due to their personal ownership of a huge chunk of the carbon trading market.

    Allegations that skeptics of the man-made explanation behind global warming are somehow doing the bidding of the elite are laughable in the face of the fact that Rothschild operatives and the very chairman of British Petroleum are the ones orchestrating an elitist plan to exploit global warming fears in order to achieve political objectives.

    During the 2007 meeting, elitists along with oil industry kingpins called for imposing a $1 dollar per gallon tax at the fuel pump under the justification of fighting pollution and climate change.

    Globalists love global warming. Oil industry kingpins, Bilderbergers and Rothschild minions have all put their weight behind it. This is a fraud conceived, nurtured and promulgated by elite, and to castigate individuals for merely questioning the motives behind climate change fearmongering by accusing them of being mouthpieces for the establishment is a complete reversal of the truth.

    Claims by climate change alarmists that “deniers” are all funded by oil companies is yet another crudely contrived hoax. In reality, oil companies are the most vocal proponents of man-made climate change and the most aggressive in pushing to tax CO2 emissions.

  • As a Canadian, I’m proud of Thom Yorke for rightly criticizing our nation’s pathetic government. To fellow Canadians who are upset, he has criticized the US and Britain and China in the past, why can’t he criticize Canada?

    I despise this fascist government and am sickened by Canadians who always tapped themselves on the back for supposedly being morally superior than Americans, but, when this government came in, very few of us cared to protest his actions.

    He viciously endorsed Israel’s massacres, violates the rights of Muslims, lies constantly about his willingness to do something on the environment, is intolerant of dissent, manipulates the French-English divide, is pro-big business, and is a bloody hypocrite. But so many Canadians are more interested in having a bully for a leader and don’t care what Canada is doing abroad, including selling asbestos to poor Indians; ours is the only industrialized country in the world to still sell this toxic product!

    Right on, Thom. Canadians deserve beans!

  • at ease, I don’t know from where you’re getting your facts, but explain, then, why former oil execs went to work at the Bush administration and constantly rewrote environmental reports to pretend global warming and other environmental degradation phenomena weren’t happening? Why was Harper quick to say he’d have to investigate whether global warming was a real phenomenon before doing anything about it. Why did Bush and Harper oppose Kyoto.

  • I like coldplay too

  • joey g., if you actually looked at the data, it would be clear to you the Earth has been warming since 1998, not cooling.

  • statistics can be manipulated to look like the world is cooling down, because 1998 was an abnormally warm year, so if you start at 1998 and look at following years it can look like the earth is cooling. if you look further into history, say the last 40 or more years (so closer to when the industrial revolution happened) then there is a general increase in temperature. and in general the raise in temperature is proportional to the increase in emissions of CO2.

  • Global warming is real, and known to be a trend in the Earth’s history, global warming and cooling have occurred at various points in our history. Unless you are saying an Ice Age never happened, if so I suggest you join the Flat Earth Society or a creationist Sunday school group. Saying global warming isn’t real is a fallacy. Whether humans have had much impact on global warming or not is debatable. I’d say it couldn’t hurt to stop exploiting our natural resources; stop relying on autocratic regimes and corrupt oil barons for our fuel. Especially when we have the technology to go with cheaper, more efficient, and less polluting fuels. Either way it doesn’t make sense to stay with the status quo, given our current rate of consumption in fossil fuels. Global warming doesn’t need to be the key issue on that debate.

    With that being said, I was with Gore at one time, but not anymore. I’ve seen the corruption inherent in him and others who stand to gain from scare-mongering. Most of the people who complain about carbon footprints, greenhouse gases, etc. are the ones creating the most pollution. John Travolta being a prime example, though I wasn’t sure he should be mentioned since he believes an alien warlord sent trillions of aliens into volcanoes on Earth to be blown up with H-bombs; that being the root of sadness and despair inherent in the human condition.

    I’ve learned to take the good with the bad concerning Thom. I don’t agree with veaganism and radical political views, whether they are liberal or conservative. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion though, and opinions are usually always equal.

  • It’s interesting that Thom never made a comment about the hacked emails which revealed that climatologists aren’t terribly interested in the truth. Like most leftists, Thom only sees and hears what he wants to, and ignores the rest. I love his music, but unfortunately he’s making a fool of himself in his political agenda. Will anyone remember to call him on all of this nonsense in 2050 when time has proven all of this climate panic completely and utterly false? Well, I’ll be an old man, but I’ll remember.

