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Thom Yorke debuts new song in New York

Thom Yorke played lots of relatively new songs at New York’s Roseland Ballroom last night [setlist], but one was completely new. It is as yet untitled. For now we’re going for ‘Let Me Take Control’ or ‘Chris Hodge’. Enjoy!

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  • Thom is utterly perfect. This is a wonderful wonderful number!

  • I saw Thom’s setlist, too.
    It was Chris Hodge.

  • amazing voice!!

  • sounds a little like “Weird Fishes”

  • the vocal melody is beautiful __music can save the world _people with that soul and people with that dance . . . this could be a lot better world with more people like him __

    hope we see this grows and grows , TY RD and please . . . flea . . . you re so great . . . i explode in happiness when i see him enjoying thom ‘s [ well now a collective effort of course ] music . . .and the full band feel this songs . . . that s so great . . .

    atoms for peace = new way of fun and soul
    atoms for peace = dance
    atoms for peace = thank you

    atoms for peace : please come closer

    pntrs from miami

  • did he really said

    ” i ll stop when it gets boring ” ?
    and people shout back
    ” never ! ! ” ????

    i love U NYC people __! ! ! ! !

  • oh my g-d… no comments …

  • Ummm. I’m sorry but that was rubbish. If I walked into any random coffeehouse and heard any other person doing exactly that, it would be tuned out immediately. Melody was lacking. Guitar was intermediate at best. Chord structure was typical avant garde nonsense. Neither vocal nor guitar felt connected. A total bore. But because it’s Thom Yorke, it’s genius? Nay. I disagree. Get it together man. That was crap.

  • Yuppies were out in full force last night..Fuckers don’t even dance…Awesome show..

  • isn’t DAILY SONG a new song too?
    it was the 1st song of the encore he played on piano.
    this is daily mail

    great show last night.
    too bad they didn’t choose a better venue.

  • Sorry, I agree with Borzao here. I’ve found almost all of the new songs played over these last few months mediocre at best.

    It’s going to take some seriously interesting studio arrangements to rescue them. It’s sad when someone reaches the point of being considered beyond criticism.

    Is it the end of the world? Is it hell. It’s just a boring song.

  • I feel bad for the blokes who dont think this song is good… Taste aside its a magnificently crafted song. You would have to be a dunce not to hear the beauty of this. you really aren’t music fans like you think, if you could dismiss this song so easily. again, I am not even talking about taste.

  • From a non-biased perspective, which is important in the context of any musical critique, I find this song lacking in simple structural elements, most notably, a melody, which when considering the simplicity of the chord progression is a large absence; it’s reminiscent to the work of any coffee-house vocalist, as stated before, or perhaps even worse. I don’t know what’s been happening in Los Angeles, but this is unacceptable… Sounds like a poor man’s version of Silver Souls, by Beach House.

  • At this instance of the NEW songs i can only say one thing: i wish the studio versions get a lot better.
    I compare these “new songs” to the ones that were for the other LPs and these are more much weeker compositions…. i don’t know how they’ll sound with the band though, so i don’t want to say something before i get a really idea of the songs. But yes, it doesn’t move me anything, this song or the other ones Thom presented lately… of course for some exceptions like “judge Jury and Executioner” “Open the Floodgates” and “Skirting on the Surface”.

  • something more:

    there’s a chord in that song that doesn’t sound so nice… i don’t know if Thom mistakes it or if it was ment to sound STRANGE…. but i guess it’s just horrible when he steps into it.

  • that’s me saying “we love it” ha ha!!!

  • New songs so far: meh. Thank God for Jonny.

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  • I can’t decide whether this is beautiful or annoying. There are certainly very beautiful parts in it. We’ll see how it works out.

  • Sorry, Colin, but you are talking about nothing but personal taste. The very fact that you don’t frame one single argument (other than the quite bleak “magnificently crafted song”) to why people who doesn’t get turned on by the song, are of lower musical intelligence, points back to your own personal, subjective experience of listening to the song, and your disappointment of a ignorant outside world that can’t feel the unexplainable musical holy spirit through your senses, doesn’t necessarily share your cultural background, and doesn’t pump its heart in sync with yours. But every once in a while, an individual experience, good or bad, can be good for the fact that it’s individual and confirms your individuality. For example, and in this case, a musical experience. So please, don’t dismiss other people for not sharing the experience. Given the right circumstances, any kind of art kind seem extremely moving, controversial og tedious. Be fair, dear Colin, instead of jacking off in public with an awareness that you (like the rest of us) haven’t got.

    Me, I quite like the song.

  • That song title is so f***ing cool. Does anyone know who Chris Hodge is or what that title means? Whatever it is, I think it’s awesome!

  • I was at the show and as soon as the song was over I turned to my friend and said two thing:

    1) That song was rubbish. It sounded like he wrote it two minutes before going on stage and he didn’t even finish it. It was a mess.

    2) More than a few people on AtEase will swoon over it and think it was an amazing song simply because it came out of Thom Yorke

    If any other band/musician/child played that song you would cast it off as garbage but for some reason because Thom wrote it, some of you insist it dyn-o-mite!

  • ohhhhh . . . relax people_

  • how the hell did i not realize they were in new york? fml.

  • by not comparing this to older thom yorke / radiohead works you might come to a fairer conclusion – the higher you rise, the further you have to fall

  • It’s crappy self-indulgent swimming in circles kind of stuff he’s been doing for some time now. What? We no longer have a musician here? We’re solely an activist now? Fine. But let’s be honest about it.

