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Atoms For Peace – Live in Oakland – Night 2

Atoms For Peace – Live in Oakland – Night 2

Thom Yorke played a second night in Oakland with Atoms For Peace, closing the night with Joy Division’s ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’.
We still owe you the other reports. Coming Soon. Here’s last night’s setlist and a video of Love Will Tear Us Apart. We’ll hopefully have a better version soon.

01 The Eraser
02 Analyse
03 The Clock
04 Black Swan
05 Skip Divided
06 Atoms For Peace
07 And It Rained All Night
08 Harrowdown Hill
09 Cymbal Rush


10 Skirting On The Surface (partly)
11 Open The Floodgates
12 Skirting On The Surface (in full)
13 Airbag
14 The Daily Mail

15 Paperbag Writer
16 Judge, Jury & Executioner
17 Hollow Earth
18 Pulled Apart By Horses

19 Love Will Tear Us Apart

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