  • It’s freezing my room at the moment. Global warmi…. *Climate change* my arse.

  • I love Thom as an artist, but sometimes with these political issues he comes from the heart too much and doesn’t see the issue as a whole. He uses oil, as we all do. Attacking the people who are just doing their job, this isn’t fair. If he really wants to make a difference he will try to make people in the world require less oil by supporting alternate energy programs. It’s like the tibet thing, there were two sides to that issue, but he only saw one. There were other Chinese (non tibetan) people living there also, and they had political autonomy. What about those people. In the grand scheme of the world there were/are far worse things going on. Such as the invasion of Iraq by Americans, supported by Thom’s own UK. Name calling and finger pointing doesn’t do any good. Just a thought.

  • Mike, Thom is very active when it comes to protests and marches – he also attended the Copenhagen summit where the primary aim was to cut emissions but these kind of matters are out of Thoms hands. Radiohead also run around with a very low energy stageshow, and encourage the use of car sharing/public transport for people to get to their gigs. He was also against the irag war, very strongly against it, so why are you even mentioning it?
    Are people honestly thinking that when Thom says ‘Canadians’ he’s referring to all Canadians and not just those working the tar sands?

  • Someone told me to lok at the real ‘data’. Sorry, the Earth has not been cooling since 1998, and this is from the BBC.

    I have actually done real research, not taking lame doses of mainstream propoganda. The winters of 07/08/09 have set cold-records all around the world. Wait, I know, it’s from Global Warming right? Hot makes cold? the down is the new up? Love is war? War is peace? Stop Climate Change, Weather Change, la la la.

  • Anyone that says the world has been warming has the onus upon them to show us their charts and graphs. Show us your proof? oh wait, Phil Jones has it, doesn’t he? Name ring a bell? Head scientist at East Anglia Climate Institute, responsible for all the IPCC Global temperature figures? Did ya hear that he admitted it has not been warming?

  • Ash…
    As a Canadian who has lived in Asia for 3 years and traveled to many countries Canada cares more about the environment than most other countries (save for some Scandinavian countries). I am not a patriotic person, save for some hockey games. Environmental issues are the number one issue in Canada. The problem that Canada faces is that is a very large country and you can’t just destroy all the cities and build new ones, and it very cold, thus the average Canadian uses more power than people of other countries. Also, like the UK and the US the governments actions do not always reflect the beliefs and thoughts of it’s citizens, the government is doing what it “thinks” is the best thing for the country. If Thom had researched the issue properly he would know there are mitigating factors behind the numbers. Yes, I know Thom was against the Iraq war, but there is something hypocritical about sticking your nose in other countries issues, when you should be concentrating on the problems that your own country has. Countries listen to it’s own citizens more than some outsider telling people how they are failing, when there so many other bones to pick, why me? they ask. It’s like the seal hunt in Canada which is another ridiculous thing, people don’t know the facts, or the political and social subtleties that exist in other countries. People with influence should be more responsible with what they say, as people blindly listen to them. It’s like Oprah, she is very loose with her influential tongue and I hate her for it. Anyways, just my 2 cents. Obviously there are so many things wrong with our world, but the real way to make a change is to listen, and discuss in a mature manner. Not insult and point fingers. Whatever though, I have found Thom to be a bit extreme in the past, and because of this I have lost some respect for him personally, however this does not change the fact that I think he is a genius and probably the best musician of our time.

  • ~
    Climategate: George Monbiot despairs of the AGW cause – ‘There goes my life’s work’

    Gerald Warner
    London Telegraph
    March 10, 2010

    Sad news: George Monbiot, the high priest of the AGW cult, is feeling frustrated and depressed. He is oppressed by the realisation that, as the politicians phrase it, he is not getting his message across. And this blog, at least in a small way, bears some part of the responsibility. From his pontifical throne in the Vatican of global warming – The Guardian – he has issued an anathema. Quoting from a recent anti-AGW scam posting by me, he observes: “The attack on climate scientists is now widening to an all-out war on science.”

    Don’t get carried away, George. It is only an all-out war on bogus science, such as the global warming superstition you champion. The good guys can carry on inventing antibiotics and curing diseases with our whole-hearted support. It is the con men who have taken Al Gore’s shilling that we distrust and despise. Monbiot even has some insight into this. Of the perception of scientists as sinister schemers he concedes: “Sometimes this isn’t far from the truth.”