  • @Borzao — I disagree. It’s a great song, and he’s testing it out, giving his audience a taste of what’s to come. The song is not genius in itself, but the potential it has, is. That’s what I applaud. Regardless of whether its Thom Yorke or not. You shouldn’t judge it by its ‘chord structure,’ its music for the soul.

  • Snoozer…….

  • The Daily Mail wasn’t completely new, he debuted it at Cambridge.

  • PS here’s my video of the new song:

  • I don’t know if any of you are musicians out there, but right when you first write a song (whatever it starts out as) right until it’s completely finished, does it sound the same? He decided he wanted to share what he had with everyone, maybe it was a feeling he wanted to reembellish, and maybe he thought it would work in the environment he was in.
    He shared what he had, don’t get all stressed about it. You would think you guys would start trusting this man, it seems every time before they release an album, everyone is already thinking ‘man, i don’t know if they can do it again. This is different, i don’t know if i like this’ People said it before kid a, and every album after that. Don’t turn away already.
    Ah, i feared having this little rant, of course im not speaking about everyone…just have trust in this man and radiohead to release what they think is good enough.

  • Let me explain something to you people… Thom Yorke does whatever the fuck Thom Yorke wants. And if Thom Yorke wants to write and sing a shit song, then dammit… Thom Yorke will write and sing a shit song.

    Mission Accomplished. Fin.

  • oh please shut the f**k up, if there’s a song we like we will say (no matter in what state it is) that we do. This songs didn’t like and period. You are being a baby defending something that comes from tastes. And maybe you’re right, perhaps the studio version will get better, but from NOW this version sucks crap, and you know it. And i’m a musitian, so? You are stating that Radiohead must be heard ONLY by musitians? Pffff…nothing to do… you like a song or you don’t, that’s about it… anyone has the right to say what they want about it, we all know it’s just an opinion, don’t we? , so don’t come defending Thom Yorke as if you were his brother, we love this man, but that doesn’t mean that if comes out with a record about farts we will love it…

  • … well, there are some “REAL” fans that will….

  • You are all a bunch of idiots. A song is not supposed to be done in any one specific way, it can be anything as long as it sounds good and this sounds good, it sounds really good actually

  • Hey yuj check out it’s raining outside! Go take a look! GO! HURRY UP!

  • uh ok. you just changed my words around, and made it negative. nice! People can think what they want, i didn’t say they couldn’t. I regret saying anything at all then. I happen to like parts of it, I don’t really feel i need to let the world know exactly…

  • ‘Lotus Flower’ is still the best of the newer songs I have heard. It needs work like the rest, but has the most potential. Judging from the past; listening to their live songs before they were set down in studio, you can expect a lot more from some and less from others. Before ‘In Rainbows’ I thought ‘Videotape’ would be the best song on the album, from what I heard previously, or then titled ‘Open Pick’. It turned out ‘All I Need’ and ‘Reckoner’ became my favorites. Not that ‘Videotape’ or ‘Jigsaw Falling into Place’ are bad song, but they lacked what they had live. This song sounds lazy, but then again Thom probably just now started working it out. Conclusion, wait for the album. You never know where they will go with their music. I am just hoping it isn’t a folk album.

  • The magnificence of Thom’s voice aside that was a very basic, almost throwaway song. I can only hope stuff like this is work in progress, which has been the case with previous Radiohead songs.

  • for those that think the song is “lacking”…Are you people on crack?> How can you say this song is lacking melody? ITs all melody. the Vocal melody he has written, as most of his is EXTREMELY difficult to come up with, honestly. His use of dissonance and harmoney to create tension is not easy to come up with off the top of your head. This song is genious, and i’m sad to see music fans who are so judgemental just because it’s not a “single” smash hit, this is radiohead and thom yorke makes REAL music. (PS this song is stuck in my head, so how is there no melody? u think twat)

  • PS: the the person who pointed out the “Weird chord that sounds bad” HE plays that on purpose to create tension. Like ALL radiohead songs, you’ll get used to it (mature ears will adapt to dissonance, and if you doubt this statement, I suggest you take music 101) and realize it’s a genius move that most pop artists will dismiss because it will scare off the casual music listeners.

  • finally; all you casual music listeners who judge a song after hearing it once can literally suck my dick and go listen to nickleback or something, this might be too much for you to handle, better yet just loop creep on your ipod.

  • Um… isn’t this “the present tense” or whatever?

  • This like so many songs leave you open for interpretation. I love their music and found that it gets better the more you hear it. Its like all things that are truly here to stay.

  • Lol I love how someone says ‘DIS SONG SUX CUZ IT DUZNT HAS A MELODY.’

    What does that even mean? How many songs, I ask you, are out there without melodies? Not all songs have them. Experimenting is good. I thought it was pretty melodic and for what is clearly a WIP, it’s already nice.

  • Well, I gotta say … for an old hideously crippled guy – it was so exciting when “Eraser” and “In Rainbows” were released and being toured. I miss these guys and hope to hear some new music in the near future.

  • The song is good. It needs some work, but what do you guys want? It’s a first version, if it becomes a song in an album, it will be completely different. I like the chords structure, and for me it doesn’t sound like avant gard nonsense. There is really no nonsense in music, there is interpretation.

  • Just what I was was looking for, thanks!

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