    He cites those scientists who have weaponised anthrax, or isolated terminator genes for biotech companies to prevent farmers from saving seed, or written misleading endorsements of drugs for pharmaceutical companies. He even denounces the practices of scientific journals “whose monopolistic practices make the supermarkets look like angels”. I wonder if he has had a word with Phil Jones about that.

    Despite these flashes of insight, George of course remains committed to the warmist creed. He even deplores “the hatred and derision the passionate and persuasive Al Gore attracts”. Steady on, George. Passionate? Well, yes, with what he has at stake in the way of investment in carbon companies, that is understandable. Persuasive? Not when his home movie An Inconvenient Truth turns out to be riddled with transparent untruths; not when his house is guzzling so much energy it is the only human habitation visible from space; not when he is trying to charge punters £1,200 a shot to be photographed with him at Copenhagen.

    Full article here

  • Everyone wants to know why Canada wants to increase their CO2 emission. It’s because Canada doesn’t make as much emissions as the US and China, which is rare. The same carbon tax applied in the US would not make sense in Canada due to the fact Canada’s CO2 rates are far less concerning than the US and China’s and unnecessarily increases the tax rates of Canadians tax payers. No one would share to put Canada in the same boat as the Americans and the Chinese when it comes to CO2 emissions. Doing so is just plain idiotic and doesn’t account for the varied country’s sizes and population.

  • it must be nice to have millions of dollars, play music for a living, and sit around and think up shit to bitch about.

  • i hope you are right about the global warming issues, I hope its just about money, I hope it is a scam, I would rather that than it actually being real. Wouldnt you?

    But either way isnt it a good thing that it is at the very least bringing attention to the fact that our resources are dwindling, whether its water, oil, or land- what ever you want to say about it you can not deny the fact that the amount of pollution caused due to fossil fuels needs to be reduced?

    Green renewable energy is undoubtedly the way of the future. Even if most of us truely do not deserve one.

  • “bring down the government, they don’t speak for us.”

    i’m canadian.

  • Al Gore is a criminal. He stands to make hundreds of millions off this Carbon Credit Scam He developed the trading legistic of turning a natural gas that we exhale into a commodity with Ken Lay of Enron but the big banks and investemnt firm like Goldman Sachs are set to make hundreds of billions in measures that will grind tecnological and industrial progress to a halt and turn Earth’s inhabiatants into mere serfs. The warming has abated, but during that natural variation caused by the sunspot cycle the frozen poles on mars and several moons of other planetary system were showing porportional reductions in their ice caps. Let the the 3rd starving world industrailize and stop sending them wind mills and solar panels. They need real tecnology. Study the New World Order. GLobal Warming is the Left’s version of terror. Scare tactics by the wealthy elite to enrich multi national bankster scum. Thom should know better, and hope he is merely ignorant of the real agenda and not complicit.

  • I’m sorry for my idiot fucking government. I’m doing what I can to make a difference.

  • dang cool stuff bro.

  • I just cannot believe some of the comments I read here and I had to post this:
    Please educate yourself if you need to.

    I as a Canadian am seriously ashamed of the Harper government as well.

  • oh the last comment had me rolling around on the ground. We should ‘educate ourselves’ by going to Wikipedia? Why not educate yourself by going to the horses mouth, the real climate scientists. Or better yet, Google ‘Climate-Gate’. Man-Made Warming is a scam, and it’s been proven now. It aint a conspiracy, it’s a fact!

  • “Just google it…”
    The calling card for those who have no idea what the fuck they are talking about.

    Great music though..keep it up.

  • ‘Google it’ denotes that you are a big boy enough to find out the facts via your own research. Cliamte-gate is the top story of 2009, Googling it reveals a plethora of videos and articles. If I was telling you to Google Man Never Went To The Moon etc.- then perhaps I wouldnt know what the fuck I’m talking about. It appears here that you do not know what the fuck you are talking about. Here, I will make it easier for you, and this is only the tip of the iceberg:

  • harhar… god that sucked the “goodstuff” out of thom yorke an radiohead for me, deary me.

    And I LUUUV music, especially radiohead, have a transversed into another dimension, wat the funk??… phonetically kel-lime-it-gay-ta… time as fook.

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